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How To Break Free From The System

Are You Living In A Rat Race?

To many people, normal has become living in somewhat of a rat race. The nine to five weekly grind. All the traffic. All the deadlines. All the sales targets. The debt payments. All the social expectations. It's the wake-up, work, rest, repeat cycle that has become our normal. Things have changed a lot in our modern-day society but also, in a sense, not really. In medieval times people were slaves. There would be a hierarchy with a lot of power, and they would control and dictate the lives of those who have no power and no money.

Even though medieval days are long gone, and slavery has been banned, many people are still, in essence, slaves. The Cambridge dictionary defines slavery as the following: "the activity of legally owning other people who are forced to work for or obey you," and "the condition of being legally owned by someone else and forced to work for or obey them."

Now we aren't being shackled and forced into our daily jobs, but when you are an employee at a company, you sign a contract. That contract means that you are legally bound to the conditions of that contract, meaning that, in essence, your time is legally owned by the company, and you are forced to obey the instructions put out to you and not question authority. What usually happens is we get born into a family. This family loves us in most cases, and they usually want what is best for us. As we age, the beliefs and the conditions of the family members start being installed into us and taught to us. We are taught these beliefs and these values because our parents and family members genuinely think that these beliefs and values are good for us as it is the same values and beliefs that they were taught when they were children.

As we age, we try to figure out who we are, what we are meant to do, and who we are meant to become. The thing is, many of us are never really allowed to ever really be ourselves. We were raised in a life aligned with what our parents think would be right for us. The age of adolescence is a very important age where individuals connect with their true self; however, in this society, very few people enter adulthood and are allowed the freedom to explore their potential. They are pushed into the same system their parents were pushed into. They're also entirely manipulated by the media, resulting in them not being their authentic selves and being able to live their authentic expression.

I'm going to give you two scenarios.

  • Scenario one:

You finish high school. You go to university. Maybe you become a doctor, a teacher, an accountant, a lawyer, or some high paying job that you need to study almost eight to ten years for. Once you have finished your studies, you need to start at the bottom of the chain. You get an entry-level job where you have to grind and work hard every day to prove your worth in a saturated job market. You deal with low compensation for your work. You have to fight to prove your worth in the job market you're in. it maybe takes you 10 to 20 years to reach a point where you are happy with the salary you receive, but this is when you are busy aging. You do not have any free time to enjoy what you have anyway because work becomes way more demanding as things progress as you get older with the fast pace of technology. You spend all your years working hard to survive and keep up a good impression. You pay the bills. You pay the mortgage. You pay the insurance, and you just keep going. Maybe you get two days to yourself on the weekend where you are likely too tired to do anything productive for yourself, and you spend the time socializing, resting, or attending to the errands that you can't tend to while you are working in the week.

  • Scenario 2

The second scenario is a bit different, but it has the same results either way. Maybe you finish high school. Maybe you don't. There are no options for you but to get an entry-level job because you can't study and you have to grind every day and work really hard to prove your worth in another saturated job market. As with this scenario, it may take you 20 to 30 years to reach a point where you are happy with the salary you receive, but this is when you are busy aging and do not have any free time to enjoy what you have anyway. You spend all your years working hard to survive and keep up a good impression. You pay the bills. You pay the mortgage. You pay the insurance, and you keep going. Maybe you get a day to yourself on the weekend where you are likely too tired to do anything productive for yourself, and you likely end up spending the time socializing, resting, and tending to the errands that you did not get a chance to tend to while you were working in the week.

See how both these scenarios usually end up the same. Even if you study and you get an education, you are likely to end up in the same rat race as the guy who didn't. The only difference is that you might get paid a bit more for it, but your life is still the same.

Many people are taught specific traditions, habits, and dogmatic beliefs that mold and shape them into something that they are not truly in essence. These things taught to them causes them to become a victim to society and a system that does not encourage and strengthen a person's true potential and growth but only the financial gain of a few billion-dollar corporate companies. Corporate companies are what is keeping the food chain going. Millions of people work for these companies, and they have implemented systems that their employees need to follow to allow for maximum productivity. What ends up happening is the employees work five or maybe six days a week earning a small wage, and the people on top are profiting millions without really lifting a finger.

The World Is Filled With Energy Vampires

It is crazy how in this world, making money and becoming wealthy is primarily associated with getting others to work for you and make you rich. We work for other people to make them rich. We get paid for our time, and very little I have you, to give our precious life force energy to people and companies who likely do not give a #### about us. We are essentially feeding our energy into a black hole for the sake of a few dollars at the end of the day. We do not realize how valuable our time and our energy is, and we give it to another person's success.

Most people will spend their entire life working hard to make another person rich. This is the trap so many of us fall into. We have been exposed to the use of fear tactics to, in essence, manipulate us into fearing what will happen if we are not dependent on a company, a corporation, a system, or a boss for our livelihood. We get told we need to get a job, and we get ridiculed when we cannot be happy, and we cannot perform well within that job. So many people live their lives building other people's empires and riches just so that they can survive. They spend valuable time helping others gain their success, and they go home with very little compensation at the end of the day.

