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I've noticed that astrology has been booming and exploding and becoming a popular topic in our modern age. Another thing I've seen along with this is that a lot of people have a huge misconception of what astrology is. What a lot of people think it is, is not what it is and it's causing a lot of confusion in the world around us.

1. Astrology is a tool for self-awareness

Astrology is made to be used as a tool to gain self-awareness and self-understanding. Everything in astrology teaches you who you are, why you are the way you are, why you have your negative habits, why you have negative traits, why you have your positive habits and your positive characteristics. It gives you a road map as to what your imprint is in this world. Astrology can also really help you understand other people; however, before you're able to understand other people, it is vital that you first understand yourself. A lot of people will ask astrologers to read other people's natal charts. It's essential to bear in mind that when you're approaching it this way, finding out about another person and you're not using it as a tool to gain self-understanding, you are not using it for the purpose that it's meant to be. Yes, astrology still tells you a lot about other people, but what does it serve you, what use does it have to know all these things about other people but to lack self-awareness and self-understanding? Before you try and find out about other people and what they're all about, first figure yourself out. Use astrology as a tool to gain self-awareness and self-understanding first. Once you have reached self-awareness and self-understanding, understanding other people will come more naturally to you. When we aren't connected with ourselves and don't understand ourselves, it is impossible to connect with and understand another person. Trying to figure out another person through astrology will not be of that much use if you lack self-awareness and self-understanding. The key to understanding others is having self-awareness and self-understanding.

2. The main goal of astrology is to show you your true meaning and your purpose in this life

The second thing that is a misconception about astrology is people think it's all about telling you about the future. I've noticed astrology clients will ask the astrologer about their future, but they do not ask the astrologer about themselves. Many people think that astrology is some magical tool that will show you and tell you your future. It is essential to bear in mind that yes, maybe there is a little bit of truth to this, astrology can guide you in the right direction in your future, but it's not going to tell you exactly what's going to happen. If you are approaching astrology with this mentality that you want to find out what will happen in the future, you're using the arts and the tool completely wrong. Astrology is not meant to tell us our future; astrology is intended to tell us who we are. Astrology is meant to tell us how we can change and adapt ourselves to be better in our future and receive more abundance and happiness. There's no use I tell you you're going to be successful ten years from now in your future but I do not tell you how to reach that success. Astrology is a tool to teach you how you can make yourself powerful and successful in accomplishing that goal that you have for the future. Astrology is not merely there to tell you it's going to happen in the future. Astrology is there to guide you by implementing the changes and the things you need to obtain what you need or what you want from the future.

If you're going to ask an astrologer to tell you what's to come for the future, but you're not interested in knowing what steps you need to take or what you need to do in your life, or what changes you need to make to yourself to ensure that the future is what you want it to be it's going to be pointless asking about your future. Astrology is not a magic show astrology is a tool that is used to help people raise awareness of themselves. A lot of people think that when they're getting a reading from an astrologer, they're in some magic show, and this astrologer has to woo them. This conception of astrology is entirely wrong.

3. Astrology is not meant to be used as a source of entertainment

Astrology can be entertaining, and yes it can be a source of entertainment in a lot of cases, but if you're merely using it as a source of entertainment and you're not using astrology for what it is meant to do, which is actually to inform you about yourself and to teach you and guide you in your life then you're approaching it for the wrong reason.

4. Astrology is not about prediction

A lot of people think astrology is about predicting the future and predicting what's going to happen. Yes, there is some truth to this. You can predict some things through astrology, but what I've noticed is that people have this misconception that astrology is all about predictions. They have no interest whatsoever in understanding themselves, learning about themselves, improving themselves, and when they approach an astrologer, they just want to know about the future. When the future does not turn out to be as the astrologer said it would be or whatever the case the person doubts astrology or the person doubts the astrologer's capabilities, however, the person approached astrology with the wrong mentality and the wrong approach in the first place and they were basically setting themselves up for disappointment from the beginning. A lot of people think astrologers and psychics are similar; however, astrologers and psychics are incredibly different. Psychics have a gift of foresight. Psychics have a gift of prophecy, and psychics are the ones you want to approach if you want to know what will happen in the future. Astrologers are more cut out to guide and direct you to know and understand yourself and find your purpose in this world. If you want to know the future, it's best to get a reading from a psychic and not an astrologer.

