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Gemini & Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Gemini are both signs that represent knowledge and information; however, both of these signs represent knowledge and information in a completely different way. Gemini is represented by the twins, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication; therefore, a Gemini will interact with numerous people and gain information from these people. A Gemini will take little bits of information from every interaction that they have, and then they will formulate their own truth according to the knowledge that they've gained from others. Gemini communicates with another person and gains the knowledge and information from them, then they apply it onto themselves and use that knowledge and information further on in life. The main focus of Gemini is gaining information from others. That is why Gemini is a very social sign. Another point to mention about Gemini is that they take in lots of different kinds of information, therefore Gemini is not a sign that solely focuses on one topic and masters that topic. Gemini's will instead take in a whole bunch of data from all the avenues that they can and then have little bits of knowledge of every single topic. That's why one can say that Gemini's are Jack's of all trades, but masters of none. However, this does not mean that Gemini's aren't very good at what they do; it just means the Gemini's are a lot more versatile, and they are somewhat like an encyclopedia where they have little bits of information about everything. Sagittarius is also a sign of information and knowledge; however, Sagittarius goes about getting their information and expertise through their personal experiences. Sagittarius is an incredibly skeptical sign, a Sagittarius is not like a Gemini where they will listen to something that somebody tells them and believe it. Sagittarians actually don't believe things that other people tell them straight off the bat without doing their own research. Sagittarius is also a sign of gathering information, but they don't collect their data by communicating with other people. Sagittarians gather their information through actual life experience. Sagittarians know that information can be deluded and that it can be changed and warped when it is dealt with by people. When you receive information from people, a Sagittarius knows that a truth that you might hear from one person might not be the full truth. Due to this, Sagittarius are very different when it comes to Gemini, and when it comes to how they process their information and take in their knowledge. They will not take anything at face value; they will go and find out the truth for themselves. Whether finding the truth involves them studying the topic, reading about the subject, traveling, and experiencing the specific topic, whatever the case may be. The main differences between Gemini and Sagittarius are that Gemini receives their information from other people. In contrast, Sagittarius gets their knowledge through their own experiences in life and through actually trying to find the truth. Gemini will take something that somebody tells them as the truth, whereas the Sagittarius will go out and discover the truth for themselves.

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