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Common Zodiac Sign Stereotypes DEBUNKED

1. Aries

The misconception regarding Aries is that they are very aggressive, pushy and they're very hot-headed. Aries people are very laid back and very chilled, they are just very quickly angered. When dealing with stupid people, for example, or dealing with foolish situations, they can lose their cool very quickly. People also think that Aries people are incredibly impatient. However, Aries people can be very patient, but others push them to become restless and impatient.

Another misconception of Aries is that they are very active and that they are very sporty. I have met many Aries people who do not exercise and are actually lazy and not sporty whatsoever.

The last misconception about Aries is that they are fiercely independent. Aries people are very independent, and they are very capable of doing things on their own. However, Aries people are just as capable as everybody else to be in a long-term functioning relationship and to be happy in that relationship.

2. Taurus

The Taurus stereotype is that they are self-centered, greedy, and they love to eat. The reason why Taurus is viewed as self-centered is that Taurus people out of all the signs tend to love themselves more. Taurus people are very aware of themselves. They're very aware of their flaws, and they're also very aware of their strengths, however, because Venus rules Taurus people, they prefer to only focus on their strengths as opposed to where other signs focus on their own weaknesses. A Taurus person will not really show you their weaknesses because that is not what they're focusing on. They're trying to focus on the positive thing, which is their strengths. This can come across as selfish to some people, but it is not the case. From my experience, Taurus people are incredibly selfless when it comes to the people they love and will do anything for the people they love.

Another misconception about Taurus is that they love money and material things and are incredibly materialistic. You do need to bear in mind that Taurus is actually one of the most hardworking signs in the zodiac. Taurus is an earth sign, and Taurus will do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done because Taurus is so dedicated to what they do. They get rewards and get praised for what they do because they do a lot, and because they get these rewards for what they do, they spoil themselves because of the hard work they've done.

A Taurus person is incredibly aware of how much work, how much time and effort they've put into what it is that they have. The reason they're so indulgent, the reason they can come across as greedy and the reason Taurus people like to eat nice things, which is another stereotype, is because they've worked hard for those things, and they deserve to enjoy it. If you went through everything that a Taurus had to go through to get what they have, you would be quite proud and boastful.

3. Gemini

A common misconception about Gemini is that they are two-faced and that they cannot be trusted. Gemini is the sign of communication, and Gemini represents taking a particular bit of information and spreading it. The thing is Gemini's aren't in essence, two-faced. It is just in a Gemini's nature to spread information. If you don't want your information to be spread around, then rather don't tell it to a Gemini because that is what they inherently do. Because Gemini is symbolized by the twins, they have a dual nature. This means that a Gemini can take in information from one avenue and see it as the truth, and the Gemini is also able to take in information from another avenue and see that as the truth as well. Gemini does not necessarily like to stick to only one truth; that is why a Gemini will believe many different things. Because of this, it can seem like a Gemini is siding with another person. However, that is not the case. What the Gemini is just doing is listening to that person's story so that they can gain both perspectives about what happened. Geminis are not two-faced, Gemini's just prefer to gain all the information and all the facts regarding what's happening.

A lot of people also say that Geminis are fake; however, Geminis are not fake at all and this. It is in a Gemini's inherent personality to look at other people and look at the physical features of that person, look at the style and mode of expression of that person, and find traits in that person they like and adopt it as their own. Gemini is a dual sign. Gemini is a sign that does not have a set face. Gemini has many faces, and the face that they put on and the style and the demeanor they put on is adopted by their experiences with other people. Gemini identifies the things that they like in other people, and they adopt it as their own. This does not make them fake; this just makes them the kind of people that shape their identity around what they experience through others.

