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Opposite Signs: Aries and Libra

I'm sure you have heard the saying: men are from mars and women are from Venus. This is a perfect analogy when comparing the differences between the sign Aries and the sign Libra. Mars rules Aries, and Aries is a much more masculine, turbulent, aggressive, and direct sign. Venus rules Libra, which makes Libra a much more feminine, peaceful, beautiful, and loving sign.

Understanding Aries Energy

Aries energy is hyper independent. These are the people who function very well independently and do not need anybody holding their hand or guiding them throughout life. They're also very fearless, and they do not mind to tackle things on their own. Aries people do not need the approval of other people, and they are who they are. Aries people will wear what they want to wear. They'll go where they want to go, and they will do what they want to do. Whether other people approve of who they are or what they're doing, they don't care. They just continue to do what they want to do, and they are who they want to be.

Most Aries people will also not sacrifice their wants and their own needs for other people. If something requires an Aries to sacrifice themselves and what they want, they will likely not proceed with it. Aries people are hyper-aware of their wants and their own needs. Aries people mainly base their identity on their accomplishments throughout life. An Aries person needs to accomplish things alone because they feel secure and confident within themselves when they can achieve things entirely independently. This is why Aries people do not need other people to feel secure. They do not need intense relationships with other people because they do not base their happiness on their relationships and other people. They base their happiness on their capability to achieve and their capability to do things entirely on their own.

An Aries will not feel accomplished if their accomplishments were achieved through the help of other people. An Aries person needs to feel like their accomplishments were 100 percent achieved by themselves. Due to this, Aries people can often push people away because they do not want other people's input. They do not want help and other people's advice, and they usually think that their way is the best way. Aries people are incredibly motivated. They're incredibly energetic. They've got lots of energy in them, and most of your Aries people don't need to sleep that much. They can get by on very little sleep and still have a lot of energy the next day.

Aries is more of a lone wolf. Aries is the kind of person who's not always surrounded by friends, other people do not always surround them, and they function perfectly fine entirely on their own. They prefer to do things by themselves because then they can do things their way. When there are other people with them, they can get annoyed because they have to start thinking about the other person and what the other person needs.

A lot of the time, Aries natives can feel that other people weigh them down and that other people are too slow. A negative trait Aries can have is doing things without thinking. They dive headfirst into situations. They do not plan their actions, and they do not plan what the outcome might be. Due to this, they can end up in many unfavorable situations and bad situations that they do not know how to get themselves out of. Aries people need to learn to think before they act; however, this can be very tricky for them as this is not something in their nature. Most Aries individuals don't think of the repercussions or the after-effects or how their actions will affect other people. They usually just go ahead, and they act because it's difficult for Aries people to see others' needs and see life through the eyes of other people. They do not think of how their actions can affect other people because they're not thinking about other people; they're mainly thinking about themselves.

A lot of people say Aries is a selfish sign however, I do disagree with this Aries isn't selfish; Aries individuals just have a hyper-awareness of themselves. A good analogy I like to use for this is the analogy of a baby. A baby is only aware of itself and its personal needs. A baby is not aware of anything else in this world. Aries has a very similar energy to this where they're mainly only aware of what they're experiencing, and they aren't too bothered with what other people are experiencing.

Your typical Aries person will be rather sporty. They can be quite masculine, and they're not too concerned with physical appearances and beauty. I have noticed you do get many Aries females that do have this feminine beauty about them, but a lot of them will have some sporty elements to their physical appearance or some masculine element to them.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of war. Aries people can be very argumentative. They have a fighter spirit. An Aries person does not back down, and it's very tricky to win arguments with an Aries person because they will keep fighting and keep arguing until you back down. Aries people do not give in. they want to win no matter what, and they will always win. No matter how hard you try to win with an Aries, you most likely won't, and you're just going to have to probably end up giving in to them and saying, "yes, okay, you're right."

Aries people can tend to rush things a lot because they want to be the first to accomplish it. They want to be first in line. They want to be the winner. They want to hit that finish line before everybody else, and the only way for them to be first every single time is to rush through things and get things done very quickly. Aries people are also not avoidant people. They deal with things very directly. If an Aries is faced with a tricky or difficult situation, they will not try and back down. They will not try and avoid the problem; they will tackle that situation head first no matter how intimidating or scary it might be.

