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1. Taurus

Taurus is a sign that loves to have comfort and stability within their lives. In many cases, marrying at a young age offers a Taurus the comfort and stability they seek in life. If the Taurus is given an option to marry young and have a comfortable, secure, and stable life or not marry young and not have a very comfortable and stable life, they will most likely get married and have a stable life.

2. Cancer

Cancers are very emotional individuals, and they become pretty emotionally attached and dependent on their partners. Cancers do not easily give up on love, and they tend to cling and hold on to those they love. Because of this reason, Cancers do prefer to get married at an early age because they want to have that assurance that they will have the person they love in their life forever. Cancers usually do not hesitate to get married at an early age if they are with somebody they genuinely love.

3. Libra

Libra is the sign of marriage partnerships and relationships. It is Libra's instinct to want to be in a lifelong partnership and marriage in their life. Most Libras will desire to find a partner who they love and who they really admire and form a stable, reliable relationship with this person for the rest of their lives. If the Libra finds the person who they feel they can spend the rest of their lives with, they will most likely marry this person at a young age. A Libra will not waste time.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios crave an intense, profound out-of-this-world connection with the person that they love. Usually, when a Scorpio finds a person that they can feel this deep sense of affection and love with, they will want to be with this person forever and for the rest of their lives. A Scorpio usually will not hesitate to get married to a person with who they feel they can spend the rest of their lives with and in many cases, a Scorpio can find this person at a young age.

5. Capricorn

Most Capricorns are rather traditional individuals, and your typical Capricorn does have this inherent desire to go through the traditions of what it entails to have a family. A Capricorn wants to have a traditional wedding and a conventional relationship. They want to have a family and most of your Capricorns desire to start a family and live this more conventional kind of life from a very young age. Many Capricorns will end up getting married and starting families from a young age because being mature and being responsible is what they're all about, and taking the responsibility for a family and marrying young forces them to become mature and accountable which is their ultimate desire.

When your Sun is in a sextile to Uranus, you're an individual who wants to leave a mark in society; however, you also want to be seen as a unique, different person. You want to be seen as a person who made an outstanding contribution to society. Your ultimate goal in life and your ultimate path in life that you consciously pursue does change often. It's not like you have one primary goal that you are set on. It could be that there are many different goals that you try to achieve throughout life. You prefer to have many options that you can pursue as opposed to just one thing.

You are more of a leader than a follower. You are very aware of your capabilities and your level of intelligence, and what you can do. Although you're so mindful of your capabilities, it can sometimes seem that other people aren't aware of it. Sometimes other people can impose their will and their want onto you, but the thing is, you're not the kind of person who will accept another person's will or when another person tries to impose themselves onto you. You do prefer to go with your way of doing things as opposed to other people's way. You can be somewhat of a person who has very strong energy and a powerful light within you. When you enter a room, it's almost like you have this electric aura. You shock people with your uniqueness and intensity. People are almost drawn to you like moths are drawn to a flame because they're fascinated by this fantastic bright person.

You can tend to attract a lot of weak people and a lot of vulnerable individuals who do not have a lot of inner power because they recognize your inner strength and they want some of that inner power themselves. They want you to teach your inner power to them and teach them how they can have their inner power. With this aspect, you can also be prone to sudden flashes of intuition where you have almost like an epiphany. Like all of a sudden, you will know, or you'll understand something, the answer will just come to you, and the sudden flash of intuition will be shocking to other people. When a person has Uranus in a sextile to their Sun, their father allowed them quite a bit of freedom growing up. It can be that your father was not a very conservative person, your father was not very strict and controlling, and your father actually allowed you to do what you wanted to do, to be yourself and to have your freedom. It could also possibly be that your father was absent a lot, and he wasn't there to be strict and controlling toward you. Another way that this can manifest is that your father is so strict that you removed yourself from his clutches and his control at some point in your life, especially in your early life. You completely rebelled against him and became a rebellious free spirit. Either way, father had a huge influence on you wanting the freedom that you do, whether it was influenced in a good way or in a bad way.