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Astrology is a beautiful tool to use for self-awareness. Knowing and learning about astrology is extremely helpful to gain insight into yourself, others, and the world around you. A lot of people will view astrology and its symbolisms and its messages, and they struggle to connect with it and understand it. This is entirely understandable as understanding spiritual tools such as astrology requires a sense of increased awareness of the spiritual world and the laws of nature and the universe.

This spiritual awareness and ability to connect with and understand energies, messages, and symbolism that are not part of normal life require a person to have a third eye activated to some extent. Without an active third eye, a person cannot view and understand the underlying energies, messages, and symbolism around them. They will only feel connected to that which is part of our physical reality and our physical experience and nothing more. An unactivated third eye can lead to a person lacking spiritual awareness, compassion, empathy, and intuition. It's kind of like living in zombie mode.

The third eye is also part of our seven chakras. The third eye is the sixth chakra which comes right below the crown chakra. The crown chakra brings all the information of the spiritual world, source, and the world around us into our being. Once it enters the crown chakra, it moves down into the third eye chakra. If the third eye chakra is closed and out of balance, this information cannot pass through, and it never reaches the person's consciousness. If the third eye chakra is active, this information can pass through into the third eye, allowing them to see and access the information sent to them through their crown chakra. This is why a closed third eye will cause a person to have limited consciousness, awareness, spiritual knowledge, and empathy.

Suppose the third eye is unable to take in the energy sent via the crown chakra. In that case, it cannot reach the rest of the chakras, causing a person to live in a state of unbalanced energy where they experience disease, confusion, and negative emotions and experiences within their life. If the third eye is active and the energy can be passed through, it allows all the other chakras to receive vital energy, and the person will live in a positive state of being. Our body reacts to our chakras' energetic movement, and when our chakras are out of alignment, we are out of alignment.

The third eye is located in the center of your forehead. The third eye chakra is what rules over our intuition. Those who are highly aware and intuitive can sense other people's energies, the currents around them, and have an increased awareness of themself and the world around them have an active third eye. Those with an inactive third eye are unaware of themselves and others. They are unaware of the environment and the currents around them, and they lack compassion, empathy, and intuition. The third eye is responsible for our creative ability, our ability to use our imagination, and our ability to dream. People with very active third eyes have extrasensory perception and can be psychic in a sense. The most sure-fire way to tell if a person has an active third eye is how often they dream and how vivid their dreams are. People who do not dream or are unable to recall or remember their dreams likely have an unactivated third eye. If a person is unable to experience dreams, it is a sign that their third eye is closed, and they are unable to see past the physical reality around them.

It is said that our universe has eleven dimensions. On earth, we can experience three of these eleven stated dimensions. The three dimensions mainly consist of what we can comprehend with our five senses. When a person has an activated third eye, it is said that they can connect with or see the fourth dimension and possibly dimensions higher than that. When we are merely souls, we exist in higher dimensions. Dimensions that are not parts of the lower dimensions, which are the first, second, and third dimensions that consist of the physical reality. When we get born into this physical world, we have a highly active third eye as we have just come from higher dimensions. A baby has a highly active pineal gland, and that is why young children have such overly active imaginations, and they never seem entirely physically present, such as what adults do. As a child grows older, their pineal gland's ability to excrete a substance known as dimethyltryptamine grows weaker. This is why they become less imaginative and more focused on physical life.

The more activated the third eye is, the more dimethyltryptamine the pineal gland will excrete as our organs, and our body reacts to the energetic state of our chakras. If the third eye chakra impacts the pineal gland, then an activated third eye will result in a more active pineal gland, such as with the heart chakra, and when the heart chakra is out of balance, we can experience heart problems and blood pressure problems. When we are children and babies, the physical world is confusing, and we need to learn how to get used to it and how to live in it. When we are adults, the spiritual world is confusing, and we need to learn how to get used to it and figure out how we can live in it.

Practicers of the Hindu religion wear bindis to symbolize their third eye. in ancient India, many statues had a third eye. It is said that ancient humans used to have three eyes. Their two main eyes to see into the physical world, and their third eye to see into the spiritual world and higher dimensions. Over time we have lost our ability to see through this third eye, and we now only have our two main eyes that allow us to see into the physical reality only. Through this, our third eye is no longer physically visible such as what it was in ancient times; however, this third eye is still in us. Due to it being such a mysterious part of ourselves, we don't even understand how to connect with it unless we possess the awareness of how to connect with our third eye.

