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Your North Node and your South Node represent your current life, past life, life path, and destiny.

If your South Node is in Virgo, this means that in your past life, and for a considerable portion of this life, you were a very hardworking person that was always at service to other people.

You are always helping other people; you help those weaker than you or help those that do not know how to do things for themselves. You teach other people, and you can see when a person cannot help themselves and when a person is weak. You are the person who goes and helps people because you can see that they need help. You are on this endless pursuit where you are continually serving other people. You want to make other people happy.

With the South Node in Virgo, you have somewhat of a selfless quality where you will give a lot of yourself to the world; you will give a lot of yourself to other people. This is because you cannot find value in yourself unless you are helping others. The majority of this life, and a significant portion of your past life, you were this very selfless person with structure and routine being vital to you. You need to have a routine in your life. You need to have a structure; you need to know how things will happen.

You like to plan your life accordingly; if someone calls you up now and say, "Hey, let's go have lunch," you will refuse because the event wasn't planned ahead of time. You lack a sense of spontaneity in life because you are so dedicated to your structure, and you are so dedicated to your routine and having your comforts.

With the North Node in Pisces, your life path and your life destiny in this life are entirely different to what I have mentioned above. You are not supposed to be serving other people selflessly to the point where you are not thinking of yourself and your own needs. You are not supposed to be caring so much about other people, healing other people. You are not supposed to be so structured, so routine bound, to be so comfort-zone-bound.

The reason for this is because you were already like this in your past life, you already healed people, you already helped numerous people, you already learned to develop a vigorous routine, a strong structure, and you are always in your comfort zone. This is something you already experienced. You are somewhat of this perfectionist; everything had to always be perfect in your life. If you are like this now, you are not on the right path, and you need to learn to develop into your Pisces North Node qualities.

Pisces North Node represents spirituality. It represents getting to know yourself spiritually, meaning you need to develop your intuitive abilities; you need to develop your psychic abilities. You need to take the qualities that you learned with your Virgo South Node, which is that of healing, selfless service to other people, compassion, and you need to in this life help other people grow in a spiritual sense.

You also need to learn to go with the flow; you need to learn just to let things go because with the Virgo South Node, you can be so highly strung on having everything be a certain way and having everything be structured, that you don't have a sense of spontaneity. You do not have a sense of, "let's just go and have fun; let's just go on an adventure." This quality is something that you do need to learn to develop. It is hard for you just to let things go.

You cannot always have control over everything. Everything is not meant to be controlled. If you just let things be, everything will be fine. Maybe just give it a chance and try. The thing about a Pisces South Node is that you need to learn to basically to live in the moment. You need to still use your Virgo South node's traits, which, as I said, is helping others. However, in this life, you don't need to help people through this constant selfless service where you sacrifice your wants and needs for others.

Learn to let go. Learn to be in the moment, and let life happen to you without worrying about it. If you think of the sign Pisces, it's a sign that represents spirituality. It's a sign that represents dreams; it's a sign representing just going with the flow, just doing your own thing, not worrying about the practical and physical elements of life. It is a sign that embodies the spirit, and just being a spirit and a soul. That is the state of mind that you need to learn to develop in this life, you need to develop the state of mind where you aren't so hung up and worried about the material things in your life anymore, and you're just enjoying the experience of life for what it is.

Every aspect has its unique influence on an individual; however, some aspects have a more severe impact than others. Today I'm going to tell you what I think the more negative aspects are in astrology.

1. The Moon in Scorpio

Natives who have the Moon in Scorpio have an incredibly intense, turbulent, and dramatic inner world. Their emotions are way more powerful and intense than your average person's emotions. This can cause the natives to become quite overwhelmed and get entirely lost within their feelings. Emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety, and depression can be crippling to these people. These emotions can cause them not to take action and not do things that allow them to succeed. Suppose a person with a Scorpio Moon does not figure out healthy ways to channel their emotions and release and deal with their emotions. In that case, it will be challenging for them to do good within their lives and succeed in their lives because they're continually being overwhelmed by their own negative emotions that stop them from doing things that will allow them to become successful.

Natives with the Moon in Scorpio can become some of the most influential people in this world. Still, before they can become powerful and succeed within their lives, they have so many inner emotional and mental challenges within themselves that they need to overcome. The thing is that these natives create mental obstacles for themselves. They allow their emotions to get the better of them, and they invent scenarios, situations, and thoughts in their head that cause them to feel negative emotions and think negative thoughts. For a Scorpio Moon native to become successful, they have to overcome so much inner turmoil and chaos within their life.