The key to not allowing yourself to fall victim to this cycle where you get taken advantage of for your time and energy to empower another person's growth is not to allow yourself to send energy into anything that is not building your empire. We all have a limited amount of energy. I like to use the term "energy vampires" a lot. What ends up happening is that the people around us do not have enough energy to manifest that what they wish to manifest. What they end up doing is taking this energy from other people. In essence, major corporate companies are giants energy vampires that only exist through the lower level employees giving their energies and feeding their life into the corporation. Without that, they would not exist.

Most of us allow our energy to be taken from us, which is the biggest problem here. Your energy is not yours, so that you give it to a boss for your entire life. Unfortunately, many of us have fallen victims to these vampires who are merely just there to drain our energy for their own benefits. Money is just energy. We get told to get money, we need to give our energy to others. The thing is, our energy does not necessarily need to go to another person or a company. The best thing to do with the energy and time you have is to find out what you are good at and what you are passionate about and working to develop that skill and ability. The more time and energy you feed into that thing that you're good at and passionate about, the more you will see the results manifesting.

Say, for example, you work an office job. You leave at seven in the morning to be at work at eight you spend the day there until five pm. The afternoon traffic causes you to get home around 6 pm, which totals to about 11 hours of your day given to another person or another source. If you spend five days working, that adds up to 55 hours a week. If you were able to spend that 55 hours a week, say, working on a painting, for example, or maybe baking treats to sell, you would have likely been able to paint a few paintings and make a whole bunch of yummy treats through which you could sell it and make money. The thing is, because the system is set up in such a way to never really allow a person to explore their own potential and their creative freedom, we never really explore these possibilities, and we think that the only way to make money is through a job. In contrast, we have all this limitless potential right within our hands.

Selling Snake Oil

Don't be fooled by the companies that make you feel part of the family. I'm not discrediting those companies that are good. However, what happens a lot is a person is made a lot of promises by these companies. Some companies might fulfill these promises to keep the employee around, some might not, and they, in essence, dangle a carrot in front of the employee's face. "If you just work harder, the rewards will be better. if you give it your all and you work overtime, you might get that employee of the month title". The boss knows using this tactic will get all of their staff chasing that rainbow of a reward all day long. The only thing is whether you obtain that reward or not is not even in your hands, even if you give it your all. The rewards you get for your hard work and time is entirely in the hands of someone else, and sometimes you get no reward for your hard work at all.

Often an employee can feel that a company is a part of who they are and they become attached to this company due to the rewards they get for their work. Maybe these people will say the system is not so bad, and I give them the benefit of the doubt; still, I have seen many people work for companies around 30 to 40 years of their life only to get retrenched and thrown out like yesterday's leftovers in an instant. Anything can happen, and 30 years of loyalty and dedication, and service can end at the snap of a finger. What happens when you leave? You have spent 30 years working for another person or a company you thought you were a vital part of, and now you have nothing to show for it except a few credentials on a resume. If those 30 years were spent working on and building your dream, you would likely not be left with nothing 30 years later but your very own empire.

Social Problems

Social media and the internet is also another thing this is also something a lot of us need to break free from. Social media is one of the worst distractions to a person's productivity and creativity and their ability to just enjoy life and live within the moment. The average person spends two to three hours on social media a day. This is two to three hours that can be spent on developing a skill or a talent, adding up to 14 to 21 hours a week. Yet again, this is all our energy being poured into another black hole.

I don't know if you have seen the documentary "the social dilemma" on Netflix, but it is interesting how they mention in this documentary that social media companies are making money off of us just browsing through social media. This means that, yet again, we are being distracted and taken away from our ability to work and develop our potential for a company's profits. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone is just to be yourself and do you. It is so difficult for young people to discover themselves, their talents, their passions, and their true identities when they are being told what to like and what is acceptable through the influence of social media. Social media tells young minds you need to act like this, look like this, and be like this to be cool and accepted, and this, in essence, causes them to lead a life that is not in alignment with who they truly are. This is why there are so many problems in our society's young generation. Very few of them are connected to their true selves and are so influenced by the rest of the world.

The first step to getting closer to your freedom is to let go of attachments. A major part of why we hold on to our jobs is due to the fear of uncertainty and being attached to a surety and comfort. We want to know that the bills will be paid. We want to know that the money will be there and the fear of it not being there stops us from actually exploring our fullest potential. Allow life to take its course even if you have to give up a fancy car or live a less luxurious lifestyle for a bit; it does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Being attached to wanting that luxurious lifestyle is also what is holding you back from your fullest potential. Many people might have a high paying job, and they can buy themselves the expensive things they want, but that job does not allow them to explore their fullest creative potential and have free will and freedom within their lives. More often than not, that job causes them to be trapped in a system.

