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How The Moon Cycles Affect Females

The Moon. We all know it as this mysterious bright object in our night sky, but did you know that the Moon has a much more significant impact on you than you thought?

The Sun and The Moon

In astrology, the two most critical solar bodies are the sun and the Moon. The sun is representative of our ego and our identity. The sun represents the side of ourselves that we cannot change, which is the natural side of ourselves. On the other hand, the Moon represents a more hidden side of ourselves: our emotions. The sun represents male energy and rules the masculine. The Moon represents female energy and leads the feminine.

The sun comes out in the day, making a big impression on everything it shines upon. It is bright, powerful, and warm, and many times, the sun cannot be ignored due to its sheer heat and effect on us. The sun represents the side of ourselves that we cannot deny and cannot suppress. It is the side of ourselves that impacts everything, and it is what is vibrantly displayed to the world around us. It is our driving force. Our motivation. Our focus and our energy.

The Moon, on the other hand, comes out at night. The Moon does not have such a dramatic effect, and it differs in its cycles. You cannot see the Moon in the sky during the new Moon, and it is like it does not even exist. As the Moon progresses towards the full Moon, it becomes brighter, and then you can start to notice its presence more and more as it illuminates and brings light to the night sky. The Moon has a very subtle effect on life on earth. Its influence might not be as noticeable as the sun, but it is still essential. The Moon works behind the scenes.

Symbolically the Moon governs the side of ourselves that is not seen by others and sometimes not even by ourselves. The Moon rules over our subconscious side of ourselves, as well as our inner emotional world. The Moon affects all humans, both male and female, as well as animal species. Females have a natural connection to the Moon that is more secure than males have. This is because the moon harbors purely feminine energy, connecting the Moon with all-female beings on earth. The cycles of the Moon are representative of different emotional states we experience throughout the month.

Cycles of The Moon

The Moon moves through the zodiac at a 28-day cycle staying around two and a half days in a sign. In astrology, as the Moon progresses through the sky, it makes certain aspects to your natal Moon, and this cycle and the aspects it creates to your natal Moon is representative of your unique monthly emotional cycle. Females experience these cycles more profoundly, and females are more in tune with their emotions, which allows them to experience the Moon's emotional cycles effectively.

Are you having a bad day? It could be that the Moon is perhaps making a square or an opposition to your natal Moon. Maybe a few days later, you feel on top of the world when the Moon makes a trine or a sextile to your natal Moon. Males also experience these emotional cycles; however, as males are not naturally as in tune and connected to their emotions, they have lost the secure connection to the moon cycles that females still possess. Females also hold a stronger connection to the Moon as the Moon regulates and manages their monthly fertility cycle. A female monthly fertility cycle is based on a 28-day cycle, the same as the Moon. The cycle begins when the lining of the uterus is shed, and the process of menstruation starts. The start of this cycle is usually and should be in alignment with the new Moon.

During the new Moon and the start of the fertility cycle, women become more introverted, quiet, withdrawn, and have less energy. Women must rest and take it easy and be alone during this time, as this is when a woman is extremely vulnerable and weak both physically and emotionally. I find it incredibly wrong that women are forced to work when they start their menstrual cycle. Western societies have evolved according to male energy with minimal regard put onto the needs of females. When many females get their period, they experience extreme cramps and discomfort. It is incredibly unfair to expect a woman to work and hide the fact that she is in pain in our modern society.

In some countries such as China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Korea, females get menstrual leave. This means if a woman experiences discomfort during her menstrual cycle, she is allowed to take the day off to rest. Our western society has not evolved to this point, and we can only hope and pray that it will. Forcing a woman to engage in a public setting and work hard during her menstrual cycle is extremely cruel and inconsiderate towards what women go through. Being forced to work when you need to rest is something most women will most likely go through every month, which has a disastrous effect on their emotional health over time. As women deny the needs of their bodies and emotions, they lose their connection to the Moon and the connection to their own emotions.

The Moon and our emotions

A woman functions in an emotionally intuitive state, meaning that what she needs comes to her in ways when she needs it. If she denies her needs, she is, in essence, destroying her emotional state. This is why many women become cold, bitter, grumpy, angry, and cynical as they age because they cannot live within a natural state of being. This is also why women age much faster than they should be aging. A natural state of being for a woman is when she is allowed to listen to and do as her emotions intuitively guide her to do. When a woman is forced to work, perform and ignore her needs, she suppresses this side all the more.

Women who are connected and in tune with their emotions will always start their fertility cycles when the new Moon occurs. This is the natural law of nature, and this is how it is made to occur naturally. Over time as women have lost their connection to their own emotions and nature, this cycle has gone haywire. Many women do not begin their cycles around the New Moon, and some may start days or weeks later, even around the Full Moon. When this happens, it is a sign that a woman is disconnected from the natural cycles of nature and ignores and suppresses her emotional and physical needs. You may find that some months your menstrual cycle will be in tune with the New Moon, yet maybe the next month you experience a more emotionally stressful month, and then your cycle does not align with a new moon. Even a brief encounter with negative emotions and experiences can push your cycle out of order, which is why it is essential to remain aware of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and to listen to them, and work to fulfill them.

