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Astrology, science, religion and all that Jazz...

The fact whether astrology is real or not has sparked many debates over centuries. Astrologers and scientist each have their side to the story, and it can leave skeptics doubting the relevance of the system.

Many people confuse astrology with astronomy, which is the science of planets. Astrology was discovered by the Babylonians 2nd-millennium BC and back then astrology and astronomy were seen as the same thing. The Babylonians had a very mythological outlook on life, and they saw the movements of the planets as important messages from the Gods. Back when science and technology didn't exist, people followed many different belief systems to get some kind of meaning to life, such as religion and occult.

As we have moved away from having a mystical outlook on life, and as science has evolved, many have lost their belief and imagination in spiritual beliefs. Hundreds of years ago, religion was deemed of utmost importance and most people were forced to follow a religion and some even went to war and lost their life due to religion. As time has passed, many have turned to science and lost their belief in religion and spiritual teachings.

Just like the many religions, astrology is a belief system based mainly on faith. Most religions cannot be scientifically proven and is based on teachings passed over through thousands of years. The existence of God cannot be proven, however, faith is what keeps people believing. The same applies to Astrology, where it is not a exact science that can be proven, but more a belief system based on values, faith, and understanding.

Many who do not understand Astrology will not see the value it holds. It does take experience and a sense of understanding to apply it to your life and to see how it can work. Over thousands of years, civilizations have recognized the patterns and symbolism of the planets and the zodiac. When certain alignments occurred, certain events would take place.

Many ancient famous astrologers were highly regarded for their ability to look to the stars to predict future events for kings, and emperors.

Each sign represents a different part of who you are. Some people say that they do not relate the one sign, but they do to another, that could be because they have strong influences in that sign in their natal chart. The 12 signs represent different aspects of the human existence, and some aspects may be qualities you need to develop, and some may be qualities you already possess and don't need to pay much attention to.

Astrology is very similar to psychology, where you can identify and improve on certain behaviors and personality traits. Whether a person wants to allow the teachings of astrology to help them, or ignore it, is completely up to them. Just as how most people in modern times have the freedom to choose their religion and spirituality. Astrology is nothing but a tool towards self-improvement, and self-understanding.

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