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Moon in Libra

The Moon represents our inner emotional nature, our emotional responses, and our inner world. Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony, balance, and partnerships, so this means that emotionally, you need balance.

With the Moon in Libra, what you want inside yourself is to have stable, peaceful, harmonious emotions. You do, however, tend to dip between emotional highs and lows or emotional extremes; so, the one moment you can be incredibly happy, receptive, confident, and productive. You will feel great, then somebody, or something, will come and throw a spanner in the works and literally take your scales that have been balanced perfectly, and they will tip it slightly.

Now when that person, or situation, slightly tips your scales, you completely go out of balance again. You can fall into a more extreme emotion where you're anxious, you're stressed out and it is difficult for you to reach a level of balance and a level of control considering these extreme emotions you are experiencing. When you are experiencing these extreme negative emotions, you want to reach a point where you can be stable and harmonious again. As soon as you do reach that point, it won't be very long before something or someone tips your scales again, and you lean into one of the two extremes again. Having consistent emotions can be very challenging with a moon in Libra.

Moon in Libra represents partnerships, as well as beauty. This means that you will function at your best, emotionally, when you are in a partnership with a person you can relate to, and when you can connect with another person emotionally. When you are single, and when you are alone, you find it difficult to find inner happiness. This does not mean that your inner happiness is reliant on another person; your inner joy is still dependent upon you and your self. You do, however, feel a lot happier when in a partnership and when you can share your life with another person.

You are incredibly attracted to beautiful things, and you will be emotionally drawn to it. When you see something beautiful, it makes you feel good inside yourself, and it makes you feel happy. Beauty is something that you do value. You do want your surroundings to be beautiful, and you do want the physical objects that you possess to be beautiful. You will have a powerful attraction to beautiful material items.

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