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We are all faced with many different situations throughout life and we deal with people from all different walks of life. We take in energies from the people around us, and the environments around us. Misinterpretation and misunderstandings happen all the time, and it is completely unavoidable.

Many valuable and meaningful relationships, whether it is friendly, romantic or professional get jeopardized due to misinterpretation. Taking things personally is something we all do every now and then, some of us more regularly than others. It is important to remember, that in order for you to function and your highest vibration, you need to choose your inner peace over everything, and when you take things personally, you choose to let others destroy your inner peace.

Perception and judgment is something that gets filtered through personal experience, personal thoughts and convictions. No two people will have the same perception and due to this we all process scenarios and situations differently. Some of us are also more sensitive, and due to this we get affected by the actions and words of others more seriously. Some of us just brush it off and move on with our lives. Maybe the girl in the hall didn't hear you when you greeted her because she was distracted? No need to take it personally and think it was a malicious attack against you. There are many scenarios that can take place, but it is important to keep your cool and keep a clear, aware perceptive. Here are ways to chill out, and not take things too personally.

1. Put yourself in other people’s shoes

We can often take it very personally when a person lashes out at us or behaves in a rude, unfriendly manner towards us. It is important to remember, that the way others treat you, is not a reflection of you, but more a reflection of themselves and their inner state. Maybe your colleague or partner is under a lot of pressure and is having a bad day. They could possibly be going through some distressing personal situation, or they could be at a breaking point. People go through things, and nobody can remain a perfect happy go lucky person all the time. Take a step back and put yourself in the other persons shoes. Would you still remain cool, calm and collected if you were in the same position? Sometimes, it helps to understand that not everything is about you.

2. You could be unknowingly pushing someone's buttons

People aren't always open and honest about their insecurities. We tend to keep our negative thoughts and opinions regarding ourselves and others to ourselves, in most cases. Maybe Sally from the office is self-conscious about her freckles. Saying to her: “That brown jacket really makes your freckles stand out!” might be meant in a loving, positive manner, but due to Sally’s insecurity, she does not see it this way and can take the statement as a personal attack. It is all a matter of the person’s perception.

3. Some people are just extremely proud, or insecure

Some people have gone through many personal battles regarding their identity and self-worth. Many people are extremely invested in the image and name they have created for themselves. Insecure people can demand respect, as they feel they are deserving of this. Some people are hypersensitive volcanoes waiting to erupt at any hint of their sense of self-worth and value being threatened. Maybe you told John at the office, who has been dedicated to his position for 10 years and takes pride in his title of the head of the department, that he is not entirely clued up on one of the processes. John can take this as a personal threat, as he could feel you are shooting down the fact that he is excellent at what he does. You get faced with sulky, moody temperaments due to this when you were just pointing out he was misinformed. In some cases, people are extremely sensitive and feel they need to protect their ego at all costs. Some just constantly need their ego to be stroked due to deep rooted insecurities. In these cases, there is not much you can do and will have to wait for the steam to blow over.

4. Wait for your emotions to blow over

It can be very easy to lose your cool and say and do things you do not mean in the heat of the moment. In most cases, a lot of drama and heartache can be avoided if all parties just step back and take 10 seconds to think before they act. A good idea would also be to remove yourself from the situation, give yourself time to assess and think it over, and go back and address it again with a clear head and a more informed and thought out course of action.

5. Re examine your perception

Psychologist Albert Ellis states that a person is not affected emotionally by what happens around them, but by their interpretation of what happened. In turn, our interpretations are formed by beliefs. You could have a perception in your mind regarding an event or situation, but this is entirely your perception, and others might not see it the same way. Sometimes, we can make up scenarios in our heads that aren't true, or we can make ourselves believe thoughts that aren't true either.

6. Worry less about what others think about you

We live in a hyper self-image aware world. Everybody wants to be viewed in a loving and respectful light. To some, the mere thought of someone thinking they are not this amazing flawless person is horrifying to them. The more you allow yourself to be affected by the thoughts and opinions of others, the more you will suffer internally, and go through a constant battle. Sometimes, you just need to let things go and remind yourself that you cannot control other people’s perceptions and reactions. Not everyone will like you, and this is not something you have control over. Do not give too much thought and energy to this, and focus on what really does matter.