4. Cancer

The misconception about Cancer is that they are incredibly emotional and are the cry babies of the zodiac. People also think that Cancers are weak. This cannot be further from the truth, and Cancers are some of the strongest people out there. The reason for this is because Cancer has a very receptive heart. They have a very open heart, and Cancers emotionally connect with whatever it is they do. Cancers experience life through their emotions. Cancers are, in essence, a sponge. They take in everything that's around them. Now you can imagine if you had this incredibly open, receptive nature where you experience everything through your emotions, yet you take in all these experiences and all these emotions of other people as well; it can become damn overwhelming! Imagine experiencing all those things inside yourself all the time. You're experiencing your own emotions; you're experiencing other people's emotions. It's exhausting! Cancer people are in essence, exhausted from being exposed to all these emotions around them all the time. That's why they come across as crabby. That's why they come across as emotional.

Majority of the other signs (excluding the water signs of course) cannot handle and cannot go through the things that a Cancer and the water signs will go through. Cancers and the water signs are very strong inside themselves because they have to learn to work through this crazy complex internal world that they have and put on a happy face and get through each day. That is why I believe that the misconception that Cancers are the cry babies and Cancers are weak is wrong. Yes, Cancers are emotional, but cancers are actually some of the strongest people out there that you will meet.

5. Leo

The misconception about Leo is that they are arrogant and incredibly self-absorbed. People think that Leos are vain and that Leos are selfish however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Just like Taurus, Leo knows their worth. Leo is a very confident sign, and Leo is aware of everything they have inside themselves that is good, and that is powerful. Leo knows the positive effect that they can have on the lives of the people around them. Leo is actually an incredibly devoted loyal sign, and Leo actually puts other people before themselves, that is why the concept that Leo is selfish does not make sense to me whatsoever. The only thing about Leo is that they are damn fabulous! Leos are amazing. Leos have this warm energy, and they just warm you up, and they warm up an entire room whenever they enter it. Leo knows how awesome they are and how much the people in their lives love them and appreciate them.

Leos have very little weaknesses within themselves, and this can make them seem like they're vain. It can make them look like they're selfish however, this is not the case. From my experience Leo's will actually do more for the people they love than any other sign. If you have experienced Leo's love, you will know that this is one of the most selfless signs out there.

Leo wants to take the beauty they have within themselves, and they want to put it into you. Leo can recognize the potential in others, they can identify the good in others, and they want to help people pursue that. What they will do a lot of the time is they'll point out the good in them to make you aware of the good in you. However, it's not a selfish thing whatsoever. It basically just means that they're trying to get you to see your own strengths like what they see their own strengths.

6. Virgo

Virgo's misconception is that they're highly strung and that they're incredibly critical, and that they're perfectionists. The reason why Virgo comes across this way is that Virgos are very observant. They're hyper-observant, and they're observing the things that other people aren't seeing. Virgos are very often aware of things that need to be done that other people don't think of or that other people just don't bother with. People put lots of responsibilities onto Virgos. Virgos are the ones that people always go to and ask for help. People always go to Virgos and ask them for assistance. They come across as highly strung and critical because they can see how other people need to work harder. They can see how other people need to put more effort in, but they don't, then these people go to the Virgos and ask the Virgos for help and ask the Virgos for assistance where they never even tried themselves. They're just relying on the Virgo for help, and they're just expecting the Virgo to do it. You can think to yourself if you're going to constantly have people asking you for help and asking you to help them and these people can't help themselves they're pretty much unable to help themselves, and they're just relying on you to help you all the time, you will become damn irritated and critical. The reason why Virgo comes across as highly strung and critical is that people are continually putting all these pressures onto them.

Virgos are actually just trying to help you by being critical. They're trying to make you aware of a weakness within you so that you can become stronger so that you can work on it. Unlike Leo that makes you aware of your strengths, Virgo makes you aware of your weaknesses, and when they make you aware of the weaknesses, it can seem that they're critical however all they are doing through this is just trying to help improve who you are through bringing awareness to you about your weaknesses so you can improve on it. If nobody ever told you what's wrong with you or if nobody ever said that something is wrong, would there ever be a change? No, so Virgos know that in order to change something, you need to be aware of that something and sometimes becoming aware of it can be a little bit difficult for some people because they don't like to hear the truth however, Virgo knows that the truth is what will save people at the end.

