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A letter to the world, from a Virgo

Virgos can get mocked a lot for being obsessive-compulsive and highly strung workaholics. This is a real struggle they go through in life. I would like to explain something to the rest of the signs so that they can understand why Virgos are seen as so serious and full of nonsense.

First, let's start with the symbolism behind the sign. Virgo is represented by the Virgin maiden, which symbolizes purity. Virgo knows how things need to run and be done for things to be as problem-free and functional as it possibly can, and for it to be as PURE as it can be. For something to be pure, it needs to be without error. Virgo's are HIGHLY observant and can think years ahead and observe every little minute detail that most of us wouldn't even consider.

A Virgo knows that you need to be careful and not give in to your animalistic desires. They know that by ignoring the small details of life, things will go overlooked, and eventually, chaos and disorder will follow. By giving in to your desires, and choosing to ignore the details and consequences of your actions, you create challenges in life. Virgo's are aware of every consequence that is caused by every action. For example, Virgo tells people not to sleep around, not to be sexually promiscuous, and then they respond to the Virgo by saying they are being prudish.

Next thing you know, we are in the midst of a population crisis, and 795 million people in the world are starving. Had people listened to Virgo's, and kept it in their pants, this problem could be less. Virgo's understand the implications of sexual promiscuity and not being financially sound to care for a family. This is common-sense that many other signs lack.

They are the masters of the phrase "I told you so," and this phrase was most likely invented by a Virgo.

A Virgo knows that eating unhealthy and not exercising has consequences in the long run. When they tell people, "You should eat less unhealthy food and be more healthy," they get given the cold shoulder and get told they are full of nonsense, and that they should just let people be happy. 10 Years down the line, this person has a heart disease from all the cholesterol and is struggling to pay their medical bills. Had they listened to the Virgo's advice, they wouldn't be in that situation. But the virgo was being unreasonable for advising the person to be mindful after all…

A Virgo knows that drinking too much will cause you not to be able to drive home. They know you will most likely be hungover the next day, and will not be able to attend the urgent meeting you were supposed to, and eventually not get the big deal you were hoping for. A Virgo is aware of these things, and they will never make those silly mistakes. They know that spending all your money on a fun weekend out will leave you broke the rest of the month.

A Virgo will tell you not to do something, and then you will think they are being bossy, and highly strung, then you do it. Later you regret doing it afterward. Then the Virgo has to say to you "I told you so," and you will most likely ask them to help you clean up the mess you made, that could've been avoided, had you listened to the Virgo in the first place.

While everyone else is "Living in the moment," Virgos are thinking of the future, and the possible outcome of the effects of the actions taken by "Living in the moment."

Virgo's are known to be the most helpful people in the zodiac. They are always willing to assist and be of service, sometimes to their own detriment. People become so used to the Virgo being there to help them, that they become complacent. Virgo knows that if the people listened to their advice, they wouldn't have to help others fix their mistakes as much.

Do Virgo's a favor, and listen and consider what we have to say. You will do them the biggest favor ever by following their advice, as then they will not have to help you fix the mess you made by making the wrong choice, which was a result of you not listening to them.

They are not full of it, they are not highly strung. They just think years ahead, and they think of every possible outcome. Virgo knows what can go wrong, and they stick to the idea that prevention is the best to avoid damage control. Appreciate your virgo.

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