One thing that grinds my gears is when people approach astrologers asking for future predictions, and when these predictions don't come true, they completely disregard astrology; however, they never really used astrology for what it was actually meant to be. They approached it ultimately the wrong way. When a person approaches astrology the wrong way, they end up confusing themselves, and they end up doubting what it is however if they were just guided to see it and approach it the right way, they would see what an incredible tool it can be.

5. Horoscopes

Don't get me wrong, there is some truth to horoscopes, and I even write my horoscopes, but at the end of the day, the conception that people have around horoscopes is completely wrong. Let's say you're an Aries right, and you're reading a horoscope for Aries. You're not reading your horoscope because you might be an Aries with, for example, a Scorpio rising. If you're in Aries with a Scorpio rising, you should be reading a Scorpio horoscope and not an Aries horoscope, but at the end of the day, no one knows this, and no one tells anybody this. So all the Aries people are reading Aries horoscopes, all the Scorpios are reading Scorpio horoscopes, but they're not even reading their horoscope. How horoscopes are is when you write about a sign, say, for example, Aries, you start with Aries on the rising, so you write that horoscope according to an Aries rising chart. A person who's born in the sign of Aries might not necessarily have an Aries rising but their sun will be in Aries, which means that an Aries horoscope is entirely irrelevant to them, it means nothing to them.

People aren't aware of how astrology works, so they're reading a horoscope that's not even meant for them in the first place. There is truth to horoscopes, and horoscopes can be accurate, and they can be right, but you need to ensure that you're reading the horoscope that is meant for your chart layout and not for your Sun sign. People think that horoscopes are based on their Sun signs; however, it's not. A horoscope is based on your rising sign.

6. Astrology is meant to point out your flaws, weaknesses, and strengths to make you aware of them so that you can make active changes in your life for the better.

Another example I want to bring up in this topic is gemstones. People believe that gemstones have these mystical healing properties, and gemstones can heal you, and they can cure you. There is some truth to this however, gemstones aren't these miracle rocks that completely cure you of all your ailments. They can impact your auric field, but they aren't what people make them out to be. People think that astrology is like a gemstone in that where it's going to make your life better, it's going to improve your life, but they don't realize that you need to be involved with it actively. It would be best if you worked with it. You need to dive deep into it to understand yourself and to get yourself. It's not just something that you can kind of like dabble in now and then or put aside or kind of put on a shelf like a gemstone, and that's going to increase your spiritual awareness. Astrology forces you to face your problems. Astrology's not just going to magically heal it all and magically give you the answers you need to deal with this stuff.

7. There is much more to you than your Sun sign

Many people think that astrology is fake because it is impossible that there can be 12 kinds of people in this world. In astrology, there is a complicated chart called your birth chart/natal chart. Your birth chart is basically a 2d imprint where the planets, stars, and asteroids were positioned when you were born. The constellation that the sun was moving through during your time of birth will indicate your sun sign. That is why many us identify as, for example, Virgo or leo or whatever the case may be. Because of the differentiating orbits of all the different planets and the asteroids and points, it is physically impossible for the planets to be in the same positions on two separate occasions. Where the planets were positioned in the sky when you were born is incredibly and utterly unique to you. Nobody shares that specific alignment of where the planets were located in the sky with you unless you have a twin who is born within four minutes that you were born. If you do not have a twin, it's likely impossible.

This birth chart, this specific map of where the planets were located in the sky at your moment of birth, is as unique as your fingerprint. Most people don't even realize that this birth chart exists. Most people think that astrology is just merely a sun sign; however it is not. When they have a look at a birth chart, they'll see that it's kind of like a DNA sequence. It's damn complicated, and it's damn unique. Our astrological birth chart is basically like the DNA sequence of our soul. Our astrological chart is so complex that hundreds of elements within it indicate to us aspects of ourselves and our life. Your sun sign probably makes out about one percent of who you are in total. Astrology is vast, but people aren't aware of this.

8. People feel like we are doomed to what is written in our stars; however, that's not true

What astrology can do is it can pinpoint to you and can indicate to you what is upcoming. It can suggest to you the troubles that you might face. Having an awareness of this allows you to change your current situation and your current state of being and your current life to eventually manifest the life you want. Astrology tells you what you will end up manifesting into your life if things are a certain way. If you do not change the specific things that need to be changed, that thing will manifest in your life. This is precisely why astrology is such a powerful tool. Astrology tells you what you can expect and if you do not change the current course of action and the current path that your life is on, that is what will end up happening. We do have free will, and without the awareness of what is to occur without understanding what is to come, many people do not know that they need to make a change. They do not have the insights that they require to understand that the path they are currently on is the wrong path.

