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Astrology Basics: Mercury conjunct Venus

Mercury is the planet that represents how we communicate, how we think, and our internal thought process. Venus is the planet that represents how we love, our relationships, who were attracted to and how we interact in these relationships. When Mercury conjuncts Venus in your natal chart, it means you will be very expressive and communicative about your relationships. Relationships are something that you love to talk about and something you're very communicative about. Relationships are also something you're always thinking about.

Love, other people, and relationships are permanently on your mind. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in a conjunction Mercury, with the planet of your mind, so you probably find yourself obsessing about love all the time. You will also have an incredibly loving and caring way that you communicate and express yourself. You are not a rude, abrupt, or cold person in your communications. You are incredibly loving, gentle, and caring when you talk to other people. Other people will love this about you. They love your ability to communicate in this thoughtful manner. One of the first things people will instantly notice about you will be your gentle soft, caring way of communicating and interacting with people. This is something that will attract people towards you because you have a soft nature. You will love talking to people a lot with this aspect. Communicating with others is incredibly, vitally important to you. You feel happiest when you are communicating with people, and you do not feel pleased when you're alone.

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