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Astrology Basics: Sun in 3rd house

With the Sun in the 3rd house, communication is incredibly important to you, and plays a vital part in your life. The person you are at your core, values communication intensively. It would help if you had a person or people in your life that you are consistently able to communicate with. If you are not able to have a constant flow of communication in your life, you get very frustrated because you have all this information and thoughts in your head but no one to share it with.

You will have a constant thirst for knowledge, and you will always want to find out more than what you know. You will be somewhat of an eternal student. As soon as you have learned something new, you want to share it with other people and communicate it to them. When you have discovered something new, and you are unable to express it, it frustrates you. The most satisfying part to you about learning something new is being able to communicate that experience with others. To you, it is not really about the experience, but it's about being able to communicate the experience that brings you joy. The Sun in the 3rd house can make you a person who loves to read a lot. You can also possibly know more than one language, as the 3rd house is the house of foreign languages.

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