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Astrology Basics: Virgo Rising/Ascendant

Your rising sign is very different from your other placements. This is usually the first impression that you give to people, so I like to call the rising, “The masks that we wear.”

With the rising in Virgo, the first impression that you give to people is that of a Virgo. With a Virgo rising you do come across to be incredibly pedantic, incredibly critical, and very perfectionistic. Virgo rules your 1st house of appearance and you will appear to be perfect. The first impression you give to people is flawless.

You do not show people your flaws when you meet them, and it does take them some time to discover the side to you that has flaws. When most people meet you, they will think: “Wow! This is literally the perfect person!”

You also come across to be incredibly well-structured and incredibly analytical and detail orientated. You create a more perfect, put-together image when you meet people and that is not necessarily how you are. The you that you truly are and the you that you show to people when they meet you is completely different.

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