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5th House Stellium

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

With a 5th house stellium, things like leisure, being the center of attention, creativity, romance, fun, and children are a predominant part of your life. You'll likely experience lots of fun, incredible things in life. You experience lots of joy, lots of happiness, and just a lot of pleasurable activity. Children can likely play a very predominant role in your life. Your profession can involve children, or you could have lots of children yourself. Somehow children just keep featuring in your life, and you're constantly just surrounded by children. It might not be that way now, but it could also possibly happen when you get older.

With a fifth house stellium, you are a hopeless romantic. You love to love, and you love romance. With this placement, you can tend to have lots of flings. You can tend to have lots of casual relationships with people where you possibly hook up with them or go on a couple of dates. There are going to be very few serious partners in your life. You're going to be incredibly careful and incredibly selective over who you enter a serious relationship with; however, you do enjoy having flings with people. You don't mind the fun of innocent romance.

You are incredibly good at expressing yourself through art or performance. You like to perform, and you want to be appreciated and recognized for the performance you can put up. If it's not a performance, it could be in relation to a creation or an artistic expression that you might have. You can love really hard, but you also can hate very hard. Instead of being a fighter, try and rather be a lover. Choose love and positivity over fighting and negativity. Talk to your inner child, listen to what your inner child has to say to you. If your inner child says to you no, I don't want to do this; this makes me feel horrible; I'm scared of doing this, then ask your inner child why you are scared of it. Why does it make you feel horrible? If your inner child says to you, yes, I love doing this, this is great, then ask yourself why you love doing this. Try and have this consistent conversation with your inner child. Your inner child is the side inside of you that's incredibly emotional and sensitive. The more you surround yourself with children, the happier you will likely be.

Express your love towards other people. Don't keep it back and just try and have fun more because it's essential to experience joy and to experience pleasure. The more fun and the more enjoyment you experience in life, the happier you are. If you're going to remove yourself from fun situations willingly, then you're going to cause yourself to be upset.

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