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How To Love A Scorpio

Scorpios can be quite a mystery, especially when they are in love, and a lot of people don't understand how they love, and they don't understand the love nature and the love style of Scorpios. I will explain what it is like when a Scorpio feels love and when they are in love to understand what it feels like to them and what it's like to experience love through their eyes.

Firstly Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of power; the planet of action, and the planet represent your desires. This basically means that Scorpios possess an intense amount of inner strength. Scorpios are super powerful inside themselves. Scorpios have this very fierce deep inner world that is quite profound. Through them constantly experiencing things so deeply and so profoundly inside themselves, they build a lot of internal power. They gain this unbreakable inner strength.

It's very difficult to break a Scorpio. It's very difficult to destroy a Scorpio inside themselves. They will not allow you. The only time a Scorpio will let somebody break them, and the only time they will allow someone to hurt them and shatter them is when they are in love. That is why when it comes to love, Scorpios can be incredibly selective about who they love, and they can be quite intense when they are in love because they know that when they love a person, that person can completely shatter them.

  1. Inner Strength

Scorpio will not give their love and heart to someone they can see is not a strong person. Scorpios are very attracted to people who radiates inner strength. If you're going to show a Scorpio that you're a needy person, if you're going to show the Scorpio that you're an emotionally weak person, then they are going to run for the hills. Scorpio wants to be with a person who possesses the same amount of emotional strength and emotional power as what they do.

The thing is, a Scorpio can sense when a person exudes this inner strength. It's not something you can fake. It's not something you can be pretentious about. Scorpios can immediately pick up who possesses alot of inner power and inner composure, and those are the kind of people that Scorpios fall in love with. It's very difficult for Scorpio to give themselves and become one and enter a partnership with an emotionally weak person who does not possess an ability to be strong within themselves. They only love those that are very strong withiin themselves.

2. It's not about appearances

The second thing is to Scorpios, it's not about looks. It's not about appearances; it's about deep soul to soul connections. Scorpios possess this incredibly deep, profound emotional world, and they experience life through this incredibly deep, complex emotional world inside themselves. They can feel what people are about. If you're going to be pretentious, if you are going to be fake, they can instantly pick that up. A Scorpio does not look at you and sum you up and figure you out according to appearance and what you look like. A Scorpio feels you. A Scorpio will look at you, and you can be the prettiest face in the world and you can have the sexiest body in the entire world, but if your soul is ugly, if your soul is not pure, and if your soul is not beautiful, they will not feel a connection with you.

Scorpios can literally sense what your soul is like. They can feel if your soul is pure, if your soul is dirty, if you've done bad things, if you have selfish bad intentions and motivations or if you're a pure soul who wants to create beauty in this world and who wants to do good things. There's no way that you can fool a Scorpio. If you are an impure soul who is selfish and has evil motivations, no amount of makeup, plastic surgery or expensive clothes, or anything like that can fool a Scorpio. They will see you for who you truly are, no matter how much you try to use to cover up all the bad stuff inside of you. Those of you who are in love with a Scorpio or who possibly want to be with a Scorpio, don't focus on your appearance. Don't focus on your looks. I'm telling you they do not care about that at all. Focus on your inner world and focus on building a sense of emotional power and emotional strength inside yourself. A Scorpio will instantly notice when you are a self-aware person. Scorpios are not attracted to looks or whatsoever.

3. Its all or nothing

When Scorpios love, it's basically like an all-or-nothing thing to them. That is why it is very tricky for many people to date Scorpios and be in a relationship with Scorpios because very few people have this ability to be all or nothing within a relationship. When a Scorpio is in love, they give their everything to that person. Their entire existence revolves around that person. The trap that Scorpios fall into often as they provide everything to the person they love, but the person they love does not give their everything to the Scorpio. That's why Scorpios consistently find themselves disappointed and hurt in love because they find a very tricky to find a person who can match that profound, intense level of love that they give to the person.

4. Lots of Quality time

If you're in love with a Scorpio or are you like a Scorpio, the advice that I can give you is to spend as much time with that person and to give as much attention to that person as what you possibly can. The Scorpio is going to give everything that they are to you. It will be quite unfair to only give half of who you are to the Scorpio, or they will feel like their love is not appreciated and like their love is being wasted. A Scorpio needs to feel like their profound love that they have is being appreciated, and it's not going to waste. By showing the Scorpio that you'd rather hang out with your friends or you'd rather talk to other people or do your own thing instead of spending time with them, you're showing them that you do not want to become one with them. You do not want to intertwine your existence with them. You're showing them that you want to lead a separate life from them, and you want to be independent, which is totally understandable.