9. People do not believe in astrology because it is not an exact provable science

Astrology originated before religions did. Ancient humans and ancient civilizations practiced astrology, and they followed astrology because they had no actual religions back then. Astronomy, aswell as astrology was one thing in ancient times. In ancient times astronomers were also astrologers. These people connected the science of astronomy and the meaning of astrology. To them, it was one thing. What ended up happening is as time moved on and as humans evolved, religions started forming and when religion started developing religion started stating that you are not to worship the stars. You are to worship the god or the entity or the being or whatever the case may be. Once these religions were formed and when modern science started evolving, people stopped looking to astrology for answers. They started looking to things like religion and science to gain meaning of life and answers.

Things like god can't be proven; things like heaven and hell can't be proven. There are many things in this world that can't be proven because these things do not operate on a physical comprehendible level. Scientists and people who like to use that whole scientific approach to debunk astrology have no awareness of any spiritual reality or world. These people believe that we merely flesh physical beings, we have no soul, we have no purpose, and we are simply here to experience the flesh. People who struggle to connect with things like religion and things like astrology are people who struggle to connect with any spiritual belief or spiritual understanding in life in general. The thing is that a lot of people think that if they don't believe in astrology, it's not going to work, and it's not going to impact them, but astrology impacts everybody. Astrology affects the entire world. Whether you believe in it or not, it's still going to impact you.

10. Astrology has become a massive industry

Corporate companies are investing in astrology. Astrology has become a huge entertainment source. As a writer of astrology, I get a lot of people approaching me asking me to write SEO optimized articles. That means they want me to write articles for search engines; they don't want me to write articles for human beings. What has happened is astrology has turned into this massive industry, and a lot of people and companies think that they can profit out of it, but this is entirely wrong. Astrology is not something that companies and corporations should be profiting out of. Astrology is literally like a spiritual tool. Astrology should not be used for profitability. Astrology needs to be something people can connect with. If articles are written for search engines, people are going to read these articles, and they're going to not connect with it whatsoever. They are going to think that astrology is just fake, it's not real, and it's just a big joke. The reason why people believe this is because the majority of the articles that are being written online are being written for search engines. They're SEO optimized, and they're not being written for humans.

It's very important to understand that astrology is not actually some massive industry that will make us rich, and through approaching it with this mentality, we are destroying what it is. It's meant to guide heal, and help people, and when we turn it into this almost like industry kind of thing where it's all automated, and it's all robotic, and there's no actual soul, personality and feel into it, people do not connect with it, and people think that it is a joke. They do not believe that it is real. For people to connect with it, they need to see what it really is but unfortunately, in this world, that is not what's currently happening. It's basically like people are being tricked right now. People are being told, hey astrology is this tool that can help you find yourself, and then people will be like, great, i'm interested. Then they'll go to some website with some SEO-optimized articles because when they googled whatever they googled, that is what came up. After all, it's been SEO optimized, but when they read the specific article and try to find some meaning to it, it's completely emotionless depthless, and got no soul. People will put out these SEO optimized articles to gain traction to their website so that they can maybe sell advertisements or that they can make sales. Still, the attention of the masses and the sales that they are getting through this is destroying what astrology is actually meant to be doing in the first place.

Sylvia Earle is an American oceanographer and marine biologist known for her research, her books, and her documentaries that are basically focused on creating and raising awareness of the threats that we face due to overfishing and pollution in our world's oceans. I find Sylvia Earle to be a fascinating person. When I was watching her documentary, I was amazed at how her mind works and how she thinks. I honestly wish that I could see the world through Sylvia Earle's eyes. If you do not know who Sylvia Earle is go watch her documentary Mission Blue, and you will likely be just as amazed by this woman as what I am.

Sylvia is incredibly observant of the natural world around her, and she has this very caring and nurturing quality within her towards the natural world. Her organization, also called mission blue, mainly focuses on preserving the world's oceans and protecting the seas from threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, and the dramatic decrease in fish in our ocean. Sylvia has been observing and researching our ocean for decades, and she has released many books on what she has noticed through her observations of how the ocean is changing. Sylvia has a very strong mission in her to make people aware of how they're destroying the world, and she wants to change this. Sylvia wants to bring awareness to everybody of how destructive their habits can be to our natural world around us.

