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Astrology of Nikola Tesla - The Cardinal King

Nikola Tesla. I find his chart to be incredibly interesting because he has most of his planets, especially his inner planets in Cardinal signs.

In astrology, along with the four elements: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire, you also get the three modes. The three modes in astrology are the Fixed Mode, the Cardinal mode, and the Mutable mode.

Today I'm only going to focus on the Cardinal mode because that is the mode that is the most dominant in the chart of Nikola Tesla. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Cardinal energy represents initiating energy. Cardinal signs are generally the go-getters. They're generally the people that think of ideas. They think of projects, and they're the ones who start initiating these projects and get these projects going.

In essence, one can say that the Cardinal signs are the signs that are the inventors because they're the ones who come up with the ideas, and then they put their ideas into motion. The Fixed signs are hard workers. These are the ones who get down and dirty and do the hard work that needs to be done. The Mutable signs put the finishing touches onto the work, and they finalize the projects.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific inventors that had ever existed in humanity. Nikola Tesla had a brilliant mind, and he invented a lot of brilliant things. If you look at his natal chart and look at all the planets, they are mainly in the Cardinal signs. It is to no surprise that this man was as inventive as he was. From my understanding, Nikola Tesla's birth time is unknown, so we cannot pinpoint exactly what his rising sign is. The chart that is displayed here is a chart that has been calculated without having Niccola's accurate birth time. However, if you look at the planets' location and the signs that the planets are in, those are accurate. Nicola has quite a concentration of energy in the Cardinal sign Cancer. This basically means that he had an incredibly strong, profound ability to use his intuition for his inventions. A lot of the ideas that he got and a lot of ideas that he had were ideas that basically he just came to him through his intuitive understanding of life and just of the workings of life that he had.

His Mercury is in Gemini, and this indicates that he had a very bright open mind that allowed him to take in all kinds of information. He did not have a closed mind. Mercury in Gemini suggests a person who can take in everything that they experience without actually looking at it through a judgemental point of view. Through this, a person who has Mercury in Gemini can explore new ideas. They're able to explore new concepts, and they're incredibly open to this. Nicola had an incredibly versatile mind, and he had an incredibly curious mind that wanted to find out everything around him. He was incredibly curious.

Nicola has this cluster within the sign of Cancer. Then his Mercury is right on the edge of this cluster, which means that Mercury in the sign Gemini does influence the intuitive understanding that he has, which is represented by Cancer. What Nikola would do is he would take in the information around him, he would learn different topics, he would research different things so that he can figure out and learn as much as he possibly can. Because his Mercury was right next to this cluster of Cancer energy, Nikola can then take what he experienced and what he learned through his mind and then intuitively transmute it and intuitively process it within him to invent and create something. This is a very powerful aspect. Any person who has a combination like this where they have their Mercury in a Mutable sign like Gemini, which allows them to be very open and versatile to new information, right next to a cluster of planets in Cancer, will be receptive when it comes to creating things. Nikola Tesla was a Cancer, so the cardinal energy was ingrained in him quite firmly.

What's cool about Niccola's concentration of Cardinal energy is that his Cardinal energy is mainly focused within the sign of Cancer and within the sign of Libra. This basically indicates that the inventions that he will create and the things he will make will not be based on personal progression or based on selfish tendencies and needs, which would be the case if his concentration was more in Aries or Capricorn. In his case, because this concentration is within Cancer and Libra, his inventions were focused on bettering society and bettering other people and humanity as a whole.

Cancer is a very nurturing and caring sign, and because Libra is also a sign that takes into consideration the needs of others, Libra is a sign that's very, very aware of what other people need; this caused him to create inventions that would help further humanity and be beneficial to the lives of society.

Nicola also has a cluster of energy in the sign of Libra. Nicola has his Mars and his Moon in conjunction in Libra. This is a phenomenal aspect for an inventor because Libra is also a Cardinal sign where it symbolizes new things, starting new projects, and creating stuff.

He had his Moon in conjunction with his Mars, which means that whenever he had a feeling inside himself, whenever he had some kind of emotion related to something he wanted to do, he would do it immediately because he is Mars is right next to his Moon. People with their Mars, in conjunction with their Moon, can quickly take action based on their inner emotional sentiments. For example, inside themselves, they'll feel a yearning to do something, and they will do it. They will not procrastinate. They will not be lazy, and they'll go ahead and get it done. This specific aspect a very powerful aspect that Nikola had. It allowed him the driving force to get the things done that he wanted to get done. Because this conjunction was in the cardinal sign, Libra his willpower, and his force of action is very creative; it's very inventive because.

Having this concentration of energy in Libra also indicated that he was the kind of person that would consider all possibilities. He would consider all avenues and all outcomes of whatever it is that he would do. Nicola was not a man that would just blindly go into something and rush into it straight ahead and do it without thinking things through. Nicola looked at all the possibilities. He looked at all the options and thought a thing through quite a bit before proceeding with an action. All this energy in the sign of Libra and because his Mars and his Moon is there does indicate that he always made very reasonable well-thought-out decisions. He never ever procrastinated, and he always knew what it is that he needs to do.

Lastly, Nicola had his North node and his Jupiter in Aries. He had his South Node in Libra, which indicates he was a very agreeable person that avoided conflict. He hated conflict; he hated arguments, which is why Nicola could have possibly allowed people to walk all over him back then. With his South Node in Libra and with his North Node in Aries, Nicola had to learn to develop a stronger sense of self. He had to learn to develop the importance of standing up for himself and having pride within himself. With Jupiter in Aries, a cardinal sign, he had this ability to expand himself in life and progress himself in life through the focus he had on his creations and inventions.

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