7. Libra

Libra's common misconception is that they are a pushover, and the other misconception is that they always need to have a partner or always need to have a person with them to be happy. Now the reason this is a misconception is that Libra is the sign of partnerships. Libra is the sign that represents interacting with others in a harmonious, peaceful, loving way. It is in Libra's inherent nature to be cooperative in their interactions with people. Libras despise arguments. They despise conflict. A Libra is a person who just wants to live life in this very happy, peaceful, pure existence.

The reason Libras seem like pushovers to some is that Libras are willing to do whatever it takes. They're willing to go out of their way to make the people they care about happy. The reason for this is because Libras do not want to argue. They do not want conflict, and they want to make the people they love feel special. A Libra can say no, and a Libra can stand up for themselves when they need to; however, when they care about a person, they will do whatever it takes to make that person happy, even if it means backing down because Libra is the sign of partnerships. This is why it can seem like they are a pushover, but they're not. If you push them far enough, you can see that they will stand up for themselves just as well as any other sign can. They don't stand up for themselves, though, because they prefer to give other people the benefit of the doubt and prefer to make other people feel happy and good. Libra is actually an incredible sign because a libra will instead let themselves feel unhappy. They'll rather let themselves feel upset and hurt than make you feel upset and hurt.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are known to be quite intense, overly sexual, and possessive. Scorpio represents unseen things, so that is things such as soul to soul connections and death. Now the thing is with Scorpios they have the ability to see things that other people can't see. I know that sounds crazy, but they can. For example, let's say you're dating a Scorpio, and the Scorpio gets angry at you for talking to another person. The reason the Scorpio reacts this way is that you might not be aware of it, but you might be talking to this person, and you think oh this person's just friendly, this person just wants to be friends. This person just wants to talk about whatever, but the Scorpio, who is aware of the darker elements of human nature and can see straight through this. They can see straight through that interaction. Scorpio can see that this person you're talking to is only talking to you because they want something from you or want to benefit from this interaction.

Scorpios have this ability to really see the truth in any situation. Scorpios can see the truth that other people can't see. This is why they come across as possessive. This is why they come across as protective. Scorpios know what other people's intentions are, and when other people have bad intentions, they will stand up for the people they love, and they'll protect the people they love from those people with bad intentions.

It's tricky for people to comprehend this because you might not be aware of the intentions of this other person. You might not be aware of what's going to end up happening, but the Scorpio is. It can come across to you like the Scorpios is being a bit obsessive or intense, but in essence, the Scorpio has just seen things that your mere mortal mind just cannot comprehend and due to that the Scorpio has to come in and protect you from the pain that you would experience because you are blinded. Scorpios are not blind. They can see things for what they are. Other people don't get this because they cannot see things as deeply as what a Scorpio can. Scorpios actually aren't always possessive, but one thing I can say is Scorpios are protective. If you have a Scorpio protecting you and caring about you, you're damn lucky.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is misconceived as the eternal optimist. People think that Sagittarians are these happy-go-lucky, generous people who just go around spreading fairy dust and making everybody happy. This is very far from the truth. Sagittarians experience heartbreak, Sagittarians experience depression and despair just as much as what everybody else does. The only thing about Sagittarius is they just prefer to focus on the good. A Sagittarius is a person who does not want to bring other people down by what they are going through. Sagittarius is one of the rare signs that will have a smile on their face and will make you feel good about yourself even though they are broken inside themselves. People can be very hard on Sagittarians as well because people think that Sagittarians do not feel pain and that they do not get upset because they're always so happy, but the thing is Sagittarians do not want to bog other people down with their problems or with their upsets. Sagittarius is very aware of how they can affect other people with their moods, and they just prefer to spread positivity. They prefer to make other people happy. They want to make other people feel good as opposed to making people feel bad. The reason this is a misconception is that Sagittarians aren't always happy. They do experience upsets. They do experience sadness, but they will not let it affect you. They will deal with it on their own.

