Astrology Aspect Basics: Mars in Libra

Mars is the planet that indicates your ability to act, and where your willpower lies. Libra is a sign that represents partnership and marriage. With Mars in Libra, your willpower, and your ability to proceed with an action is mainly centered around your relationships. It could be that relationships and partnerships are something that you want, and you base most of your efforts and actions on either being in a relationship or possibly entering a relationship.

Whatever actions you take, you take these actions with the motivation in your mind that you will get into a relationship somehow. A libra Mars can make you abit of a scattered flirt. So you might meet someone you are interested in, you'll form some kind of liking towards them, but then you will go and meet another person who you also think is just as amazing. At any given time, there could be a whole bunch of people that you have a crush on, that you think are amazing, and then you just went and flirted with all of them and planted seeds that you should never have planted in the first place!

With a Libra Mars, it can be incredibly challenging for you to make a decision. This could be concerning serious life decisions, or this can be concerning small, silly choices you need to make. For example, when it comes to what car you want, you cannot make up your mind, and you will likely ask other people what they think is the best car and what they think you should buy. At the end of the day, you will most likely take the opinion of someone else because you could not make up your mind on your own whatsoever. Ordering off a food menu can also be challenging for you! If there are too many options, you quickly get overwhelmed and cannot decide. You do rely on other people to make the majority of your decisions for you because you cannot decide for yourself.

Libra is the peacemaker, the lovemaker, and the sign represents peace, justice, and equality. With a Libra Mars, you want to be sure that every decision that you make isn't going to affect other people negatively or disrupt others. You do not want to take action if you know it is going to upset someone and disturb the peace. This is the main reason it is challenging to make decisions, as you fear the outcome of these decisions, and you are continually considering everybody else in your choices as well.

You can also attract aggressive or energetic people. You have the ability to attract very high energy people towards yourself, and these could be energetic people in a positive or in a negative way. Do be very aware of what you attract when you are out there looking for a partner and do not settle too quickly in a relationship that will not work for you or be in your best interest.

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