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How To Become An Astrologer

  1. Passion

Firstly, to be an astrologer, you need to have a deep passion for astrology. Astrology is something that takes years and years to learn. You can learn astrology your entire life and still not know everything about it at the end of your life. Astrology is something that does take very long to learn and very long to master, so you can't get into it, and within a couple of months, you have what it takes, and you have the knowledge that it takes. If you want to be an astrologer, you need to be willing to dedicate your life to it. You need to be prepared to devote most of your free time to it, and also, you need to understand that it's not something that you can learn within a couple of days, a couple of weeks or a couple of months. It will take you a couple of years before you can get to a point where your expertise is good enough to give professional readings. If you know you're the kind of person who cannot dedicate yourself to something for that long and wants to pursue something that you can get done quickly, get going at it fast, then astrology is not for you.

If you know you're a person who can dedicate most of your life to the art, astrology is definitely meant for you. The thing about astrology is that you don't really choose astrology, astrology chooses you. If you want to become an astrologer, you most likely will eventually become one. However, you still do need to put in the efforts and the work that it requires. Learning astrology is very complicated, and it's very frustrating because it's incredibly complex. If you're going to be a person who's going to give up quickly because it's too complicated, then it's most likely not meant for you. You need to be a person who has a very good understanding of complex concepts.

2. Intuition

The second point about becoming an astrologer is intuition. What an astrologer does is they read specific symbols and specific alignments and apply their understanding and intuition to receive an interpretation. It is important to have somewhat of an intuitive understanding of the world and an intuitive understanding of other people. If you lack intuition, it will be challenging to be an astrologer because you won't be able to feel your way through your readings. It's very easy to tell a person this is how you read charts. Still, if a person is only going to apply logical, practical rules to a reading and not add their intuition into it, it's not going to be a very good reading.

3. Courses vs Self Study

There are two ways you can go about learning astrology. The first way is doing professional astrology courses, and the second way is through self-study. I chose the self-study method because when I grew up, my family didn't have enough money to spend money on me pursuing an astrology course. So, I researched astrology for years and years; I read everything I could about it. I taught myself the art. when I did have the money to buy a course, I did, and what I noticed was the things that I taught myself through self-study was more comprehensive and more informative than the stuff I had learned in a course. When I did the course, I was at the point where I already knew so much about astrology; it felt like the course didn't help me whatsoever. If you're a person who's new in astrology and you don't have any knowledge about astrology whatsoever, a course is beneficial because a course will teach you all the fundamentals. The course will give you an excellent foundation and building ground for your practice, but one thing I do need to mention is astrology has a lot to do with personal experience. You can teach a person how to read a chart. You can teach them the textbook ways of interpreting aspects, interpreting planets and the signs, however, if a person has not experienced it themselves, if they have not applied that knowledge onto their everyday life and they've only learned what was taught to them in a course, the readings will not have much value.

What I've noticed is the incredibly good astrologers aren't only the astrologers that have completed courses, but these are the astrologers that have experienced life through astrology, and they've applied astrology to their life. There is a massive difference between a person who did a six-month astrology course, and they learned the textbook fundamentals of astrology and how to use it based on generic interpretations and a person who's been practicing astrology for 10 to 20 years, and they've applied their personal experience onto it. Anyone can enroll in a course and learn the fundamentals and the generic basics of astrology. Still, the thing about astrology is you need to put your personal experience into it. You need to experience it; you need to live it. If you have not used astrology in your day-to-day life and applied your personal experiences onto it, it's going to be very difficult to find meaningful interpretations and messages in a reading for your clients. That's why I believe that courses are helpful, but courses are not completely necessary. You can study astrology yourself, and you can teach yourself everything you need to teach yourself.

Courses are helpful when you want to show your clients that you have knowledge in the field; however, what I have noticed is way more helpful in getting people to trust in you and getting clients is word-of-mouth. If you've done a reading for clients and that client was impressed by your reading they will tell other people how good you are. People won't go tell other people: "This person did this course; go get a reading from them." People will tell other people that this person knows their stuff off by heart, this person loves astrology and understands astrology, so go get a reading from them. If you want to do a course because you are a complete beginner, that is great, go ahead with it but like I said only doing a course is not going to be enough to be a good astrologer because you need to love astrology. You need to become astrology.

