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7th House Stellium

The seventh house represents your marriage partner and your marriage. When you have so much activity there, especially if it is outer planet influences, it will mean that you will end up being attracted and possibly ending up with a person who is a lot like you. They will have similar beliefs to you and the same convictions as you. A seventh house stellium can also give you a bit of a savior complex where you end up in relationships with people that have emotional problems and problems in life, and you will try to save them and try to help them. This tendency could cause a lot of difficulties in your life and in your relationships because you do tend to gravitate towards people with a lot of issues in their life.

With all these aspects in your seventh house, a committed relationship and a partnership will be of utmost importance to you. A lot of focus is placed in your seventh house in your chart, which means your mental attention will be focused on finding a committed relationship and a well-established partnership in your life. When you do have a partnership and a committed relationship, you will find yourself being incredibly happy, especially if you can connect with your partner on a deep emotional level. It is crucial to bear in mind that you can sometimes have unrealistic expectations from your partner so you can expect your partner to provide you with way more than what they are capable of. This expectation could be in an emotional or a physical sense, so it's important to know that what you are expecting of your partner is realistic, or if it is too much and you are possibly putting a lot of pressure on them.

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