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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 2020

On the 4th of April, Jupiter and Pluto joined each other in exact conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. This is a rare conjunction, and it only happens around once every twelve years. Considering what is happening in the world currently with the COVID-19 Virus, there are a lot of changes happening, and people are going through some serious inner changes right now.

Pluto is the planet that represents our hidden motivations, hidden desires, and inclinations. Everything that we hide and everything that goes on inside us that we dont show to the world is represented by Pluto. Pluto is the opposite of the Sun. If the Sun is the brightest solar body in our solar system and it illuminates everything, Pluto is the darkest; most un-illuminated solar body because it is the furthest in our solar system. Pluto represents everything that we do not show. Pluto represents the things inside ourselves that we aren't very proud of, the things we want to change, and the aspects inside ourselves we struggle to deal with and struggle to comprehend.

Pluto also ushers personal transformation, so it represents taking the hidden inner motivations and desires you have, and changing and transforming it. Jupiter is the planet of positivity, expansion. Jupiter can be compared to the Sun, it's very big, so you can't hide anything that involves Jupiter, just as you can't hide anything when it comes to the Sun.

During this Jupiter - Pluto conjunction, we will become aware of the things that we did wrong. Due to this happening in Capricorn, it is going to show us where we have been greedy, selfish, and narcissistic and where we have been neglecting giving love, compassion, and care, for the sake of money and for the sake of our survival. Jupiter is going to expand our awareness of these things, and make us see the things we did not want to see before. Before this conjunction, humanity was ignorant and oblivious to their darker sides. When Pluto is traveling alone without a planet like Jupiter in conjunction with it, it can be challenging to be aware of these things. We go through life with all these darker inclinations, emotions, and thoughts in our subconscious, and we are not aware of it, but when Jupiter is next to Pluto, it makes us super aware of it. This is why so many people right now, especially the majority of people who are in self-isolation, are busy working on themselves and busy healing themselves. They are facing their darker sides, habits, thoughts, inclinations, and motivations, and they are trying to transform it into something more positive and something more beautiful.

Jupiter is now making people more aware of the sides in themselves where they are going wrong, where they are causing hurt and destruction around them. Its also making people aware of how they cause destruction and pain inside themselves. This aspect is going to make us aware of what we need to let go of, what isn't serving us anymore, for us to have a bigger, better, and brighter future where everybody is considered and where everybody can be happy. This aspect will make us aware of how we can still focus on ourselves and our financial growth but still consider other people and their wellbeing.

We dont have to go through life only thinking about ourselves and our own survival. We are all connected. We all need to be there for each other in this world and help each other. If we are only going to be aware of ourselves and our own needs, we are never going to change this world. The world will stay the way it is if people dont become more aware of their inner sides and their more darker inner sides. For change to happen, people need to become aware 1st, and that is what this Jupiter Pluto conjunction is all about, creating that awareness.

People can now start to see the massive impact of their actions in this world. People can see how it is destroying the environment and ruining their own potential and awareness. Jupiter and Pluto will be in conjunction for the majority of the year. The reason why this is such a long-lasting aspect is because the change that people need to go through, especially regarding inner spiritual change or harnessing awareness in themselves, is not going to happen overnight. Or in a couple of weeks. It is going to take a very long time for people to become more aware, and this awareness will have to be cultivated within them over a while. It is something they will have to work on. This is a time where a lot of people are going to go through massive internal changes, especially regarding their spiritual awareness and their awareness of themselves. People will start looking at themselves in a way that they have not before. Jupiter will make us take the bad and negative in us, which is represented by Pluto, and transform it into something beautiful.

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