How the Neptune - Uranus conjunction generation of the '90s is affecting the world now

Back in 1990 - 1996 there was a rare Uranus- Neptune conjunction in Capricorn that only happens every 170- 172 years that gave birth to a generation of spiritual influencers who make use of technology, internet, and the media to raise consciousness in this world.

Uranus represents forgotten unconscious knowledge that gets unlocked at certain times and with certain transits. Neptune represents coming to know spiritual knowledge and applying it to oneself and life.

The conjunction started to get closer around 1990, and it ended around 1996. Anyone born between these years will have Uranus conjunct Neptune in their natal chart within a 5-degree orb.

Many would say that this conjunction would’ve caused crazy world events to happen, however, Neptune -Uranus conjunction works more on an inner capacity for the human, as exposed to in the external work. Meaning, that society as a whole would experience a shift in their consciousness and overall perception. After this conjunction, there has been a slow opening up of the eyes of humanity, and when the Uranus- Neptune conjunction natives come of age, which is now, they will start to open the eyes of humanity toward the more spiritual aspects of life, through the use of technology. Uranus is the harbor of change, and Neptune is the spiritual planet, so this aspect influences major changes in people’s spiritual understanding, especially in relation to the current structures and traditions.

The internet and how the internet spreads information to everyone is a sure manifestation of the Uranus - Neptune conjunction. During and after this conjunction is when the internet really started to take off. People born in this generation make use of the internet to create public awareness. This generation will bring an end to the ignorance of political and social issues out there and makes people aware of it.

This conjunction has recently been woken up by the transit of Pluto through Capricorn in 2017, 2018 and then by Saturn in 2019. These outer planets conjunctions “activated” the powers of the Neptune -Uranus generation, and from 2017 onward, you can really see these natives coming forward and making changes.

Saturn signifies limitations and structures, and Pluto is known as the destroyer. Uranus is an unconventional and rebellious planet, and Neptune is the spiritual planet. The 1990-1996 generation is now breaking down the old limitations and structures that society has created through their rebellious, completely unorthodox way of being. This generation is now breaking down the more “conservative” way of seeing things, and they are making the world more and more aware of stepping outside the box, and also about spiritual awareness.

The individuals born with the Neptune - Uranus conjunction have the following traits that make them unique and stand out:

  • They have a unique and fresh approach to spirituality, religion, and morals.

  • They possess freedom of expression through the internet, and most of them say their say without any fear

  • They live life without being limited by the restrictions of their family traditions, religion or cultures. Many of them will move away from their families if their families are too traditional.

  • They do not allow themselves to be boxed in by society's standards

  • -They have extremely creative imaginations

  • -They possess creative genius, and most of them come up with the most amazing unconventional inventions and ways to spread cosmic knowledge and insight