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I've noticed there are so many astrology books out there, but finding a really good book that gives you meaningful interpretations, as well as books that cover the topics and the subjects that you're interested in are quite rare to find. Below I will be recommending astrology books for both beginner and advanced astrology.

1. Mind The Gap - by Graeme Codrington and Sue Grant Marshall

This book is not about astrology; this book is about different generations. This book goes into detail about the different generations and the behaviors of the different generations. I do find this to be quite helpful because understanding the generation a native comes from has a powerful impact on their behavior and mental state. The generations also link in with the movements of the outer planets, so just learning what the generations are about, how they think, and how they behave is very beneficial to know when practicing astrology.

2. Karmic Astrology - by Martin Schulman

This book covers every single planet in retrograde motion in a birth chart. It covers the planets through every single sign and the planets in every single house if that planet is in retrograde. Retrograde planets in a natal chart have a completely different meaning and a completely different interpretation than if they were in direct motion in a natal chart. I find that this book is incredibly helpful in deciphering and finding interpretations for the retrograde planets' placements in a natal chart.

3. Astrology For The Millions - by Grant Lewi

This book covers transits. This is an excellent book to look at if you want to understand your transits. With transit astrology, you look at the planets' current movements, and you look at where they are positioned in relation to the planets in your natal chart. If there are specific aspects between these planets, it can have a substantial influence on your life. This book is beneficial for understanding these transits.

4. The Astrologer's Handbook - by Francis Sakoian

This book is incredible because this book covers every single aspect that is out there. This book is excellent to have if you want to reference aspects and figure out what certain aspects mean. If you are reading charts for people, this is a must-have.

5. Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

This is a must-have for any person who wants to get into astrology or any professional astrologer who needs to learn more about astrology. Linda Goodman is what I would say my astrology teacher. I read all her books from start to end, and she was the one who mainly inspired me to become an astrologer. Her books are incredible. Her books are basically like poems. She takes the signs and explains the sign in a very poetic storytelling way, making it such a nice, fun read. She also has such a unique fresh perception of the signs

6. Linda Goodman - Venus Trines at Midnight

This is an extraordinary book because this book contains poems of the signs. Linda's poems are remarkable. I'm pretty sure the poems she's written about your sign will most likely blow your mind.

7. The New Astrology - by Suzanne White

This book matches together Chinese astrology and Western astrology. For example, it takes your Western and your Chinese sign, and this book contains a wright up for each combination of those two. They're incredibly accurate, and it's just an all-around fantastic book to have to look into people's personalities and just to understand more about them.

8. Your personal horoscope - by Joseph Polansky

Each year I buy a horoscope transit-based book for that year. This transit-based book doesn't go into that much detail in terms of the transits, but it is a lovely basic indicator of what will happen each month. It gives you a little breakdown of the moon's movements, and it tells you when it's going to be a new moon and full moon and what you can expect. Joseph Plansky releases a new book each year, and it is just really nice to have if you wish to look at the ongoing transits throughout the year and don't have a lot of time to go and research and calculate the transits. This is awesome to have because it just gives you a basic summary of what you can expect.

9. Synastry - by Penny Thornton

This book is mainly about synastry astrology and the aspects between two separate charts. Fun Fact: Penny Thornton was Princess Diana's astrologer. Synastry astrology is when you take two different people's charts, and you mash them together, and you look at the relationship between the planets of these two people's charts. Finding really good interpretations for these synastry aspects can be quite trying. I find this specific book quite helpful when it comes to just interpreting and understanding synastry aspects between two charts.

10. Linda Goodman's Love Signs

This is a must-have. This book is the most beautiful, most profound, and most incredible astrology compatibility book that I have ever found. This book covers the compatibility between sun signs. It doesn't go too deep and into too much detail, such as like with Linda's synastry book that goes into more information about the aspects. This book is just about the Sun Sign; however, these interpretations are phenomenal. It's like when you read the relationship between the signs; it's literally like you're reading your relationship with that person. It is mind-blowingly accurate.

11. Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs

Linda Goodman's relationship signs is also a synastry astrology book. This is what you guys need if you want to look into synastry astrology. Her interpretations are out of this world. It is mind-bending. This book will likely give you the most accurate and the most detailed synastry interpretations that you can find. There's just nothing that compares to this, in my opinion.

12. Parker's Encyclopedia of Astrology - by Derek and Julia Parker

This is an encyclopedia. It is quite comprehensive, and it has quite a bit of information in it. It covers most of the astrology terminology and topics out there or that you can think of. It also has very lovely interpretations. I would say this is a must-have if you know astrology and want to know the basics and terminology. This is a cool book to have even for professional astrologers who might come across a word or some method they're not aware of.

13. Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, The Professional Manual - by Noel Tyl

This book is excellent, but this book is very complicated. It's very long, and it's very detailed. I would recommend this book for professional astrologers. This is for your astrologers that already know all the basics. This book is for your astrologers who want to look into the very complex things in the charts and understand your more complicated concepts in astrology. This is not something I would recommend for a beginner astrologer. I would recommend this to somebody who's been practicing astrology for a while. This book has so many case studies in it as well, where it takes you through every chart and explains to you what the chart's all about, how you read, and how you interpret it. Seeing these case studies and how these astrologers study these charts helps you have a better understanding. If you're a professional astrologer, this is a must-have.

14. Health Signs - Claire Petulengro

This book covers health and medical astrology. This book goes through all the sun signs and moon signs, and it gives you a very lovely comprehensive breakdown of what health troubles you might have or just what you can expect through your physical constitution via astrology. Medical astrology is a whole other branch of astrology, and you're able to figure out a lot of things about your body and just your own system works through astrology. This book is beneficial for understanding what diseases or issues your sign can be prone to. It is beneficial because it can help you prevent these things from happening in the future by having an awareness of it. This book is incredible if you want to look into medical and health astrology. It teaches you a lot about how your sign influences your physical constitution and vitality.

15. Sex signs - by Judith Bennett

This book covers and explores the sexuality of the signs. Each and every zodiac sign has its own love nature and its own sexual nature, and this book is very comprehensive and helpful in explaining the sexual nature of the signs.

16. The secret language of destiny - Gary Goldschneider

What the secret language of destiny covers is your birth date. This book is cool because this book is based on the decans. For each zodiac sign, you basically get three different versions of that sign and this book gives you the interpretations based on the decans. I find this very accurate, detailed, and very helpful, especially when it comes to understanding a person's personality and just understanding their destiny and why they're here. it does go a lot into detail regarding your life purpose and what you're supposed to be doing while you're here

17. The secret Language of Relationships - Gary Goldschneider

This book has very precise, detailed, and specific interpretations when it comes to compatibility astrology. It gives you a very comprehensive breakdown. It also gives you advice on how you can make the relationship work, what are going to be your main issues in the relationship, the destiny of the relationship, and the purpose of the relationship. This is a great thing to look at if you want to look into why specific relationships are the way they are and why particular people behave towards each other in a specific way. Even if you're not in a relationship, if you're in a friendship, or have an acquaintance, this can also help you just know how you and that person will understand each other and relate to each other.

Chiron is an asteroid that represents your inner wounds and the inner pain you experience. In astrology, the moon generally represents the mother, and generally, when there is an aspect with Chiron and the moon, it does mean that there is some internal wound concerning your mother.

There could have been something that happened in the relationship dynamic with your mother that has caused you internal pain, and this is pain that you will carry with you throughout your life. There can be an extreme fear of abandonment and intimacy. You fear vulnerability. You fear being abandoned, and you also fear rejection when opening up to people. Showing your emotions to others is something that you're terrified of. There is wounding concerning your relationship with the feminine nature in yourself. This could have to do with a possible relationship with your mother that didn't go very well or is not currently going very well. You can struggle relating to or dealing with women or people who are incredibly feminine.

It is difficult for you to relate to the feminine nature or to females per se as you never really had that close emotional connection with your mother, where you were really able to experience the energy of femininity. The energy of femininity is somewhat unknown or strange to you or something that you can't fully comprehend because you weren't exposed to it that much. You have a powerful awareness of suffering and pain in other people because you have experienced suffering and pain yourself. You are a very empathetic, sympathetic, and caring person towards other people.

You are not a rude person. You're a delightful person for others to deal with because you care about other people, but showing these people you care is something you struggle with. There can be a crucial need inside you for love, acceptance, and connection, but certain things stop you from getting it in your life, which can frustrate you. You are very caring and giving towards people, and you do your best to be there for them. You tend to close yourself off to protect yourself; however, you have a powerful capacity to care and can sometimes be overly caring and overly giving. Be careful of people that take advantage of you because of your incredibly caring and giving nature.

What can end up happening in your life is you can end up being very involved and interested in the concept of self-healing and self-love because you are very aware of pain and suffering, and you don't want to experience this anymore. You want to experience happiness, which causes you to look into things like healing yourself, loving yourself, and concepts such as spirituality to get to know yourself and improve how you feel inside yourself.

You do have somewhat of a damaged relationship with femininity. You're very encouraging, caring, and protective towards women and feminine people because of the specific wound you have regarding femininity. You try to heal this wound regarding the female nature by being overly caring towards females; however, just the concept of the feminine nature is a little bit of a soft spot or sore spot to you.

When you are in love and found a person you love, you are so unconditionally loving and caring that it is crazy. You give so much of yourself, and you give everything you are to the person you love. You are one of the people that can love tremendously. There can be somewhat of a feeling of never being fulfilled in your relationships, which can cause a little bit of suffering. You don't know why you feel so disappointed in your relationships, and you don't know why you're not as happy as you should be.

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