All about Libra and Libra Season

We are deep into Libra season and most of you should feel the love flowing! This is a significant Libra season, as there are a number of transits going through Libra. At this moment (September 30) there is a Stellium with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the Moon! Talk about a Libra overload!

During Libra season, we focus on our relationships and partnerships. We realize the importance and the value that it brings to our lives, and we seek to strengthen the bonds that tie us to those we love.

Libra’s harness the energies represented by Libra season. The mindset we adopt during this time is the mindset most Libra’s embody. Here are some habits and personality traits of a Libra, and also a few ways how you will be affected during this Libra season:

1. They are all about PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)

Represented by the scales, this sign is all about balance baby! The aim is to not have anything in excess and to experience an equal distribution of all aspects of life such as work, love and play in order for equilibrium to be reached. Although their focus is to reach a state of balance, Libra’s rarely reach this balance. To them, life is a constant attempt to reach that state. During Libra season, we can become overwhelmed when our life is not being experienced through a state of balance.

2. They love to smile because smiling is contagious

A Libra’s main priority is to ensure that they make everyone around them happy. An environment of peace and love cannot be created if there is conflict, and the Libra will avoid confrontation at all cost! Libra’s like to smile, as they are aware of how the way they interact with another person can affect that person’s mental state, and Libra is all about encouraging happy, balanced mind states! They also love to attract people to them as they love to feel adored, admired and special. What is more inviting than a warm, generous loving smile? During Libra season, we will carry this tendency to have a contagious smile.

3. Kindness is a priority

There are few people as considerate and caring as a Libra as they make sure to go out of their way to make others feel special and loved. Libra's can sometimes feel that they are not loved, or that people will not appreciate them for who they are and for this reason, they make sure to make sure no person they interact with goes feeling unloved and unvalued. This Libra season, we will be making sure all our loved ones know how much we care and appreciate them.

4. One on one quality time is preferred

Libra’s seem like they are social people, as they are constantly surrounded by friends or a partner. They actually are not big fans of crowds and prefer to spend one on one time with someone the connect with and have deep intellectual conversations. Their goal is building lasting strong bonds in their relationships. They love to relate and to have someone to lean on, so although you will rarely find a lonesome Libra, they are not the most social butterflies out there. During this Libra season, we will have a similar social mindset where we will prefer to spend one on one alone time with our loved ones and friends.

5. Fairness and equality is encouraged

The justice scales, which is the symbol of Libra signifies fairly and justly analyzing both sides to a story. Libra’s can have unbiased opinions, as they have a clear vision to see things for what they are and to not be blinded by preconceived notions. They do not choose sides and will be able to see the good and bad from both sides. They can be incredibly good mediators due to having a discerning eye for events and situations. During Libra season, we will not come to a conclusion initially and will allow for fairness to take precedence in our daily mindset.

6. Indecisiveness rules their life

Being an Air sign, Libra’s have many thoughts and bright ideas running through their minds. They also like to weigh both sides to all options, and it can be challenging for them to make up their mind, or stick to one decision. Don't ask a Libra what they want for their birthday, just get them something, otherwise, you will find them still thinking about what you should get them when Christmas arrives! In Libra season, we can also become incredibly indecisive, and not want to stick to one option out of FOMO (fear of missing out) that we made the wrong choice.

7. They experience life in extremes

When the Libra scales dip to the positive side, they can be incredibly charming, loving and productive. When the Libra scales dip to the negative side, they can be moody, grumpy and lazy. Their energy levels can also fluctuate according to their mindset. During Libra season, we tend to find ourselves leaning between these two extremes.

8. Overindulgence!

Libra’s avoid conflict and they avoid any unpleasant emotion as it can tip the scales completely out of balance that they worked so hard to get to balance! They love anything that makes them happy and feel good, and can sometimes overindulge as they just continuously want to experience this happiness from it, whether it be food, clothing, alcohol or tobacco. Be mindful of how overindulgence can affect you this Libra season!

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