Astrology Beauty tips for Taurus women

Taurus women are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus symbolizes beauty, love, and harmony, and Taurus women tend to be blessed with natural beauty with a very alluring and charming aura. Taurus women love love, and they just want to give and receive love in every waking moment of their lives! Even though they are gentle, loving creatures, they have a spine of steel, and they have a take no nonsense from anyone attitude! They are emotionally and mentally stronger than many men, and they have spines of steel! These women are the definition of beauty and brains. Ruled by the element of Earth, they are incredibly down to Earth and aware of their material surroundings. Just like her sister sign, Aries, Taurus women are also tomboys at heart; however, a Taurus female does put importance to their sense of style, more than what an Aries woman does.

Here are 12 beauty tips for Taurus women to accentuate their strongest features:.

1. High-quality products and clothing

Taurus women prefer quality over quantity. Instead of having a big collection of cheap jeans, they must opt for one or two pairs of really high quality, designer denims. The same counts for makeup and beauty products. If the queen would not put it on her skin, then a Taurean shouldn't either. Taurus females place tremendous value on her body, and they have massive amounts of self-love and respect, and she wouldn't dare put anything cheap on her priceless skin! They do not mind spending money on looking and feeling good!

2. The smell of clean

These women have incredibly sensitive senses, especially the sense of smell as Taurus is the sign that rules over the five senses. Taurus girls need everything around them to smell lovely, and that includes their hair, their skin, their breath, their clothes, their feet! It is suitable for a Taurus girl always to keep a perfume bottle or spray bottle nearby, as they love to smell fresh and clean continually. You would not catch a Taurus girl dead smelling bad!

3. Blue and pink are the best colors

As Taurus women have sensitive senses, they are also sensitive to their visual surroundings aswell. Taurus girls are known to look phenomenal in almost every shade of blue. Blue also brings a calming effect to Taurus women who can, at times, have a temper of a bull! Pink is also a lovely color, as it accentuates her graceful aura. Red is a good color when used in moderation and not in excess, as red is known to cause anger in Taurus people. Just like when a bull sees red, they get aggressive!

4. Soft, well-textured clothing. (Dress for comfort)

A Taurus woman has a very sensitive sense of touch. Taurus women can feel incredibly uncomfortable in cheap clothing, or clothing with scratchy, irritating fabrics. The clothing must be clean and fresh as well. It is essential for Taurus women not to wear anything that will make them feel uncomfortable. They must try and look for clothing that is stylish yet comfortable.

5. Sleeveless tops and dresses

Taurus rules over the neck in medical astrology, and Taurus women are generally blessed with beautiful necks and shoulders. They can accentuate their necks and shoulders by wearing flattering sleeveless clothing.

6. Nude, pink, copper and flesh tones suit