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How Aries Can Live A Healthy, Happy Life

Aries natives are known as go-getters, the project starters, the warriors, and hot-headed people who focus their minds on a goal and will do anything to achieve it. Aries is a fire sign, and due to this, they have high energy levels. But, unfortunately, they expel their energy rapidly by working on their projects and motivating those around them to pursue their dreams and goals. As a result, they often find themselves severely drained as they do not know how to contain and control this large amount of energy within them.

Aries individuals change their minds fast, and they might not be keen to do something they might've wanted to do yesterday. It is essential for Aries always to be busy, as Aries is the sign of action; they find it challenging to sit still for long periods. It is very easy for Aries to get overly excited and passionate about something, and breaking their dedication toward their passion is almost impossible. Please do not make an Aries wait or delay anything in their life, or you will be met with fury and anger. An Aries always needs to be in charge; even if others might know better, they will ensure that they assert dominance over any situation.

Aries natives naturally get along with Scorpios. You can often find Aries and Scorpio teaming up, as they are both ruled by Mars, they have many similarities in their natures. When Aries is wearing red, you know they are about to set out to achieve something, win something, or get something they are after. Aries is one of the most honest and truthful signs in the zodiac, and you will rarely find an Aries trying to deceive you or mislead you. Aries can be so intimidating and powerful that few other people will attempt to stand in their way or get into a fight or argument with them.

Important things Aries should know

  • Aries individuals love sports, but they need to wear protective gear as they can sustain more injuries than most other signs.

  • A peaceful, calming inner state makes Aries feel uneasy, and they need to feel passionate, energized, and determined to feel happy and content.

  • Being so accident-prone, Aries must have household and motor insurance, as things can often go wrong and cost them tons of money.

  • Aries natives can have problems with their nerves and stress, and even though they seem cool, calm, and collected, they are anxious to succeed and do better all the time, which causes them to create tension for themselves.

  • Aries people do not talk about their problems, and they need additional love, care, and encouragement to open up about what is in their hearts.

  • Aries individuals are often viewed as selfish, but they need to put themselves first to have the necessary resources to help other people.

The Aries Child

  • Aries children are not negatively affected by noise, and you will likely find an Aries falling asleep to loud music quite quickly. If an Aries child is struggling to sleep, put some music on for them.

  • Aries children need a lot of attention and can develop negative behavior patterns when left alone for too long, too often.

  • It is crucial to find healthy ways for an Aries child to express their emotions, or they can have temper tantrums and outbursts at inappropriate times.

  • Aries children will often avoid responsibility and chores. If they are allowed to, this will continue into their adult life, which is why it is crucial to create a sense of discipline with an Aries child at a young age before it is too late.

  • Young Aries natives will do all they can to avoid effort and hard work, and it is important to have a firm hand over them, or they will carry this mentality into adulthood.

  • Aries children can easily catch bugs. When they are around another person with a contagious illness, you can be guaranteed that Aries will likely get ill as well.

  • Aries teenagers are always living in the moment and do not think about their health and wellbeing, which is why someone in their life must help them stay healthy and stop them from making choices that can be detrimental to their health.

Aries health concerns

  • Aries rules over the head, the brain, and the face and can often experience problems in these areas. Headaches, eyestrain, weak eyesight, skin problems on the face are all reasonably common in Aries.

  • Aries natives are highly sensitive to the sun and must always wear sunscreen or avoid being in the sun for too long, or they can damage their skin.

  • Many Aries natives or people with strong first house placements in their natal chart can have a mole on their face and, if not cared for properly, can turn cancerous in later years.

  • Aries often suffers from stress and anxiety, and therapies and methods to lessen this are essential, or Aries can have a stroke or heart attack in their later years.

  • Insomnia often plagues Aries individuals, usually caused by racing thoughts about personal concerns and high energy levels.

  • Alcohol is best avoided, as this can create issues with the stomach and kidneys in Aries individuals.

  • Aries individuals need to find ways to rest and recoup, as many of their health concerns stem from always being on the go and exerting way too much energy.

  • Aries natives do not eat often, as they run on nervous energy, so they must establish a consistent eating schedule to receive sufficient nutrients.

Cures for Aries

Many of Aries's ailments stem from bottling up their true feelings. Therefore if they can find healthy ways to express themselves without being met with negative repercussions, many of their conditions will vanish.

  • Regular eye tests are essential, as not wearing correct spectacles can lead to additional eye strain and headaches.

  • Eating as often as possible is vital to keep blood sugar levels steady.

  • Going for an allergy test and finding out which foods they are intolerant to is essential, as certain foods can worsen specific health problems if they keep eating them.

  • Getting as much fresh air as possible is essential, and avoiding taking too much medication is vital as the Aries system is susceptible to artificial chemicals.

  • When Aries suffers from a headache, it is a sign that they are stressed, so instead of medicating themselves, they must find a way to lessen their stress levels.

  • Adding a few drops of lavender oil to a bath can help reduce stress levels, insomnia, and tension headaches.

  • Aries natives need to allow themselves more time to rest and find ways to be happy and content with resting.

  • Aries individuals must avoid too much coffee, as it spikes their energy levels. They do not need more energy as they are already so energized!

Best foods for Aries to eat

  • Tomatoes are a source of potassium phosphate, a cell salt many Aries natives can have a deficiency in

  • Dandelions and celery are great for increasing potassium levels.

  • Lemons aid brain operation and help with mental alertness and stress levels

  • Protein is vital as Aries burn through a lot of energy. If they do not eat enough protein, they can experience muscle weakness.

Other beneficial foods:

  • Grapefruit

  • Parsnip

  • Apples

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