Virgo Season is here from the 23rd of August up until the 23rd of September. Virgo season affects me the most significantly, being a Virgo myself. I can also see how it affects everyone around me, as Virgo energy brings a lot of focused energy to people. Here is a list of how the Virgo season will be affecting you, and how you are able to prepare yourself. This will be a very significant Virgo season, as Mars and Venus will also be moving through Virgo throughout this Virgo season as well!

Around the 29th until the 31st of August, there will be a powerful Stellium with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Virgo. A lot of us will want to restructure our lives around this time and will look into eliminating the imperfections and stagnant processes and energy around us. We will be given a sharp and discerning eye that will be able to pick up on the most minute minuscule details that we have not even considered were there before. We will find solutions to problems with ease due to possessing a crystal clear mind that can take in and discriminate all information fairly.

Do be careful of increased, stress, anxiety or panic attacks during this time and also be weary of overworking yourself as you might be inclined to do so. Virgo energy is highly focused, however it is also extremely nervous and restless and can cause you to get sucked into your work.

1. Isolation and time spent alone is encouraged

The Hermit in The Tarot

Virgo is associated with the archetype of the hermit, and when it is Virgo season, you prefer to spend more time alone, reflecting inward and analyzing. You will want to analyze all the little details in your work and around you, and the best way to do this is to have as little distractions around you as possible, thus as little people as possible. You might even feel perfectly content on your own during Virgo season even if you are a more socially inclined person. Virgo season reminds you that time spent in isolation is necessary in order to understand yourself, others and your physical environment.

2. You restructure your life

Virgo represents perfectionism and Virgo energy encourages us to gain a sense of routine and structure. You might realize that the way you have been doing things does not work for you anymore, and you consider how your daily routine and lifesyle affects your mental and physical health. You take this into consideration and you look into ways to restructure your life to be in unison with your overall well-being. You also identify situations, objects and people that no longer serve you and are not beneficial for you, and you proceed to eliminate what drags you down, and distracts you from what is important. You will do some organizing and decluttering in your home and work environment! You will know how to bring order to the chaos around you.

3. You can heal yourself and will have increased awareness of your body

Virgo season encourages us to spend time practicing yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.

Health and well-being is ruled by Virgo, and during this time you pay much more attention to your health. You will notice the aches and pains you feel more prominently, and you will become aware of imbalances in your system and flaws on your body. Virgo's are more aware of their body and health than other signs, and during this season you become hyper aware of our body, like most Virgo's. This season will put you in touch with the needs of your body, in order for you to reach a state of unison again. Your body will be sending you messages and you will be listening. You might end up buying a whole bunch of healthy supplements, or even adopt a new diet or fitness routine! You might also tend to lean toward eating much more healthy and nutritious foods during this time. This is also a good time to detox yourself!

4. You will be more helpful

Virgo represents being at service to others. It is not associated with work, such as with Capricorn, as some people do confuse this. Virgo represents helping other people, and being useful and at service to them. You will want to be seen as resourceful and useful to the people in your life, and you will be much more willing to assist them in small and big day to day tasks. You will also be much more innovative, and able to come up with practical solutions to problems. You become very handy, with and ability to fix almost everything around you!

5. Your ability to focus increases

Virgo season is the perfect time to do some reading!

Virgo brings you increased mental awareness and the ability to focus on more complex tasks. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, and it represents mental processes and communication. Virgo season is a ideal time to do research, and with Mercury being in Virgo up until the 14th of September, you will be able to take in and observe TONS of information! If you need to study, get all your learning in during Virgo season as you will be able to remember and retain that information much easier! Mercury in Virgo also rules over the written word, so if you have been wanting to finish a book for a while, or start reading a new one, this is the ideal time as you will really feel a connection with reading the written word.

6. You become more connected to nature

Virgo is an Earth sign, and some like to call Virgo the “Earth Goddess”. The sign represents growth and nurturing, and using nature to heal yourself. Virgo natives are extremely good gardeners, as they have a natural connection to nature. With all the Virgo aspects this Virgo season, you might find yourself being more attracted to the beauty that nature has to offer. You will enjoy being around beautiful fauna and flora, and you might even feel the urge to do some gardening, or just be more inclined to want to use natural products, or eat unprocessed, raw and organic foods. Be sure to connect with your roots again this Virgo season!

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