Leo North Node

The South Node represents your past life. It represents the lessons you've already learned, the things you already know, and basically where you come from. If your South Node is in Aquarius, in your past life and a considerable portion of this life, you are a person that shaped your identity based on other people. You created your identity for yourself and your image through your connections with other people and your friendships. You found it very difficult to assert your identity, assert your dominance, and who you are because you were created by others.

A lot of your inner strength and your feeling of belonging comes from other people. It's very difficult for you to have a sense of self-assurance and to feel confident and to feel like you are good enough and worthy. The best way for you to feel like you're good enough and for you to feel like you're worthy is to be a good friend to other people. It is to open yourself up to other people and friendships with other people and pay attention to other people and who they are and their needs. In your past life and for a considerable portion of this life, you stick to the group. You stick to what the group wants and what's best for the group.

You tend to experience everything through your mind, and you don't apply your heart, feelings, and compassion to what you are experiencing. The Leo North Node means that you're a person with tremendous inner potential. You have incredible inner strength, and you have a lot going for you, but you doubt yourself so much that you don't focus on developing yourself and making yourself a more amazing, incredible person. You instead just focus on the group and being a good friend in the group and being part of a group. The thing is, you're not the kind of person that needs to be part of a group. You're a person that should stand out in the crowd. You should be the center of attention, yet you don't make yourself the center of attention. You dissolve yourself in a group instead because you don't feel like you should be the center of attention. This is quite crazy because there is a side of you that wants to be the center of attention, and it's something you dearly crave. Still, then another side of you says that you don't deserve to be the center of attention, so with this specific aspect, you can be incredibly hesitant to draw attention to yourself because you're fearful of it.

You're very critical of yourself, and you feel like the moment the tension's going to be on you, people aren't going to like what they see; however, this is not the case. In this life, you are an incredibly creative person who has a lot going for you. You are incredibly unique. You are incredibly inspiring. Your energy lights up a room, and you light up a room. You mustn't dissolve your potential between other people or in a group. Don't let your incredible potential that you have be overlooked just because you're too scared to show it, so you make yourself blend in with everybody else.

You're not meant to blend in with everybody else. You're meant to stand out from everybody else. The way that you can figure out if you're on the right path in this life is to assess if you're still at a point where you are allowing yourself to get lost in the crowd or to get lost in a group. You're not showing your exceptional capabilities to everyone, and you're diluting it then you're still repeating the same way of living that you did in the past. If you are at a point where you are aware of your potential, and you are aware of how incredible and how amazing you are, and you're showing it to the world without being fearful or without being shy of what people will think of you because you know what your capabilities are, that is when you're on the right path, and you're fulfilling your life's purpose.

You also have a powerful creative expression. You're able to express yourself very creatively; however, you're so scared of doing this. You fear this because you lack the trust and the confidence in yourself, but the moment you start showing the world what you're made of and what you've got, great things will start coming to you. The best way for you to reach the top is to work on and harness your sense of self-confidence of self-love and not to be shy to show the world how incredible you are and what you're made of and what you're all about because I'm telling you when the world sees you, they'll be amazed.

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