Scorpios enter relationships to merge themselves and become one with their partner. To them, the concept of their partner pursuing their own thing, being free and independent, and just being out there in the world without them is not what they're about. They're about literally doing everything with their partner. They are about literally being there in every single waking moment with their partner, accompanying their partner to every single thing that their partner does. If this kind of relationship dynamic is not going to work for you, it's going to be very tricky for your relationship with a Scorpio to work out. This is how Scorpios want the relationship to be. They do not want to have a separate life from their partner. They do not want to feel separated from their partner. Being seperate from their partner literally destroys them.

People often think that Scorpios are possessive and controlling, but they're not. It's just that the way they love is so different, and it's so profound to any other love in the zodiac that they expect their partner and the person that they love to become one with them and when the person they love isn't one with them its super-duper confusing. A Scorpio will put all of their focus on to you, and when they see that you would instead give time and focus to someone else or something else, it does hurt them. I always say that entering into a relationship with a Scorpio is not for the faint of heart. You need to be able to become one with them. You need to be able to intertwine your life with them, and if you're not willing to do that, then you're in for a little bit of trouble.

To a Scorpio, love is basically like an intuitive thing. It's an emotion, and it's a feeling that they feel. When Scorpio sees the person they love or person they admire for the first time, they will feel this intense rush of emotions and this powerful surge of feelings within themselves. If they do not feel that, if they do not feel the thrill of intense, deep, powerful feelings inside themselves when they meet you, they never will. To a Scorpio, its all about that emotion. It's all about feeling that intense, profound deep passion for a person, and if they don't feel that they're not going to be interested. You also can't convince the Scorpio to feel that way down the line by going on a couple of dates or getting to know them. The Scorpio will know if you're the one or not, and if you're not the one for them, then there's no way that you will ever be, unfortunately. Usually, when a Scorpio loves you, you will know because they will tell you the whole time. They will make it super known to you how deep and profound their feelings are for you.

5. Stay connected

You need to stay connected to them. To a Scorpio, it's all about feeling that intense feeling of connection to their partner and when they feel that the partner is disconnecting from them, when they feel that your partner is becoming distant from them and their partner isn't as strongly connected and as close to them as what they usually are, they become incredibly fearful. This is when they start worrying that they are going to lose their partner, and this is incredibly daunting to them. When they love someone that love overtakes them. That love is their life. That love is their everything, and the chances of losing that love is the worst thing they can imagine. That is why when a Scorpio starts feeling the sense of disconnection from you, when they can see that you're not talking to them as much as you usually do, and you're not giving them as much affection as what you usually do, this will literally put them into a mode of paranoia. They become anxious because feeling that sense of connection is very important, and when they don't feel that anymore, they start freaking out. This is why you can maybe see a Scorpio acting a bit jealous and a little bit obsessive when you may be talking to someone else more than what you're talking to them. It's not because they're jealous, but it's more because they can see you disconnecting from them. They can see you getting further and further away from them, and their fear is that eventually just going to go away and they're not going to have a connection with you anymore.

6. Do not hide anything - Be honest

Scorpios have this telepathic way of reading people. They look at a person, and if they are connected to that person, they can sense what they are feeling. They can sense what that person is thinking. When they're in a relationship with a person and when they love a person and this person starts disconnecting from them, they aren't able to sense the person they love's feelings anymore. They aren't able to sense their thoughts and just basically pick up on their energy and their vibe. That's why being connected and remaining committed to a Scorpio is very important. That's also why I say it is not about appearances; it's not about looks or anything like that. To them, it's about feeling that sense of deep connection with the person they are with.

A Scorpio wants to just look at you and know that they don't have to worry. They want to look at you and know that they can feel safe and secure and loved in that relationship. If they look at you and can't feel that they can connect with you in a sense where they instinctively know everything will be ok, that's when things start going wrong. That's when things started becoming a bit tricky within the relationship.

7. Love hard

A Scorpios love has no limit, and it just grows and becomes bigger and more powerful over time. The way Scorpio loves you and now, in 10 years from now that Scorpio will love you 10000 times more. Trust me, it's entirely possible. This love for the person will overtake them. It will consume them. It will take over their entire existence and their entire life. When a Scorpio loves someone so profoundly, and this person hurts them or breaks their heart, because this love they felt for a person has taken over the entire existence, their entire life, when that love gets taken away from them, when that warm fuzzy amazing feeling of love gets taken away they are left with the deepest intense pain you can ever imagine. There is no way for them to fill that space that was once filled with love for this person. When that intense feeling of love gets taken away, it turns into a very intense feeling of hate in many cases. This is when a Scorpio kind of becomes incredibly bitter. They can act a little bit scary because the space within them that was once filled with so much love and so much positive good feelings is now literally just filled with pain and possible hate toward the person they once loved. That's why when a Scorpio is in love, and a relationship ends, it's like they do a 360 in their behavior, and they completely change who they are. It's because they don't know how to live life. They don't know how to survive without that love because it's that love that kept them going. It's that love that they fed off of every single day.

