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Astrology Basics: Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node

Your South Node represents your past life. It represents the person that you already are and the habits that you have already learned and formed in your past life. The South Node symbolizes the things that you need to learn to grow out of and that you need to learn to grow away from. Your North Node represents the person that you need to become and the habits and the qualities that you lack in this life. These are the things that you do not know what so ever, and these are the things that you need to learn to develop. It can be easy for us to lean towards the ways of our South Node as these are the ways we already know and the ways that we are comfortable with. Life's purpose is to work towards and develop the qualities of the North Node as these are the things that we were never exposed to in our past life.

Scorpio is very deep, and it likes to connect with things and with people on a profound spiritual level. It is the exact opposite of Taurus, which is represented by money, the material world, and material wealth. Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus. Scorpio represents the soul. It also represents the deep sexual union between two souls. With a Scorpio South Node, you know how to form deep connections with other people. Perhaps not people per se, but with another person. You are an incredibly deep person, with an incredibly significant capacity to love and feel deeply and to connect deeply with another person.

In your past life, you were most likely a person who was in an intense relationship with another person. You found yourself through connecting on the very most deep level that you possibly can with another person. You would see past the physical appearance, and you would see past the negative day-to-day habits that they have. You saw their soul, and that is what you connected with in another person, their soul.

In your past life, you made use of this connection you have with another person to get by in life. For example, you could have been a queen, and you were married to a king, and you had an intense and powerful connection with your king. Your king was the one who provided everything that you needed for you. Your food, your money, your housing, and everything was provided to you through your ability to connect very deeply with this person.

What a Scorpio South node you can talk and brag a lot about your achievements and the things that you have accomplished in life. You will speak of your accomplishments and boast about it a lot because you are seeking some kind of validation. In this life, you will not receive the same amount of connection and validation that you received in your previous life, because in this life, this is not the lesson that you need to learn.

You will want other people to recognize how worthy you are, how valuable you are, and what you are capable of. It could be that validation and recognition are something that you are after; however, it is not something that you are getting in this life. You can sometimes feel that you are not good enough; you can sometimes feel that you are inadequate and that you need to be better. You can also feel that you do not receive enough recognition and respect for what you do. You can feel that this recognition and respect are something that you do deserve, and it is something that you do deserve. With a South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus, you do so much, you give so much, but nobody notices your efforts. You are the only one that is aware of what you are capable of and how much you are putting into what it is that you are doing, and this can cause you to feel frustrated.

No matter how much recognition people give to you, it will still feel that it does not matter, and it is not good enough. It might not necessarily be that the attention they are giving you is not good enough. You will feel that what you are doing and who you are is not good enough regardless of the recognition given to you by other people. You seek attention, connection, and validation from other people because, in your past life, this is something that you were so used to getting. You were loved and worshiped for who you were and what you did, and the people in your life loved and valued you. In this life, you are not going to get this. In this life, this is something that you are craving. You're craving that recognition for what you've done or for what you can do, your craving that attention, and that connection.

With a Taurus North Node, what you do need to realize is that the happiness and the satisfaction that you seek from other people, you are not going to get from other people and that you're only going to find the happiness you seek inside yourself. Now I know that sounds cliche, as people always say look for happiness inside yourself. The only time that you will ever truly really feel that what you have done is good enough and is worthy is not when other people tell you that what you have done is good enough and is worthy, but only when you tell yourself that and when you believe in yourself. You will only really feel good enough when you do not need to rely on the validation of others to make you think that you are good enough.

Your life lesson is that you need to learn how to value yourself for exactly who you are and for what you are capable of and not to seek validation elsewhere. You can build your own life, your own riches and your foundation for yourself; you do not need to rely on other people to do this. You must be hardworking and dedicated to creating a legacy for yourself. By doing so, you will be fulfilling your purpose, which is that of finding your own value in yourself as opposed to letting other people show you what your value is.

In this life, the more money you make and the more riches you acquire, the better it is for you. A lot of people say that money is not everything, and material objects are not everything, and you do not need to focus on that. However, in your case, you kind of do. In your past life, everything was given to you by another person. In this life, you need to work hard for your things on your own, and if you can work hard and acquire these things entirely on your own without another person helping you, that is when you know you are filling your purpose, when you are self-sufficient and also just having a concept of knowing what you are capable of and what your worth is.

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