Menstrual cycles and our emotions

You will know what your needs are if you listen to your inner voice. To me, as a woman, I use the moon cycles and how my body reacts to them as a guide to how connected I am with myself. When I do not align with the moon cycles, I realize that something in me is not in alignment, and I turn inward to work on it before it spirals out of control. The golden rule is that you need to sync up with the New Moon. If you do not, you need to be more gentle and caring on yourself and not let the world drain you. Slowing down and spending time in nature is a beautiful way to reconnect yourself with the lunar cycles.

Periods are seen as a dirty, negative thing in modern society. I'll have you know that men created this perception. Men are the ones who have deemed periods as something to be ashamed of, and men are the ones who force women to suppress the fact that they have periods and that it affects them. The reason for this is very complicated. In brief, society has evolved to a point where men seek to exploit females for their feminine energy and to, in essence, destroy the feminine spirits. Many men feel intimidated by what women can do. Women are life bringers. We possess many qualities that men don't, and over time men seek to destroy the feminine spirit. A period is a symbol of fertility, and it represents the ability to give life and is purely feminine. This has been warped into something shameful merely because men do not possess this powerful ability and energy themselves. It is a typical case of jealousy makes you nasty. If your period blood puts off a man, it is a sign that he is, in essence, suppressing a vital part of your feminine spirit.

A man who loves and appreciates a woman for everything that she is is a true man, and he will not suppress a crucial part of your femininity, which is your period. Men who are grossed out by periods are men who are unable to handle the power of the feminine spirit, and they are the ones who try to suppress it. Men who do not react negatively to periods and support women when they go through it are the men who realize and admire the feminine spirit's power and want to nurture and protect it. In essence, men who see periods as shameful expect women to deny and suppress a critical side of their femininity and be ashamed by it.

It is unfair to expect a person to be ashamed of something that is part of who they are. That is one of the worst things a man can do, and if you know a man who has this attitude towards you, I advise that you set the record straight with him. A critical thing to bear in mind is that females function according to these lunar cycles, and men do not so much. Men say women are crazy, but they are consistently experiencing different states of emotions based on their ovulation cycle, which is something men do not go through. Men can function in one continuous state of being. They're always productive, always efficient, and they rarely experience lows. Men expect women to perform in the same way in our modern society, mainly due to unawareness and lack of knowledge of female energy, how it works, and the female cycle.

The link between the fertility cycle and emotions

Modern-day society puts minimal emphasis on spiritual and emotional needs and focuses on profits. It is considered more acceptable to ignore your emotions and your body's needs for the sake of profits and less acceptable to listen to your emotional and physical needs and disregard profits and financial growth. Being in touch with your emotions is seen as a weakness, and women who ignore their emotions are seen as strong. If a female is in tune with the Moon's natural cycles and her own emotional needs, then during the Full Moon, she will experience the highest level of fertility. This is when a woman is in a vibrant, energetic, and confident mood. This is when she is ready to tackle all of life's challenges, and she has all the energy she needs to accomplish everything she wants to. During the highest fertility point, which usually happens during the Full Moon, a woman should not need to be alone and remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of life. This is when her energy is at its highest.

When the Moon approaches the New Moon phase, this energy that she has subsides, and it is time to retreat more inward. If a woman follows these natural cycles, her emotions and body will be much more healthy and stable. I also need to mention the disastrous effects of birth control and contraceptives on the natural female cycle. I do understand that these things are very needed in our society, and I do not deny the importance of these things; however, I do need to address the negative spiritual and emotional impact these things have on females. As I've mentioned, a woman is in tune with the Moon's cycle, which regulates her fertility and emotional states. When a woman takes a birth control pill, she forces her body into a specific cycle that might not be in alignment with the natural cycle. This means, for example, that she might start her period on the full Moon. If this happens, she is meant to be on a level where she is productive, performing succeeding manifesting, but she isn't. She has warped her natural cycle, and she is now low in energy, lacking motivation at the time when she would have been able to accomplish so much. On the other hand, if her cycle is mixed up and she experiences her highest fertility during the New Moon when she is meant to be resting and taking things easy, she will get frustrated because she will work extremely hard and do everything within her power, however, because it is not the right time all her efforts are in vain. This eventually leads to a woman who lives a life entirely out of alignment with herself and the natural cycles of nature, and it can lead to disastrous emotional and physical effects.

On the other hand, you get contraceptives that completely eliminate a woman's cycle for months. This option is the worst out of the two, as this causes a woman to have no natural connection to herself, her body, and her emotions whatsoever. She does not experience a cycle of cleansing, a cycle of renewal, a cycle of heightened fertility, and a decline. She is stuck in one state, and she cannot allow nature to help her process what is happening within her naturally. This can lead to extremely disastrous consequences. In many cases, it can destroy a woman's fertility cycle over time, leading her to remain stagnant in one emotional state and never reach a state of fertility. Messing with your body in this way is one of the worst things a woman can do to her overall well-being; however, most women aren't even aware of this.

I do pray for a world in the future where women will be allowed to live life according to their natural cycles and rhythms and where they do not have to suppress themselves and their emotions at the cost of society. If you are a woman, I hope that what I spoke about here helps to bring you some awareness about yourself and your spirituality, and your connection to the cycles of the Moon.

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