Often, when a Scorpios heart has been broken it's challenging for them to open their heart up to love again because that pain they've experienced is so horrible, its so unbearable that they do not ever want to experience that ever again. They would rather not experience love so that they can rather not ever experience that horrible feeling of losing their only love ever again. Due to this, Scorpios are incredibly guarded. They're incredibly scared of falling in love and opening themselves up to people because they know that there is a huge chance they can feel the worst pain imaginable if they open up themselves to love that person.

Scorpios know that people can be incredibly beautiful on the outside but they can be ugly and horrible on the inside. Scorpios know that looks can be incredibly deceiving. That's why Scorpio's actually do not care much about things like status. They also don't care much about where you come from and your actual background or that kind of thing because they know that those kinds of superficial things have nothing to do with a person's soul. A person can come from anywhere in the world, a person can come from any background or any social class, and they can still have an extremely ugly soul, or they can have an extremely beautiful Soul. That's why a Scorpio will always open themselves up to love any person who's worthy of love. Scorpios do not discriminate. They do not discriminate by any kind of thing when it comes to love. If they can feel that love and love are reciprocated to them, they do not care if you are poor. They do not care if you aren't the prettiest face in the world. A Scorpio would rather be with the person who is poor and who does not have a pretty face but has an incredibly beautiful soul and the ability to love them profoundly instead of being with somebody rich who has a gorgeous face and body but a dirty soul and does not know how to love. That is how is Scorpio thinks when it comes to love. That is why you cannot fool them. It is impossible.

8. Be pure

Scorpios love purity. Scorpions are very attracted to people with pure intentions and people who want to do good and just be good. A Scorpio can instantly pick up if you have impure intentions. Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, and the reason for this is that Scorpios love sex with the person they love because it is the best way to connect with the person they love in the deepest, most profound way possible. To Scorpio, sex isn't just something that they do for fun and pleasure. I do need to clear out; you get two kinds of Scorpios in this world. To most Scorpios, sex is something that they do to connect with the person they love in the deepest possible way that they can. Sex is the most intimate bond of two souls you can imagine, and to a Scorpio, that is what they're all about. They are literally about combining two souls and the most intimate way that you can imagine. That is why Scorpio rules over sexuality. You do get Scorpios that do sleep around, and they do have casual sex. One thing you need to understand about Scorpios who do that, and it's very rare that they do that, but the ones that actually do that are kind of confused, and they are lost, and they're just trying to find that deep soul to soul connection with someone.

A lot of the times they can sleep around, and a lot of the times, they can hook up with the whole bunch of people because they're trying to find a deep soul to soul connection, and they don't know how to find it, and they think they can find it through sex. The thing is to a Scorpio, it's not about the actual physical act of sex and the actual physical pleasure you get from it. To Scorpios, it's about connecting the deepest way they can with someone.

9. Be a mystery

You need to be a very deep, complex mystery to catch the attention of a Scorpio. To Scorpios, it's not about what they can see. It's not about the looks. Scorpios want to penetrate beneath the surface. They want to penetrate beneath what is visible and then want to uncover what is on the surface below. If they try and penetrate through the surface and get to the bottom of it and there is nothing, they will be disappointed. A lot of Scorpios and know that that is what a lot of people are like. They know that many people have all this going on on the surface, all this going on that meets the eye, but when you penetrate below what you can see on the surface, it's empty. There is nothing, and Scorpios know this. That's why Scorpios want somebody that is an intense mystery. Scorpios want to be with somebody that they can break open and see there is so much beneath the surface, and they can dig even deeper and find even more and there's literally this endless amount of depth to the person. That's the kind of person that a Scorpio wants to be with. A Scorpio doesn't want to be with a person that they can figure out in one day. A Scorpio doesn't want to be with a person that they can sum up on one piece of paper. A Scorpio wants to be with a person who is a book. Scorpio wants to be with a person who is a work of art. If you are going to be just like everybody else and there's not much going on inside you, and you lack a deep emotional world, and you lack depth to you, then there's no way a Scorpio will be interested in you.