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The Burmese zodiac was created by monks in Myanmar. This form of astrology also makes use of signs, however in Burmese Astrology there are 8 animals that relate to the 7 days of the week. Your Burmese sign is indicated by the day of the week that you were born. The Burmese Zodiac is based on the number 8, as the vibration and energy of this number is one of universal balance, and harmony. The Burmese zodiac also makes use of 8 planets in the system.

The Burmese Signs and their meanings:

Monday - Tiger

Ruling planet - The Moon

Meticulous, observant and smart. You assess every aspect of a situation before you come to a decision. You are very structured and devoted to your duty and family or peer group. You don't like to waste your time and prefer to get down to the nitty gritty of things, and also do not appreciate it when others waste your time.

Tuesday - Lion

Ruling Planet - Mars

Loyal, brave and warm. You are a natural leader and have a strong drive and ambition for your passions. Very well composed, you like to come across as respectable and classy. You can seem stubborn at times, and it is challenging to get you to change your opinion or mind once it has been set.

Wednesday - Elephant with tusks

Ruling Planet - Mercury

In Burmese Astrology, they have divided Wednesday into two signs. If you were born in the morning (before 12pm), you would be an Elephant with tusks. This sign is stubborn and unpredictable, however this is due to you possessing a lot of power and need to choose carefully where you apply yourself. You have a very exciting personality and you stand out in a crowd! You can have a slight tendency to be a control freak.

Elephant without tusks

Ruling Planet - Mercury

If you were born at night (after 12pm), you are an Elephant without tusks. You are quiet and reserved, People born on Wednesdays are usually introverts and become overwhelmed in large crowds or the limelight. You prefer to work alone and perform better when not being bossed around. You tend to be very successful in your endeavors.

Thursday - Rat

Ruling Planet - Jupiter

You are adaptable and able to fit in in any environment or situation. You know how to get yourself into good situations and out of bad situations. You are extremely changeable and versatile. You know how to get what you want and you usually get it. A true opportunist by nature, you can be a force to be reckoned with once you set your mind to something!

Friday - Guinea Pig

Ruling Planet - Venus

You possess a lot of creative abilities and have a strong energy. You can be slightly ADHD, and get excited quickly but struggle to finish something once you have started it. You are very aware of how to get along well with other people and you have a pleasant personality that most people find attractive. You are good at making artistic creations, or just creating anything really! You get easily bored and need constant stimulation.

Saturday - Dragon

Ruling Planet - Saturn

You have a very strong personality and it is difficult to ignore you. You are very outgoing and love meeting new people. You are a perfectionist and you have very high standards, sometimes your standards are too high and you struggle to meet your idea of perfection and put too much pressure on yourself or others! You can have a very good sense of humor and can get others to chuckle at your jokes and comments regularly.

Sunday - Garuda

Ruling planet - The Sun

The Garuda is a mythical Burmese Bird god. If you are a Garuda, you are extremely caring and selfless. You radiate love and purity in all your actions and intentions and you have an extremely friendly and accepting nature to all people. You are a good support for other people and help other people reach their fullest potential. Some may see you as naive and too caring.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Mercury retrograde is back to bring us some confusing thoughts and ideas yet again! From the 7th of July all the way till the 31st, we will undergo a Mercury retrograde in not only one, but two signs!

From the 7th until the 19th of July, Mercury will retrograde in Leo. After that, just when we are getting used to the confusion, it bounces back into the sign of Cancer on the 19th of July until the 31st.

When a planet retrogrades, everything that planet represents gets shaken up, and the result is some unpredictability and uncertainty in that area. Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and how we express ourselves. It also is greatly responsible for our mental thought processes. During a Mercury retrograde, instead of being able to think clearly, our thoughts make no sense. We will get many ideas popping in and out of our minds, but we will not know which of these ideas are useful to us and which are not. The messages and ideas we try to bring across in our communications get mixed up and jambled, and other people dont understand what we are saying. During Mercury Retrograde there can be many misunderstandings and disagreements due to this.

Leo is a proud, loyal, grand and boastful sign. Leo needs attention, recognition and appreciation for their consideration and efforts, otherwise they will not put effort into something again. This sign feeds on positive energy and feedback, as they react positively in return to this. When Leo is exposed to negative criticisms and ideas, or when they just get ignored, it can have a negative affect. The same applies for how during this retrograde, when Mercury is in Leo, we will have a need for recognition and praise for the ideas we have. Due to Mercury ruling mental processes and our perception, other people might not see what we want them to see or hear what we want them to hear. We might be giving it our all, working our best, being the best version of ourselves we can be but it goes unnoticed. This Leo retrograde is good to teach us how to be content with only ourselves knowing how great we are, or how successful and hardworking we are.

When  Mercury moves over into Cancer on the 19th of July, we will go from trying to figure out how to receive vocal recognition and praise for our efforts to wanting to receive love and comfort from our families. When the world is unable to give you the love and appreciation you deserve, where do you go? Home. Home is where the heart is and home is where our loved ones usually here. When we are home, we can be appreciated, loved and cared for in a way that the world cannot. During the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, we will shift from wanting praise and recognition from the outside world for our efforts, to wanting the love and comfort that our homes and family can give us. Not all will be sunshine and roses! Mercury is still in retrograde, and it can also be challenging to communicate with our loved ones during this time. There could be many thoughts from the past that pop into your head again, and you might feel inclined to address them, and to resolve issues between you and your family members and loved ones.

During a retrograde period, no matter how inclined you might feel to be vocal and expressive about a matter, it is always advised for Mercury to go direct before any issues are addressed. When Mercury goes direct in Cancer around midnight at the end of July, we will know exactly what to say to get the right message across again.

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