Many people live their entire life without even knowing that they have a third eye. When we have an active third eye, we can see the truth of what is being presented to us. Our memories, our experiences, our thoughts, and our beliefs cause us not to see the reality of what is around us; however, when the third eye is active, these memories, experiences, and thoughts that block us fall away, and we can connect with and view the truth, and we will have a heightened sense of awareness of the reality around us. Our two physical eyes let us see the world through these memories and these thoughts that we have; therefore, when we look through our two physical eyes, it is not an accurate representation of the truth. That is why people with an inactive third eye are incredibly selfish and only view the world via their perspective. Our third eye lets us see the higher truth sent to us through the information around us, and we will have a deeper understanding and connection with life when our third eye is active.

Those with an active third eye can see the physical world but can view the higher meaning and truth to that which is being presented to them within this material world. Our two physical eyes let us see the world through these memories and thoughts that we have; therefore, what we see is not an accurate representation of what the truth is when we look through our two physical eyes. That is why people with an inactive third eye can be incredibly selfish, and they only view the world via their perspective. They live in fear and discontentment all their lives. Our third eyelets us see the higher truth that is sent to us through the information around us, and we will have a deeper understanding and connection with life when we have an active third eye. Those with an active third eye can see the physical world, but they can view the higher meaning and truth to that which is being presented to them within this material world. Those with an active third eye seem to just know, and they understand things that other people do not. This is because the information sent to them that enters via the crown chakra can efficiently move into the third eye and the rest of their body. This allows a person to live life in the sense of heightened awareness with a lot of intuition.

An open third eye will make you realize that we are not separate, that we are all one. Souls want to experience life in a physical form, so we incarnate into different bodies to have various unique experiences. We are all in essence from the source, which is one entity in itself split up into millions of tiny entities, which we know as souls. Once the third eye is open, you can experience life through others' eyes, which removes any notion of separation from others you might have. You can experience life in essence via the universal consciousness. This brings you a heightened awareness and understanding as you realize that you are everything and everyone around you. I've heard that people who have active third eyes experience time as going by much much faster; those who have inactive third eyes experience time as going by much slower.

Before I get into how you can go about activating your third eye and strengthening your pineal gland, I do need to bring up the topic of pineal gland calcification. Over time our pineal gland loses its optimal function through the process known as calcification. There are many reasons why the pineal gland can calcify, but it is mainly linked to lifestyle habits. As we age, our pineal glands become more calcified, with 40 percent of Americans experiencing pineal gland calcification by the age of 17. That means by the time almost half of us are nearly adults; our third eye is dysfunctional or completely inactive. To activate our pineal gland and third eye, we also need to go through a process known as pineal gland decalcification if our pineal gland is already calcified. This is part of why so many people get stuck in a system, and they see no way out of it. Some people are even utterly content with living a life with no meaning because they literally cannot see anything other than what is in front of them. They have no third eye that allows them higher vision and imagination.

Here's an interesting fact: the substance that calcifies the pineal gland is known as Corpora arenacea. Its other term is brain sand, and it is composed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, and ammonium phosphate. Recently calcite deposits have been described as well. Yes, the gemstone calcite is growing in your brain. The most commonly known substance that increases pineal gland calcification is fluoride, as fluoride binds to calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. This leads to deposits in your pineal gland. The process of opening up your third eye is not always a comfortable one. Many people will face a lot of inner resistance; however, the benefits that having an activated third eye can bring to you in this world to bring you an understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you outweighs any uncomfortable feelings or experiences you might initially have.

Now, how do we go about opening up our third eye?

1. Eat food that is good for the third eye. These foods are cacao, organic grapes, eggplants, purple kale, all berries, sweet potatoes, avocado, honey, coconut oil, hemp.

2. Eat a healthy diet that consists of mainly raw food. A vegan or vegetarian diet is best as animal products are laced with many hormones. The vaccines and inoculations they use on the animals remain in their flesh, and this consists of harmful substances that will likely impact you quite negatively when consumed. You will likely notice that the more active your third eye becomes, the more sensitive you become to junk food. You are likely to develop food allergies and have adverse reactions to specific foods. A healthy third eye will lead you to become more attracted to healthy foods as you are vibrating at such a high frequency that you are unable to ingest lower frequency foods.

3. Do not consume fluoride. If you drink tap water, see if it is possible to get a filter that will filter out the fluoride; otherwise, get purified water.

4. Avoid using fluoride toothpaste. Opt for natural toothpaste. Drink organic wine and grape juice. Most vineyards use a pesticide called cryolite that contains fluoride. Drinking inorganic wine and grape juice causes you to consume more fluoride.