10. Capricorn

People believe that Capricorns are all work and no play. One thing I can say is that Capricorns are party animals! This misconception cannot be further from the truth. Most of the Capricorns I know love to party. They actually party too much! The thing about Capricorn is that they will not give up their responsibility to party. A Capricorn knows exactly how to separate work from play. The reason this misconception started was because the majority of the people only experience the Capricorn in the workplace, and when a Capricorn is in their workplace, they are all work. They only focus on work, and they're getting their duty done. They're there to complete a job, they're there to complete a task, and that is what they will do.

They will not get distracted by anything, and they will not play around when they are at work. If you experience this side of a Capricorn, they'll come across as incredibly serious and will come across as incredibly hard-working and highly strung and like they don't ever have fun. When the Capricorn leaves that job when they leave the office for the weekend, do you have another thing coming! When Capricorn is in their play mode, they cannot be bothered with work. They cannot be phased with work and they are entirely within that play mode.

Capricorn has this inherent ability to completely separate work from play. They do not mix the two. Work and play are always separate to them. Capricorns can play just as hard as all the other signs, but all the other signs probably can't work as hard as Capricorn can because they know how to work hard. They also know how to play hard as well.

11. Aquarius

People believe that Aquarians are heartless, and Aquarians are cold and emotionless. The reason for this is because Aquarius has a very high level of awareness. Their level of awareness is so high that they can see through a lot of things, just like what Scorpio can in a sense. Instead of applying their emotions to what it is that they see and what it is that they experience, Aquarius applies their logic and their practical thinking. Aquarius can analyze a person and a situation logically. Due to this, they do not involve their emotions with what they're dealing with or who they're dealing with.

Aquarians are actually incredibly selective when it comes to who they show their emotions to. The reason for this is because with their logical minds, they'll tell themselves that a person's not worthy or things will go bad if they get involved with a person. Their rational mind stops them from getting involved with people or just with specific situations because they can preempt how it's going to go wrong. They can preempt how it's going to fail. They're so logical that they can almost like to see into the future, and they can see if they open up to you now it isn't going to work a few months down the line. So they just don't open up to you at all. That's the mentality they have. An Aquarius will only really show their emotional side and open up to a person who they have logically analyzed, and they have concluded that they can open up to this person and that it will work out. Due to this, they do not open up to anyone, and because they don't just open up to anyone they can come across as cold, they can come across as heartless. However, Aquarians are able to love more profoundly than most signs can. What makes the aquarian love so profound is that the Aquarius will only love you. They'll only choose you. An Aquarius is very selective with their love, and that's what makes it so profound and so special.

12. Pisces

People believe that Pisces are these incredibly sweet kind, and caring people; however, that's not always true. I have met many Pisces people who aren't very sweet, gentle, and caring, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Pisces is a sign that represents illusions. Pisces represents seeing things for what they aren't really. Pisces has a very good ability to

show you what it is you want to see. Pisces know that they have to be kind to you to get a good response out of the interaction so they will be kind to you, but just watch a Pisces when you put them in a situation where they're under pressure. You will see that they're not this nice, sweet innocent creature that you imagine them to be.

A Pisces person has just as many dark evil thoughts as what everybody else does. However, Pisces just knows exactly how to hide these dark evil thoughts and to only show their good side. Pisces is a very confusing sign because, as I said, it's a sign that's all about illusion, so you're not sure what's going on. You're not sure what you're seeing and what's happening. With Pisceans, they can be people with really bad intentions. They can have selfish motivations; however, they come across to be really nice friendly people. On the other hand, you can have Pisceans that have good intentions, and they have really good motivations, but then they come across as these really confused, lost people. With Pisces, it's always never as it seems.