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A Poem For Aries

You always try

To start again

New beginnings

A fresh start

but where is your heart?

Walking alone will only get you so far

Cycling through stages

Of episodic rages

You call, but no one hears

In your mind, you exist with no fears

Everything in our universe started with nothing

and over time, it grew, into something

This is the natural cycle of life

You are not a stranger

Your words and your heart hold no danger

Your thoughts always remain

They linger

The way you choose to show love

Is through the gentle touch of your finger

You seem to think in ways that exist beyond this galaxy

You are a microcosmic fantasy

Your face is all I can see

I sometimes wonder, who you might truly be

You dream the deepest dreams

You scream the loudest screams

Even when life is ripped apart at its seams

You can be everything, that you wish you could be

You are always thinking in dangerously fast-paced unrealistic riddles

Your living in a thousand lives

Your flying

Your painting clouds on our skies

You are in this danger zone, and it is all that you have ever known

The face of your creator is placed upon a throne

You are unknown

You have no home

Inside there is nothing

Far away, you have been thrown

Casted away

Where all the real things go

Where glistening rays of gold light

Shines upon the dark side

Do you know?

The things we do not show?

The thoughts we have of hope?

The pain we get, from being alone?

You are it all

You have heard our call

You are an angel

And you will never let us fall

You are the one

who will always believe in you

It's true, now,

Go paint your dark skies blue...

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