5. Use Himalayan salt if possible. Many salts contain fluoride and harmful metals. Sea salt is known to contain plastic due to the increasing problem with plastic pollution in our oceans. Plastics dissolve into microplastics which are tiny plastic particles that also get included in our table salts

6. Avoid mechanically deboned meats. Most meats that are pulverized into a pulp form, like chicken nuggets, are made using a mechanical deboning process. This mechanical deboning process increases the quantity of fluoride Latin bone particles. As a result, mechanically deboned meat such as chicken nuggets contains higher levels of fluoride, which is why it is best avoided.

7. Avoid green and black tea. These tea leaves are known to contain increased levels of fluoride.

8. Do not use non-stick pans because non-stick pans contain Teflon, which increases the fluoride contents in food.

9. Be mindful of which pharmaceuticals you take. Some pharmaceuticals such as Cipro, Celebrex, Flonase, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac and the list continues, contains fluoride or a chemical known as carbon-fluorine

10. Use more lavender. Lavender is said to be an excellent herb to help activate the third eye.

11. Meditate. When you close your two physical eyes, you do not see anything but darkness, and this helps to activate your third eye. Over time the more you meditate, the more you will see visions and have experience through your mind's eye, and this darkness will turn into images.

12. Spend more time in nature; this will calm your mind. The more time you spend in nature, the more you will see the synchronicities and the patterns around you.

13. Avoid smoking and drinking. Drinking alcohol damages your brain and causes reparation of the pineal gland to become highly challenging. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can also interfere with the pineal gland decalcification process and calcify your pineal gland even more

We live in the age of information, and right now, as the human species, we have never had such quick, easy and direct access to endless information right at our fingertips. We are currently living in a special time that has never been experienced before.

The cycle of procession lasts 25 800 years, and there are 12 constellations in the zodiac. Roughly every 2 150 years, the sun's position at the time of the vernal equinox moves in front of a new constellation. The age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox points moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation of Aquarius. I remembered back in 2012; everyone was telling me we are shifting into the Age of Aquarius on 21 December 2012, and the world as we know it is going to end. Now I understand the panic back then, considering the Mayan prophecies and the 2012 movie that stirred a panic. What is important to note is that yes, the world as we know it will end, but that does not mean that the actual world will end itself. Others believe that the age of Aquarius occurred in the year 2000, while others have theories that had happened way earlier.

While we are on the edge of the age of Pisces and we begin to move into the age of Aquarius, we can notice the changes around us happening drastically over the last 50 years. Technology and science have boomed beyond what we have ever imagined it to be, and it will only be getting more advanced. Once we have moved entirely into the age of Aquarius, which we are unsure exactly when that will be, however soon, life as we know it will be completely taken over by technology, media, and information.

In December 2020, there was a great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, and this is quite a big deal. Many astrologers say this conjunction marks the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius. When will the age of Aquarius officially begin? The truth is we do not know. What we do know is that we are very close, and we are seriously starting to see the impacts of this manifesting through the changes in life as we know it happening around us.

How is this impacting us currently?

We are being bombarded with so much information now compared to how much information we had access to 20 years ago, and this influx of endless information is confusing us. We get told by others; this is the truth. We are told by the things we watch this is true, and to be honest, there is so much information going around now that I'm sure no one out there knows what the actual truth is. We live in a world that has become a dumpster fire of information. There are so many views and opinions out there that I'm pretty sure finding the truth is almost inaccessible, and no one out there knows what the actual truth is.

With the internet, anyone can create information that goes viral, and everyone will believe it. An example of this is the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory. A blog was created with all kinds of information on how Avril Lavigne is dead, and she is currently being impersonated by someone else. The theory originated from a Brazilian online blog in 2005. The blog post, which is in Portuguese, details the conspiracy and its evidence. When the conspiracy gained speed on Twitter and other websites, supporters of the ideas failed to notice an important disclaimer. This blog was created to show how conspiracy theories can look true. This blog post and theory was created to show how easy it is to make up any information, and people will think this is true.

Millions believed in the Avril Lavigne conspiracy, but if they had just done their research, they would see the entire conspiracy itself was a hoax to prove people's gullibility. Everyone is driving themselves crazy trying to convince others that their truth is the ultimate truth, but no one even knows what the truth is at the end of the day. I have noticed a massive rise in all kinds of theories and conspiracies regarding almost everything, actually, and this is just another example of the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory effect. As humans, the age of information is still new to us, and we still need to figure out how to exist within this age of constant access to overwhelming information and how to process and discern between what information is worth taking in and what information is leading us down the wrong path.

