How To Activate Your Third Eye

Astrology is a beautiful tool to use for self-awareness. Knowing and learning about astrology is extremely helpful to gain insight into yourself, others, and the world around you. A lot of people will view astrology and its symbolisms and its messages, and they struggle to connect with it and understand it. This is entirely understandable as understanding spiritual tools such as astrology requires a sense of increased awareness of the spiritual world and the laws of nature and the universe.

This spiritual awareness and ability to connect with and understand energies, messages, and symbolism that are not part of normal life require a person to have a third eye activated to some extent. Without an active third eye, a person cannot view and understand the underlying energies, messages, and symbolism around them. They will only feel connected to that which is part of our physical reality and our physical experience and nothing more. An unactivated third eye can lead to a person lacking spiritual awareness, compassion, empathy, and intuition. It's kind of like living in zombie mode.

The third eye is also part of our seven chakras. The third eye is the sixth chakra which comes right below the crown chakra. The crown chakra brings all the information of the spiritual world, source, and the world around us into our being. Once it enters the crown chakra, it moves down into the third eye chakra. If the third eye chakra is closed and out of balance, this information cannot pass through, and it never reaches the person's consciousness. If the third eye chakra is active, this information can pass through into the third eye, allowing them to see and access the information sent to them through their crown chakra. This is why a closed third eye will cause a person to have limited consciousness, awareness, spiritual knowledge, and empathy.

Suppose the third eye is unable to take in the energy sent via the crown chakra. In that case, it cannot reach the rest of the chakras, causing a person to live in a state of unbalanced energy where they experience disease, confusion, and negative emotions and experiences within their life. If the third eye is active and the energy can be passed through, it allows all the other chakras to receive vital energy, and the person will live in a positive state of being. Our body reacts to our chakras' energetic movement, and when our chakras are out of alignment, we are out of alignment.

The third eye is located in the center of your forehead. The third eye chakra is what rules over our intuition. Those who are highly aware and intuitive can sense other people's energies, the currents around them, and have an increased awareness of themself and the world around them have an active third eye. Those with an inactive third eye are unaware of themselves and others. They are unaware of the environment and the currents around them, and they lack compassion, empathy, and intuition. The third eye is responsible for our creative ability, our ability to use our imagination, and our ability to dream. People with very active third eyes have extrasensory perception and can be psychic in a sense. The most sure-fire way to tell if a person has an active third eye is how often they dream and how vivid their dreams are. People who do not dream or are unable to recall or remember their dreams likely have an unactivated third eye. If a person is unable to experience dreams, it is a sign that their third eye is closed, and they are unable to see past the physical reality around them.

It is said that our universe has eleven dimensions. On earth, we can experience three of these eleven stated dimensions. The three dimensions mainly consist of what we can comprehend with our five senses. When a person has an activated third eye, it is said that they can connect with or see the fourth dimension and possibly dimensions higher than that. When we are merely souls, we exist in higher dimensions. Dimensions that are not parts of the lower dimensions, which are the first, second, and third dimensions that consist of the physical reality. When we get born into this physical world, we have a highly active third eye as we have just come from higher dimensions. A baby has a highly active pineal gland, and that is why young children have such overly active imaginations, and they never seem entirely physically present, such as what adults do. As a child grow