5. Intention

Number five is what is your intention? Is your intention to help people understand themselves and bring knowledge and insight to people about themselves and spirituality, or is your intention more selfish, such as becoming rich? One thing I can say straight up right now is you will not become rich practicing astrology. If you want to become rich, then rather become an investor or work in a corporate company. If you want to be an astrologer, your main motivation has to be to help people and to bring awareness to people. Your primary motivator needs to be caring about other people and their best interests. If you're going to put your own best interest first, which is making money or becoming famous, or whatever the case may be, your intentions are not right to be an astrologer. People can generally instantly pick up when an astrologer is only doing it to make money and when an astrologer is doing it for the wrong reasons. Bear these points in mind. If you want to do astrology to become rich, wealthy, and famous, then it's not meant for you. There are going to be weeks or possibly even months where you get no jobs, where you get no readings. Where you have no clients, however, that's perfectly fine. The thing about astrology is that you are not going to become rich and famous from the get-go. It's going to take you a very long time to build a sustainable business for yourself through astrology, where you are able to make a reasonable living. For most astrologers, it takes them 10 to 20 years to get to this point. If you're going to expect to become wealthy and make lots of money through doing readings, you've got another thing coming.

6. A Good Message

Number six is you need to have a really good message, and you need to have good insight into the aspects of the charts. It's very easy to say to a person you're very emotional because you have a Cancer Moon, but what you need to do is, you need to give that person some insight as to why they're emotional because they have a Cancer Moon. Why are Cancer Moons emotional? What causes them to be emotional? What are their emotional responses based on? How can this person deal with their emotions so that they have a better hold and grasp of their emotions in their everyday lives? You need to give your client's a good message. You need to provide them with some advice that will indeed be valuable to

them. You can't just go and say this is what you are, because then you're not really bringing value to the clients and value to the readings. You need to help guide your clients to overcome certain things, and you need to help your clients to understand themselves better. If you cannot guide people this way, then it's going to be very difficult to give valuable readings.

7. Compassion

Number seven is about compassion. If you're an astrologer, you're going to encounter a lot of incredibly desperate, incredibly down-and-out people who are in very bad situations. A lot of the people that come to you are going to be going through horrible life situations, and they're in some of the worst places that they can be in their life. If you're not going to have compassion for what they're going through, then you're probably going to make it harder for them. If you're going to be a person who's going to take advantage of the unfortunate situations that they're in, you should not be an astrologer. Being an astrologer is about guiding people through these difficult situations by having compassion and understanding for these situations and not taking advantage of them. If you're an astrologer, you need to know how to be compassionate and understanding with your clients.

8. Understanding esoteric and spiritual topics

Number eight is an understanding of esoteric concepts and of spiritual concepts. A lot of the interpretations in astrology are based on esoteric and spiritual concepts. Having an open mind and an understanding of these concepts will be incredibly valuable. Astrology looks at how the soul and spiritual influence of your being affects your psychology. A natal chart is the blueprint of your soul, and the natal chart explains how this specific blueprint affects your psychology. You also need to have quite a good understanding of psychology and how people think. Understanding other people, how their minds work, and their emotional nature is essential if you want to be an astrologer. If you don't understand people very well and don't connect with people, it will be quite tricky.

9. It's not about prediction

Number nine is it's not about predictions; it's about helping people understand themselves. Many people want to get into astrology because they think they can predict when a person's going to get married, when a person's going have a baby or when a person's going to lose their job or whatever the case may be. Now there is some truth to this. In astrology, you can look into when there are specific planetary alignments and aspects, and it can influence people's lives in specific ways, but an astrologer cannot say for sure that on a particular day you are going to meet the love of your life or on a particular day you're going to die. An astrologer can advise as to what the energies of that day will be, but an astrologer can't say for sure that this is going to happen. If you want to get into astrology because you want to predict things for people, then you're getting into it for the wrong reasons. Astrology is a very deep psychological and spiritual practice that you use to help people come to an understanding within themselves, especially a spiritual understanding. I've noticed astrology is one of the best tools to raise spiritual awareness and consciousness in people. Astrology is not about predicting stuff.

10. Practise

The last thing about how to become an astrologer is you need to practice all the time. To be a professional astrologer, you need to practice astrology every single day of your life. You will be learning new things about it every single day. You will be adding new concepts and ways of calculating and ways of interpreting things onto your art all the time. You need to be continually evolving the knowledge of your art. You need to be continually evolving what you know about it. What makes an excellent astrologer is if they are continually learning and continually evolving, and they're just broadening their knowledge of the topic. As I mentioned earlier, you can do an astrology course to get some information about it. Still, if you're just going to do that course and think that's all it takes, then you have another thing coming. Astrology is a way of living. To be an astrologer, you need to apply astrology to your day-to-day life, and you need to practice it every single day. You need to broaden your awareness of it all the time.

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