Sylvia's love and passion for the natural world is incredible, and that is why I really want to have a look at her natal chart. The first thing I thought when I was watching her documentary is Sylvia must be a Virgo. The reason I thought this is because for a person to have such a highly nurturing quality to the world around them, they have to have some powerful Virgo imprint. I do need to mention on the other hand, you also get other signs that are very nurturing, like for example, Cancer. Cancers are very nurturing to their family. They're very nurturing to other people and their emotions and when other people are going through challenging emotions and that kind of thing. Virgo is a very nurturing and protecting sign, but Virgo does not nurture and protect their family. They do not nurture and protect other people's emotions, such as the case with Cancer, but Virgos nurture and protect the natural world around them.

Virgos are the one who protects our environment. Virgos are the ones who are aware of how our actions are impacting our environments, and they're the ones who are trying to change this. You will likely notice that a lot of Virgos will be vegetarian. A lot of Virgos will have environmentally conscious habits such as recycling. They'll probably have their own garden that they're tending to be self-sufficient. Virgos are known as the protectors of the earth.

I was really surprised and shocked to see her incredibly powerful stellium in the sign of virgo and spanning over her sixth and seventh house. The sixth house is the house of Virgo so being a Virgo and having so many Virgo planets spanning through the house of Virgo gives a person a mighty Virgo imprint. The sixth house represents serving. The sixth house is a very selfless house because the sixth house is not very concerned with the self. The sixth house is more concerned with serving the world, serving others making sure everybody is healthy. Making sure everybody is happy. Making sure all the duties that other people don't think of are tended to. Sylvia has Pallas, her Sun, Neptune, Ceres, Venus, the Black Moon, Mercury, and her moon moving through virgo.

As a virgo myself, I need to mention that many people like to say that we're so critical and we're so highly strung. Yes, there is some truth to this, and the reason for this is because Virgos are so incredibly hyper-observant. They are observing everything around them. They're observing how everything around them is going to be impacted in the future as well. Virgos don't just think about the here and the now; Virgos think about what's going to happen in the future. Virgos can see how our actions now can lead to either positive or disastrous consequences and outcomes in the future. Whereas most other signs would love to live in the moment and just want to be in the moment, and they don't want to think about the consequences of their actions or what is going to happen in the future, Virgos obsess about this. It is very challenging for a Virgo to just live at peace and not to be constantly switched on and hyper-aware because they can see how if they do not have awareness about specific things and if they do not point specific things out to people, then these things are not going to be thought of. These things are not going to be addressed.

People say Virgos are so incredibly critical because they're pointing out all these things that can go wrong. Still, if somebody does not point these things out, nobody's going to be aware of it, and then things are just going to end up going wrong. So yes, Virgos love control. They're control freaks, but the reason they take control and have this tendency towards control is that if somebody does not take control, nobody will, and things will not work out. Things will likely turn into a big mess. Now Sylvia Earle is very similar to this. She has observed the negative impact and what Sylvia is merely doing is she's spreading this message and raising awareness of how our actions are destroying the environment. Without people addressing the negative issues and the negative topics in our world, these things will not be dealt with. Such a strong Virgo imprint will make a person incredibly environmentally conscious. It will make a person very aware of how our actions impact the environment. A person with such a strong Virgo imprint will likely want to change their lives and the world around them to ensure that our environment and that nature itself can thrive and ensure that nature itself can continue without being disturbed by our actions.

It honestly frustrates me when people criticize Virgos because they like to point out the mistakes we make and the flaws in our ways. For us to change for the better, our mistakes have to be pointed out. We cannot ignore them. We cannot delude ourselves to it. Another interesting thing is none of Sylvia's inner or outer planets fall in a fire or air sign. In Sylvia's case, she has an abundance of water and earth elements in her chart, and she lacks fire and air. What this will basically result in is a person who has a powerful connection to the earth. A strong imprint in an earth sign and strong earth energy creates a person who's automatically very in love with and connected to the earth and the natural life. You'll notice people with powerful earth energy imprints in their chart are more environmentally conscious. These are people who care about the world around them more than people who lack a significant earth imprint in their charts.

Because she has such a strong earth imprint, her emotions are mainly focused on matters that are related to earth energy. That means that her feelings are mainly charged toward the things represented by that of the earth energy: the environment, nature, and natural life. Emotionally that is what she focuses on. Lacking fire in her chart takes away a more self-motivated reason behind her actions. She does not do the things she does for herself. She does it for the world. She does it for the environment and nature because if she had a strong fire imprint in her chart, most of her actions would be motivated towards self-gain. In her case, it's not about self-gain. It's about creating awareness of improving the world around us.

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