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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020 - What It Means For YOUR Zodiac sign

Mercury will retrograde in Cancer from June 18th until July 12th. During Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, it is challenging for us to see things objectively, as every experience and emotion is filtered through layers of memories and unresolved hurts from our past. Everything that anyone says to us is seen as a personal attack, and we take things far more personally than we need to. Because this retrograde is in a water sign, it means our minds and emotions will be all mixed up and become one. (Yikes!) Childhood memories can come back to haunt us, and we will keep thinking of how our past has shaped us and made us powerful. On the other hand, we can possibly think about how it traumatized and damaged us.

We will feel incredibly emotionally sensitive, and it is best to avoid overly confrontational situations and drama during this retrograde. Even if you want to bury the past, it will feel like you can't, and also, if you try, you might fail and will have to try and try again. Watch out for arguments with your family, and avoid getting too deep into personal situations with your loved ones for the time being, as during Mercury retrograde, you will not be thinking clearly.

How will this retrograde be affecting each sign?


Home & family might temporarily become a place of frustration and confusion. Avoid stepping on your loved one's toes, and avoid being confrontational during this time.


It might feel like you are unable to express yourself openly, and you just feel less interested in talking and chatting to your friends and loved ones. This retrograde is a time where you will just feel like socializing less.


You might experience some financial issues, and it might just be challenging to get your finances in a healthy state during this time. You might also be abit confused regarding what you should genuinely believe in, as all the information around you can be confusing.


Your general confidence might be lower than usual, and it could feel like nothing in your life is actually going right. You dont know how to express yourself at all, and your emotions are all over the place!


Old memories and unresolved issued from the past might come back for you to deal with, and it will be challenging to finalize work and projects during this time. It will seem like as soon as the end is near, there are more things you need to do that was priorly overlooked.


Be careful of getting angry and frustrated with your friends, and avoid lashing out at them during this time. I usually say its good to express your feelings, but during this Mercury retrograde, expressing how you feel the wrong way could lead to problems in your friendships, so watch out for this.


There might be problems in your work life, and it might seem like nothing wants to work out in your favor in the workplace. Your career can feel like an endless source of frustration during this retrograde.


Your memory and ability to learn will be lessened, and it might just feel like you have a case of ADHD, and you can't really focus on anything. Traveling is not advised during this time, as you can run into complications.


You will want to figure out who you are and what you are meant to truly do, and it can feel like it is challenging to find your place in this world. This will be a quiet time with a lot of introspection.


Love and relationships can seem like an endless source of drama and troubles, and issues in your personal relationships can rise to the surface for you to deal with. Avoid saying things you dont mean to your partner and your loved ones.


It can feel tricky to stick to a day to day routine, and your constantly finding yourself oversleeping, skipping meals, and being late! Organizing your life can be an all-round challenge now.


You could become a real negative Nancy, and its as if nothing you do seems to bring you joy. The things that usually make you feel happy and excited, dont, and you might just feel bored in general.

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