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Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and personal transformation. People who have powerful Scorpio aspects are very serious about transforming themselves into the most powerful person they can be. People with many Scorpio placements are more aware of themselves and their inner capacity than most people. You are aware of your inner emotional strength very much, and you also know your weaknesses. You know your strengths and weaknesses more than most people know themselves.

With all these Scorpio aspects, you are the kind of person that takes the challenging situations in life, you take the difficulties that you go through, and you use this to make yourself stronger inside and to build yourself into a stronger person. With all these Scorpio placements, you can in a sense, be attracted to drama. You can innocently seek out drama or attract drama towards you. This is because you subconsciously know that these challenging situations you are going to go through make you a stronger person. It could be that you are subconsciously attracted to challenging situations, and you are subconsciously attracted to going through painful experiences so that you can feel that you are more powerful inside yourself in the end. When you know you've gone through these things, you know that you will come out a stronger person.

With many Scorpio placements, a very big focus in your life is personal power. You want to be one of the strongest people inside yourself that you possibly can be. You do not care that much about riches; you do not care that much about social statuses or appearances. To you, a very important aspect of life is your own personal power and how strong you are inside yourself. Throughout your life, you will go through extremely challenging situations; you will likely go through more challenges and more difficult experiences than most people. The reason for this is that you subconsciously want to go through these things. You need to go through these things because the only way for you to become the strongest person you can be, which is your ultimate goal, is for you to actually go through these difficult situations. When you are in a challenging situation, and you are saying to yourself, "Oh my goodness why am I going through this now?", then just say to yourself; "The reason I'm going through this is so that I can learn to be strong and to get through anything in life. I am going through this to be the strongest person I can be in the end".

Your expression is incredibly intense; you will not be like your everyday person. You will have a very fierce mode of expression; your appearance can likely be very dark, and it can be intense. Your inner expression is very important to you, and a lot of people with these placements love to show the inner intensity to the world. You will also have a very sultry sexually, alluring aura about you. The Scorpio Stellium aspect is very challenging for women because you have so much sexual energy in yourself. Many people misunderstand Scorpio women; they think that Scorpio women are obsessed with sex, and it is the most sexual sign, but it is not.

Scorpio women do have incredibly strong sexual energy, but the reason they have this incredibly strong sexual energy is because Scorpio is the sign of connecting, it is a sign about intertwining yourself with another and becoming one. A Scorpio woman generally has this incredibly alluring sexual energy because, throughout her lifetime, she must attract a person, or partner, to her that she can become one with. The Scorpio woman's sexual energy is stronger than the sexual energy of any woman of the zodiac because she does have the ability to connect herself and intertwine herself into one with a sexual partner.

She can attract a lot of people into her life that pick up on her sexual energy, and this can sometimes be a bad thing, as you do not necessarily want to attract people into your life through your sexual energy. However, with such strong Scorpio elements, it is something that's a little bit unavoidable; it's basically who you are, it's in your inherent nature, but the reason you have this incredibly strong sexual energy is that you want to connect and you want to intertwine and become one with another person. Your soul knows the best way for you to do this is to have this incredibly strong sexual energy that you possess.

Your Venus is your love nature and the kind of people you are attracted to. With Venus in Leo, you are attracted to very beautiful, physically alluring partners. You put a lot of pride in your partner, and you don't want to be with a partner that's not going make you feel and look good. You want the kind of partner where if you go out into public, people who look at your partner will be like, "Wow, how did you get this person? This person is a catch".

You are incredibly proud of your possessions and very protective of your belongings. In a sense, you can see your partner as a possession, and you are very proud and protective of your partner. Your partner needs to show you love, and it is important that they show you affection. You want them to show you that they are crazy about you. If you do not feel this level of love, this level of warmth and affection from your partner, it is challenging for you to give love and affection to them.

It is crucial for you to feel like you are your partner's priority and that you are the most vital thing in your partner's life. If your partner is going to be giving more time to their friends, giving more time to their family or hobby or whatever, it is not going to gel well with you. Your partner needs to give all their time to you-they need to give all their attention to you. You can be incredibly generous and giving if your partner shows you large amounts of love and affection; however, when your partner does not- you are not generous toward them whatsoever.

You can be prone to jealousy when your partner does not show you affection and love, or if your partner gives attention to other people because you do expect your partner to provide you with all the attention, and no one else. Leo is also a sign and represents creative expression, and it represents acting, stages, the spotlight. When you are upset, and when things do not go your way, you can be a little bit dramatic, especially when it comes to your love life. You are incredibly proud, and you have a powerful sense of pride, and you will not let people mess with your sense of pride. You maintain this sense of pride all the time. You are the kind of person who does not want to show your weaknesses to people; you only want to show your strengths and seem like a strong, influential person.

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