Moon Conjunct Chiron

Chiron is an asteroid that represents your inner wounds and the inner pain you experience. In astrology, the moon generally represents the mother, and generally, when there is an aspect with Chiron and the moon, it does mean that there is some internal wound concerning your mother.

There could have been something that happened in the relationship dynamic with your mother that has caused you internal pain, and this is pain that you will carry with you throughout your life. There can be an extreme fear of abandonment and intimacy. You fear vulnerability. You fear being abandoned, and you also fear rejection when opening up to people. Showing your emotions to others is something that you're terrified of. There is wounding concerning your relationship with the feminine nature in yourself. This could have to do with a possible relationship with your mother that didn't go very well or is not currently going very well. You can struggle relating to or dealing with women or people who are incredibly feminine.

It is difficult for you to relate to the feminine nature or to females per se as you never really had that close emotional connection with your mother, where you were really able to experience the energy of femininity. The energy of femininity is somewhat unknown or strange to you or something that you can't fully comprehend because you weren't exposed to it that much. You have a powerful awareness of suffering and pain in other people because you have experienced suffering and pain yourself. You are a very empathetic, sympathetic, and caring person towards other people.

You are not a rude person. You're a delightful person for others to deal with because you care about other people, but showing these people you care is something you struggle with. There can be a crucial need inside you for love, acceptance, and connection, but certain things stop you from getting it in your life, which can frustrate you. You are very caring and giving towards people, and you do your best to be there for them. You tend to close yourself off to protect yourself; however, you have a powerful capacity to care and can sometimes be overly caring and overly giving. Be careful of people that take advantage of you because of your incredibly caring and giving nature.

What can end up happening in your life is you can end up being very involved and interested in the concept of self-healing and self-love because you are very aware of pain and suffering, and you don't want to experience this anymore. You want to experience happiness, which causes you to look into things like healing yourself, loving yourself, and concepts such as spirituality to get to know yourself and improve how you feel inside yourself.

You do have somewhat of a damaged relationship with femininity. You're very encouraging, caring, and protective towards women and feminine people because of the specific wound you have regarding femininity. You try to heal this wound regarding the female nature by being overly caring towards females; however, just the concept of the feminine nature is a little bit of a soft spot or sore spot to you.

When you are in love and found a person you love, you are so unconditionally loving and caring that it is crazy. You give so much of yourself, and you give everything you are to the person you love. You are one of the people that can love tremendously. There can be somewhat of a feeling of never being fulfilled in your relationships, which can cause a little bit of suffering. You don't know why you feel so disappointed in your relationships, and you don't know why you're not as happy as you should be.

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