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Astrology Basics: Moon conjunct Jupiter

If your Moon is in a conjunction with Jupiter, it means that you are a very optimistic person. You care a lot about the well-being of other people. Hence, you care about the spiritual state and the happiness of other people, and you want to encourage people to be spiritually happy and to be spiritually evolved inside themselves.

You like to make people aware of their spirituality. With the Moon conjunct Jupiter, you do have the ability to change many people's lives. Your emotional nature is vast, it is very expansive. People with Moon conjunct Jupiter; their emotions are so big that when they experience a good emotion, it is contagious to the people around them.

As you can imagine, Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It's also the biggest planet in our solar system. Due to this, you can imagine when Jupiter is in conjunction with the Moon, your emotions are big and displayed very largely. If you are happy, you have contagious happy energy, and people around you become delighted because they can feel your happiness. When you are sad, you have this contagious sadness, and people around you can become unhappy and cynical because they can feel your sadness.

You are the kind of person who has an effect on the emotional nature of the people around you, and the emotional state you are in affects the people around you quite actively. Moon conjunct Jupiter is a compelling aspect because you can change and work with people's emotional states. With this aspect, you can change people's emotional state for the better if your intentions are right, and you can also change the emotional states of people for the worst if your intentions are malicious.

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