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North Node in Pisces/South Node in Virgo

Your North Node and your South Node represent your current life, past life, life path, and destiny.

If your South Node is in Virgo, this means that in your past life, and for a considerable portion of this life, you were a very hardworking person that was always at service to other people.

You are always helping other people; you help those weaker than you or help those that do not know how to do things for themselves. You teach other people, and you can see when a person cannot help themselves and when a person is weak. You are the person who goes and helps people because you can see that they need help. You are on this endless pursuit where you are continually serving other people. You want to make other people happy.

With the South Node in Virgo, you have somewhat of a selfless quality where you will give a lot of yourself to the world; you will give a lot of yourself to other people. This is because you cannot find value in yourself unless you are helping others. The majority of this life, and a significant portion of your past life, you were this very selfless person with structure and routine being vital to you. You need to have a routine in your life. You need to have a structure; you need to know how things will happen.

You like to plan your life accordingly; if someone calls you up now and say, "Hey, let's go have lunch," you will refuse because the event wasn't planned ahead of time. You lack a sense of spontaneity in life because you are so dedicated to your structure, and you are so dedicated to your routine and having your comforts.

With the North Node in Pisces, your life path and your life destiny in this life are entirely different to what I have mentioned above. You are not supposed to be serving other people selflessly to the point where you are not thinking of yourself and your own needs. You are not supposed to be caring so much about other people, healing other people. You are not supposed to be so structured, so routine bound, to be so comfort-zone-bound.

The reason for this is because you were already like this in your past life, you already healed people, you already helped numerous people, you already learned to develop a vigorous routine, a strong structure, and you are always in your comfort zone. This is something you already experienced. You are somewhat of this perfectionist; everything had to always be perfect in your life. If you are like this now, you are not on the right path, and you need to learn to develop into your Pisces North Node qualities.

Pisces North Node represents spirituality. It represents getting to know yourself spiritually, meaning you need to develop your intuitive abilities; you need to develop your psychic abilities. You need to take the qualities that you learned with your Virgo South Node, which is that of healing, selfless service to other people, compassion, and you need to in this life help other people grow in a spiritual sense.

You also need to learn to go with the flow; you need to learn just to let things go because with the Virgo South Node, you can be so highly strung on having everything be a certain way and having everything be structured, that you don't have a sense of spontaneity. You do not have a sense of, "let's just go and have fun; let's just go on an adventure." This quality is something that you do need to learn to develop. It is hard for you just to let things go.

You cannot always have control over everything. Everything is not meant to be controlled. If you just let things be, everything will be fine. Maybe just give it a chance and try. The thing about a Pisces South Node is that you need to learn to basically to live in the moment. You need to still use your Virgo South node's traits, which, as I said, is helping others. However, in this life, you don't need to help people through this constant selfless service where you sacrifice your wants and needs for others.

Learn to let go. Learn to be in the moment, and let life happen to you without worrying about it. If you think of the sign Pisces, it's a sign that represents spirituality. It's a sign that represents dreams; it's a sign representing just going with the flow, just doing your own thing, not worrying about the practical and physical elements of life. It is a sign that embodies the spirit, and just being a spirit and a soul. That is the state of mind that you need to learn to develop in this life, you need to develop the state of mind where you aren't so hung up and worried about the material things in your life anymore, and you're just enjoying the experience of life for what it is.

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