Understanding Libra Energy

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of peace, love, beauty, and harmony. Unlike Aries that are independent and prefer to do things on their own, Libra people can be somewhat codependent. It's tricky for a Libra person to go out there and function if they're entirely alone. A libra person always needs to have another person to bounce their ideas off of. A libra, in essence, always needs somebody by their side holding their hand and guiding them through life. If a libra is alone, they become incredibly depressed because it's very tricky for them to be alone. There always has to be another person in their life or a friend to feel complete and happy. It is tricky for a libra to complete tasks entirely on their own, and they do need the inputs and the feedback of other people in their lives to feel secure with their decisions. For Libra, the approval of other people is crucial. Unlike Aries, who does not need others' approval, Libra bases their happiness and identity on the relationships and the way that other people see them.

When a libra knows another person does not like them, and another person sees them in a bad light, it can really upset them, and the Libra will try hard to please this person and to win this person's affection over. A Libra cannot stand it when a person does not like them, and a libra cannot stand it when they are having conflict or drama with another person. It is crucial that other people approve of who they are and that they have happy, harmonious relationships with these people. Many Libras and people with intense Libra energy are very willing to sacrifice their wants and their needs for others' happiness. Unlike Aries who will never sacrifice what they want and what they need, a Libra will practically always sacrifice what they want and what they need. To Libra, the happiness of the people they care about and the satisfaction of the people around them is more important than their own wants and their own needs, and this is why they are so willing to make sacrifices.

A lot of people can say that Libras are pushovers due to this; however, I do not believe this is true. I just think that Libras are very incredible people who want to make life very pleasant and amazing for other people. I do not think they're pushovers. Libras base their identity on their relationships with other people. If a Libra does not have secure healthy, and strong relationships with other people, it can be very tricky for a libra to feel confident and secure with who they are. Many libra people can have a bit of a lazy side to them where they can be entirely unmotivated if other people in their life are not motivating them and pushing them. It is important for a Libra to be encouraged and to be pushed by the people in their life to succeed and reach their accomplishments. It can be very tricky for them to build this power and strength within themselves completely on their own such as what an Aries can.

It is incredibly tricky for a Libra to function alone. A Libra will always have another person, either a partner or a friend, tagging along with them, and this person can likely be joined to the hip with the Libra, or the Libra will likely have a whole group of friends. When a libra is left alone with their thoughts, they can become very unhappy. Unlike Aries that is incredibly direct and acts without thinking, Libras think about every decision they make thoroughly. Libras sometimes think things through so much that it takes them so long to decide and a lot of them never end up making decisions. Libras can be incredibly indecisive as they lack knowing which choice is the right choice to make because they fear if they make the wrong choice that there is going to be negative repercussions due to this. The worst nightmare for a Libra is for them to do something that ends up hurting or disadvantaging another person. That is why they avoid taking action because they're so fearful of how this action can disadvantage others.

The Libra mentality is entirely different from the Aries mentality where they do not think about how it affects other people whatsoever. If a Libra knows that their action and what they're going to do is likely going to hurt other people, and there's going to be negative effects and outcomes for this action, they will not take that action. A libra weighs out all the possibilities before they do something. Because Venus rules Libra, they are incredibly concerned with appearances and with beauty. You will find a lot of Libra people put a lot of effort into making themselves look beautiful. Your average Libra person has quite a feminine appearance.

Libras hate confrontation. They are very peaceful spirits, and they hate arguing and fighting with other people. Libras can have a very avoidant personality where they'd rather not deal with the arguments. Libras hate arguing; they hate conflict, unlike Aries natives who are very strong in proving their point and arguing and making sure that they win. Libras do not care about winning. They just don't want to argue. They will let you win as long as there are no arguments. Libras need to learn to not back down from situations when it seems intimidating and to tackle the challenge and to prove to themselves that they're able to do it and get through it. Often, Libras just avoid dealing with tough, challenging situations in life because they are so fearful of what can happen. However, if they try, they can see that they can be very powerful and capable people.

Libras aren't very concerned with winning, and Libras would rather lose; however, make sure that everybody gets their fair share and everybody is considered and happy. Unlike Aries, that is very concerned with the self and their own needs and their accomplishments and achievements in life, Libra is focused on others. Libra is the sign of partnership; therefore, Libra helps other people build their strength and help other people work towards their goals and accomplishments. In essence, Libras are the people who stand behind other people motivating them to get to where they want to be. Libras are incredibly aware of other people's needs, and the majority of their focus in life is on blending themselves with other people and allowing themselves to be one with others. To be one with others, you need to put your wants and your own needs aside and think of the needs of others, which is exactly what Libra does.

Individuals who have both Aries and Libra aspects in their chart can have a combination of both these qualities where they can be quite considerate of other people, but they can also have somewhat of a selfish side.

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