The second step is social media and television. These are significant drainers of your vital energy and time. Instead of spending hours on tv or social media, work to develop a skill or a talent. Maybe you're good at design. Maybe you can sing and write songs. Maybe you're good with your hands. The more energy you give to this, the better at it you will become, and the more you will be able to offer the world in the end. Tv is the worst. It numbs your mind, and it causes you to lack motivation. Many people watch tv shows they don't even enjoy just for the sake of having something on. That time could be spent so much better than watching something you're not even really interested in.

The third step is your phone and social obligations. Put your phone off, and do not feel guilty for it. It honestly baffles me how in this day and age, you need to apologize to a person if your phone was off and they could not get hold of you. Most people spend their valuable time every day texting away. On weekends they meet up with people who invite them to social events and gatherings, and even if they are tired, they do it as it is expected of them. Relationships and human interaction are important, but they have evolved to a point where people have almost no personal time anymore due to their social obligations. Even when they can be alone and work on themselves and their skills, they are consistently texting others and in touch with others. Many people experience attachments and addiction to their smartphones, and they experience extreme separation and anxiety when their phones are taken away from them. It is like they do not know what to do or who they are without their phone.

We have been conditioned to become, in essence, nothing without our social connections and our jobs within the system. Our world has evolved to a point where it has become challenging to switch off from the system, and it has become an automatic part of our daily lives. Breaking free from this way of living can seem to many to be impossible, but breaking free from this way of living is essential to your soul's ultimate happiness and growth. It is crucial to discover your soul's purpose and to live out your soul's purpose. Your purpose is not following orders and giving half of your life away to someone else and working. I can promise you that now. No matter how hard they try and make you feel and believe that that is what your purpose is, I can promise you that it does not. Ask yourself a few questions: "Why am I here? What do I want out of life? What am I great at? What do I love to do?" When you figure this out, why you are here, what you want out of life, what you are great at, what you love to do, aim high, and work to achieve that. This is not impossible.

We all have a thing. It might be a crazy thing, and others might say you are crazy if you want to pursue that thing. These people are the ones who create the doubt in you, so don't listen to them. They are telling you that you are crazy because they do not have the courage themselves that you do to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. People who can't do this will bring the people down who get it right. The one thing that we feel connected to and love is what will bring us our ultimate abundance of happiness and joy in life. There is a reason that we feel connected to it, and it will look after and serve us. If you serve it, do not let anyone take you away from that one thing. Do not let them make you think that that one thing is crazy or that it will lead you nowhere because they are not the ones who have the ability and the desire to do it.

The system has conditioned us to give less and less time and focus on that one thing we love and give our time to our jobs, work, boss, and corporate system. Many of us have forgotten how beautiful life is. We have forgotten that life is meant to be lived. We are merely getting by surviving, but we are not living. How many of you can say that you're able to live each day to the fullest according to your wishes and your heart's desires? Very few likely, however, it is possible. We waste the beautiful life we have been given, and we just give it to a system.

Another important point to mention is debt. Most of the world is in debt, and another crazy thing is most of the things people own doesn't even belong to them. This means that they need to work hard to ensure that they can repay their debts. I see this as a typical case of trying to keep up with the Joneses. You want a fancy house, a fancy car, fancy furniture, nice clothes, all the thrills, so you make a whole bunch of debts. You then spend 20 to 30 years of your life paying off the debt, keeping yourself a slave to the system because you know if you stopped working and paying off your debts, you are screwed. I've seen so many people fall into this trap, and it is a horrible trap to fall into. A piece of advice I can give is less is more. The less you have, the less there is to worry about. You can live a perfectly happy life with an average house, an average car, wearing average clothes, etc. You do not need to entrap yourself into a system where your soul is being sucked out of you just so that you can make a good impression on the world and everyone else.

A lot of people put all this unnecessary pressure into themselves to keep up with an image that isn't even them in the first place only so that they can fit in with everyone else in the system. I mean, what a circus, right? We are taught restrictive thoughts from other people as we grow up, and as adults, we limit ourselves with these restrictive thoughts. We create mental obstacles for ourselves where we tell ourselves that we are not worthy, that we cannot succeed, and that we are not good enough. These negative, restrictive thoughts are echoes in our subconscious of how we were taught not to be ourselves growing up.

The biggest challenge to breaking free from the system is not giving into and eliminating those restrictive thoughts you have. Instead of thinking and saying, "I can't do this." say "that it is possible" and try. You will be surprised to see what you are capable of in this limitless world full of potential and possibilities. Just like the universe is endless, so are the possibilities within this world, and so are the possibilities of what you can actually achieve, people just don't want you to know this.

It is essential to reconnect with your free will. The system removes our free will, and this is detrimental to any person's happiness. There is no better feeling in life than having free will and having your time and your own energy belong to you and be your own. You have all the potential in you to manifest the life that you have always wanted. The only thing stopping you are your beliefs, your thoughts, and conditioning. Let go of this. Trust, have faith in yourself, and you will see what you're capable of. Just give it a try. You'll be surprised.