2. Jupiter conjunct Chiron

Chiron represents your inner wounds, and when a person has Jupiter in conjunction with Chiron, it will be a person that will want to change the world. They believe that they have been put here to save the world and to make a significant impact in this world. They have solid values, and they have very strong beliefs. Their vision of what the world should be is based on their values and their ideas. They have a way that they see the world, and they believe that everything should be this way and that they are the one that needs to make the world this way. Because the vision this native has is based on their personal beliefs and personal values, the notion that they have might not necessarily be what's best for everyone else and what everyone else needs. The vision they have is more what they need and what they think is right for the world. These natives can be quite tricky to deal with because they always believe that they're right, and they always feel that they know the answers to everything, no matter how much reason you try and speak into their heads. They still believe that they are right and what they believe in is right, and they are meant to implement these changes in the world and in society.

3. The Sun opposite or Square Pluto

The opposition is worse than the square; however, the square does also have a negative impact. Natives with their Sun in a negative aspect with Pluto are people that do not want to change. These are the people that prefer to remain victims of society. They struggle to deal with external changes in their environment, and they oppose and reject any external changes. They also oppose and reject any internal change within

themselves. These people will remain stuck in their negative way of thinking, negative beliefs, and negative way of doing things throughout their entire lives and will not do anything to change themselves for the better. These people can be extremely negative nancies. They always see the worst in a situation, and they're not willing to do anything to change the dire situation. They'll rather just complain and moan about how everything is wrong and how everything is terrible, and they won't make a change to improve it. This is a tricky aspect because if these natives do not learn to go through internal change within their lives and if they do not learn to change themselves and to progress themselves in life, they can get stuck in a rut, and they can be stuck in the same place their entire life because they never progress or change themselves.

4. The Black Moon Lilith opposite or square Pluto

Yet again the opposition is worse than the square, but the square does have quite the impact. These natives are people who cannot differentiate between what's right and what's wrong. These natives will pursue and proceed with really negative actions and engage with harmful things in their life, and they do not realize what a negative impact it has on them and their lives. These people can have incredibly negative, destructive sexual behaviors. They can do horrible things such as stealing, lying, or acting violently because it's challenging for them to separate the good side inside themselves from the bad side. These people feed into the bad sides within themselves. Natives with these placements can have

incredibly bad reputations because they proceed to do incredibly demoralizing things. It's very tricky for these natives to differentiate between good and evil and what's right and wrong. They will have to go through very challenging lessons and hardships in their lives to

distinguish between what is right and what is wrong and so that they can learn not to feed into and not to give energy to the dark side within themselves. In their early lives, these people can be incredibly rebellious, and they can make incredibly bad decisions that can land them in jail or something along those lines.

5. Mars in Libra

Mars is the planet of action. It's the planet of your willpower. It represents how you go ahead and do something, how you take action. When Mars is in Libra, the sign of partnership and the sign of justice and peace, it is challenging for the natives to make decisions in their lives. These people can weigh out the options between the different choices they need to make so much that they never make a decision. These people also struggle to decide on their own, and they always need to have other people that they go to that they can talk to, and they will likely base their decision on what another person has told them. These natives struggle to know what it is they need to do. They struggle to decide what to do in their life. Mars in Libra natives are forever procrastinating. They're always saying they're going to do something, but they never do it, and the reason they don't do it is that they fear to actually do it. They fear to take that chance and to proceed and get it done. People with Mars in Libra need a very strong push to get a task done or to get something done. If the Mars in Libra person does not get help from other people, they will struggle if they have to do it alone.

Mars rules over Aries, which is the opposite sign of Libra, which represents independence. It represents assertive action; Libra is the opposite of that. Libra lacks forceful action. Libra lacks independence. When the planet of action is in the sign that lacks assertive action, you can imagine how tricky it can be for these individuals. They are so fearful that they're scared things go wrong, and they're afraid they're going to have to deal with the disharmony around them when things go wrong because they mainly need to be an environment that is filled with peace and harmony. They cannot stand chaos and disarray.

BONUS ASPECT: Mars Square or opposite Saturn

Natives who have a negative aspect between their Mars and their Saturn are people that are continually facing and coming up with obstacles in their lives that stop them from doing anything. It could be that external influences are such for these natives that they do not have any opportunities or any chance to make something of themselves, and their life is just a little bit unlucky. It could be that the nature of themselves creates so many mental obstacles that they never actually proceed to do anything. This aspect is a bit different from Mars in Libra because these natives can do things on their own. They're able to be independent (granted that Mars is not in Libra), but they are just continually creating so many obstacles and so many challenges in their mind that stops them from actually getting things done. They will have a goal and a dream in mind; however, they will always be coming up with excuses why they cannot pursue this goal and dream

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