We still have a long way to go, and we are merely in the infancy stage of this new information age we exist in, and we have a lot to learn. There are so many different ideas and opinions and perceptions out there that who are we to say that our opinion and belief is the ultimate truth? I'm sure that we cannot even 100 percent prove most of the things we believe in, yet we fight for it. With the dawning of the age of Aquarius, there will be no such thing as the ultimate truth. We need to get that opinion out of our heads that life and everything can be defined by one notion. The sign of Aquarius, in essence, represents acceptance, compassion, and understanding when it comes to the different kinds of people that exist within this world, as well as acceptance of their ideas and beliefs and not taking their opinions and their beliefs personally. This concept is still new and challenging to many people; however, we are slowly but surely beginning to move in a direction where this will become the state of consciousness of people on earth. Right now, we can see all the things happening around us regarding humanity standing up for human rights, and an example of this is the global protests we experienced this year in 2020 against racism.

What does the age of Aquarius bring with it that other ages never did?

1. Advanced computerized technology

2. Robotics

3. Access to endless information through the internet

4. Medical science. We will soon be able to regenerate body parts and organs, and they claim within the next ten years they will be able to do a human head transplant.

5. The extinction of species

6. The destruction of nature and our environments

These are all changes that we need to learn to adapt to, and it will take some time. We are in between two worlds right now, and there are two mind states we can choose to live in at this point in time. The first mindset is one where we are intolerant and unaccepting of the world changes and deny and reject who other people are, and we get offended by their beliefs and way of existence. The second mindset is one of unity, one where we understand the beauty and diversity of individuality, and we embrace this instead of being against it. The second mindset is the mindset we will be shifting into when we fully enter the age of Aquarius. The first mindset will be destroyed as this is part of an old age.

Those who can shift from the first mindset to the second mindset will live within the dawning of the age of Aquarius happy and comfortably. Those who do not shift from the first mindset to the second will exist within the dawning of the age of Aquarius within inner conflict and discontent. It is important to note that those who live with the first mindset are part of a world that will soon become obsolete, and that kind of state of being will long not be in existence anymore as the second kind of mindset takes over the state of being of humanity. For so long, we have existed in a world where we live according to this first mindset, and we can see how society is starting to shift into the second kind of perspective. This shift will not be an easy one, but with any change comes challenges and difficulties.

We live in an extraordinary time. The humans that are alive now on earth represent seven percent of the total humans that have ever existed on our planet throughout the planet's entire history. More souls want to incarnate onto earth now than ever before, and we can see this by how there is a massive growth in the global population. The reason for this is because the experience that earth offers now is unlike any experience a soul has ever been able to experience before. There are more possibilities now than ever before, and our souls want to experience this diversity and abundance of options and experiences. Souls are pushing to be born into a life form now as the life experience on earth now is more unique and abundant than any life experience we could have ever experienced on earth in the past.

The age of Pisces was the age of religion and belief. During the age of Pisces, roughly 1 to 2000 a.d was when religions were primarily the focus of humanity, and everything evolved according to religious systems. It was a time when humans had faith, and they would believe in it. In the age of Aquarius, religion will likely lose its importance, and the focus will shift to science, information, and technology. While in the age of Pisces, there was a sense of separation as different religions believed they were right and they knew the truth and would reject any other truth of any other religion. In the age of Aquarius, we will eventually move to a point where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya as we learn to accept the diversity of humanity and the diversity in opinions and beliefs that people have.

Because we are in the process of leaving the Piscean age and entering the aquarian age, there will be a combination of both kinds of dynamics until the Piscean age's sense of religious separation ultimately falls away once we are fully submerged within the aquarian age. What I can advise you all concerning everything I have just mentioned is to take the hordes of information you are presented with in, but do not take it all at face value and do not define who you are based on it. It is confusing to figure out what to believe now and who we are meant to be, still, the best way to approach the changes we are experiencing currently at a crucial time in human history is not to see one thing as the obsolete truth but to allow yourself to experience the different perceptions and information that life has to offer as this is why your soul has chosen to be here at this point. Now you can have the most enriching and versatile experience that your soul has ever been able to have now on earth. Enjoy this experience where we are right at the edge of the age of Pisces and at the beginning of the age of Aquarius, and do not let your beliefs limit you in a world with endless possibilities.

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