Astrology Beauty Tips for Aries Women

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Aries females are some of the most bright and energetic women you will meet! Aries is a cardinal masculine sign, and the females of this sign have a more tomboyish, sporty style to them. These women are guys girls, and they get along with males more than women of other signs do. Even tho Aries women have a tomboyish style, they are still very feminine and are hopeless romantics at heart, so dont let the t-shirts and sneakers fool you!

Here are Twelve beauty tips for Aries females to accentuate their strongest features:

1. Strength training and regular exercise

Aries women have extremely robust physical bodies, and their muscles shape and form quicker and become more defined than women of other signs. This is because Aries is a fire sign, and Aries is known to be one of the most active signs. Aries women should try and do regular strength training exercises to accentuate their physique and gain muscle definition.

2. Accentuate the eyes with red and brown toned eye shadows

These women usually have bright, innocent sparkly eyes, and their eyes are one of their strongest features! Colors like shades of red and brown suit this sign well, and it brings out the innocence in their eyes.

3. Rock that mole!

Aries women generally tend to have beauty spots or moles on their face or neck. If you are an Aries woman with one, do not get it removed, it makes you beautiful and unique!

4. Anti-aging products are beneficial but not crucially needed.

Aries women are lucky as they age slowly, so they do not need to spend thousands on anti-aging products! An Aries woman is better off focusing on getting physical exercise as opposed to worrying about aging too fast.

5. Keep it natural!

Aries women do have a natural beauty to them, and they do not look too good when applying layers of makeup and putting on too many frills. The natural look tends to suit them best. When it comes to applying makeup, less is more!

6. Red or highlighted hair

These women tend to have fair skin tones. Red hair tends to suit them really well, and additions of highlights added to their hair give that whole fiery effect!

7. Wear red clothing and lipstick

Bright red lips are something an Aries woman can rock without even trying, and red dresses and tops go along well with her skin tone and fiery energy!

8. Dark eyeliner and smoky eyes

A good way for an Aries female to draw attention to and accentuate her sparkly eyes is by wearing black eyeliner, and rocking a smoky eye! This look tends to work wonders.

9. Contour to define the strong jawline

Aries females tend to have very well defined, muscular bone structures in their faces. Learning how to contour in order to bring our their best features is a must!

10. Curly hair

The wild look of curly hair makes an Aries woman stand out! Most of them generally have wavy, curly hair. They must avoid straightening their hair as it can make their faces look dull. They must rock those curls as they accentuate all the strong features they have in their face!

11. Keep those eyebrows on fleek!

Aries women are usually blessed with thick, dark eyebrows! They must avoid overplucking or waxing them too much, as it is best to take advantage of the thickness! Full prominent eyebrows suit them very well.

12. On the go beauty aids

Fire sign women are usually very busy and on the go and do not always have time to groom! Keeping a makeup bag handy, along with some perfume, wipes, and a brush in their handbag will help them to look good all day long, regardless of where they are!

As always, us women we are blessed to have the power of beauty; however, with great power comes great responsibility, and we need to treat the resources of the earth with love, care, and responsibility! When purchasing make up, avoid glitter products as it pollutes our oceans. Try and only purchase makeup and beauty product brands that do not test on animals. These brands are known to be cruelty-free.

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