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Astrology Beauty Tips for Gemini Women

Gemini girls are fun-loving, curious, and spontaneous. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and Gemini girls love to talk! These women have keen minds that take in all the information around them, and they make for some of the best, most exciting conversation around.

1. Colour!

All the colors of the rainbow suit them very well! The more colorful they dress, the better! Gemini girls love to attract attention to them, and they love to spark curiosity in others, and what better way to do that than to wear bright, eye-catching colors?

2. Free-flowing clothing

These women have busy minds and bodies, and they love to move around. Clothing that is comfortable, flowing and airy is the best! Anything too tight and restricting can make them feel uncomfortable.

3. Perfume!

Gemini's love to leave a lasting impression on everyone. They must choose a perfume that makes a statement and wear it every day so that people think of them when they smell it!

4. Yellow and green eyeshadow

Gemini girls have sparkly, twinkly eyes, and they are one of the few signs that can pull off daring colors like yellow and green! It suits them exceptionally well. Gemini women look great with artistic makeup looks, and they are one of the rare signs that can pull off yellow eyeshadow with green lipstick!

5. Many different styles

Most women choose a style and stick to it, but not your Gemini women! These women have extremely versatile personalities and looks, and can rock pretty much any look! Corporate businesswoman? Check! Laidback bohemian? Check!

6. Lips!

Gemini women have some of the most sultry lips! Angelina Jolie is a Gemini, after all. Bold, striking lip colors like black and red looks very good on them. Lipliner is also a must, to make those lips look even fuller and juicier!

7. Long hair

Gemini women have round, cute faces. Long hairstyles suit them better as opposed to short hairstyles.

8. Smile!

Their smile is one of their most substantial assets, and their eyes also tend to sparkle when they smile. It can seem like there are literal stars in their eyes. Keeping their teeth clean and white is very important, to maintain that gorgeous smile.

9. Wear your art on our sleeve

Gemini women are very creative and artistic. Gemini is a sign of expression, and Gemini women always look very interesting when they express their creative side through their style! Most Gemini women have a unique way of dressing that suits them very well.

10. Body art!

Most Gemini women love to decorate their bodies with lovely works of art! Tattoo's look very beautiful on them if it is allowed in their culture, and it adds to their arty aura.

11. Colorful hairstyles

Colorful hairstyles look good on-air sign women, and especially Geminis! Practical, natural colors are usually best on earth signs, and Gemini girls can easily move away from the natural look, and rock daring hairstyles and colors!

12. Be as creative as possible.

Most Gemini girls arent shy to express their style. One can instantly notice a Gemini woman through her extremely expressive dress sense. Gemini's do not care for traditions, and they dont get influenced by other people's styles easily. They pretty much wear what they want to wear!

As always, us women we are blessed to have the power of beauty; however, with great power comes great responsibility, and we need to treat the resources of the earth with love, care, and responsibility! When purchasing make up, avoid glitter products as it pollutes our oceans. Try and only purchase makeup and beauty product brands that do not test on animals.

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