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Cancer North Node / Capricorn South Node

Your North and South Node represents your life path and your destiny. Your South Node represents who you were in your past life and what you achieved in your past life and is responsible for a very big portion of who you are in this life.

With your South Node in Capricorn, it means for a considerable portion of this life, as well as your past life, you were, and you're going to be an incredibly hard-working person. You want to be successful. You want to make lots of money. You probably want to become famous or not necessarily famous but very well known for what you do. You want to climb that ladder, and you want to reach the top. You want to make lots of money, and you want people to look at you and be like, damn, this person made it. This person is big. You're also very willing to do whatever it takes. You will put whatever effort in that you need to so that you can become successful.

You don't mind serving other people, and you don't mind putting the work in that's required. You also don't mind being at service to the world and to other people. You will work hard as long as it means you get your reward or your recognition or your money at the end of the day. You want to build somewhat of a structure or a foundation in life for yourself. You want to create an empire for yourself. You do not want to lean towards the more emotional side of life. You do not want to get lost in the emotions of life. You want to become rich. you want to become successful

You know that you are a very emotional person, and you fear that your emotions will be your detriment in life towards you becoming successful. In this life, becoming successful and becoming well-known and having lots of money, and reaching the top of the ladder is not what you need to achieve. Even though you have this constant urge to be successful in the back of your mind and to be rich, it's not what you need to do in this life. In your past life, you were already successful. You were already rich. You already reached the top of that career ladder. You achieved all the professional achievements that you wanted to accomplish in your past life. Because your north node is in Cancer, you need to learn to not care that much about money and not care that much about social status and about where you're at in life and how other people see you, and you need to pay attention to the emotional side of life.

Whereas in your past life and for a considerable portion of your young life you ignored your emotions. You will ignore your emotional needs and what your wants are in terms of your feelings. You'll also ignore others' emotions so that you can become successful and so that you can make money. In your pursuit to make money, let's say you're feeling horrible emotionally. You are in a horrible emotional space, but you'll suppress that. You'll pretend it's not happening, and you'll keep pushing through so that you can do a good job. But the thing is, in this life, you need to stop doing this, and you need to actually start listening to your emotions. If a side inside yourself is saying ignore what you're feeling and just make money forget what you're feeling and just become successful, that is the wrong thing to be doing in this life. This life has been given to you as an opportunity to pay attention to your emotions to get to know your feelings, and to become a more emotionally responsive and receptive person. You have not been put in this life to become wealthy and successful even though that is what you want; it's not why you're here. A history of past lives where you neglected your emotions has led you to a life where you need to face your inner nature once and for all.

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