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Opposite signs: Taurus and Scorpio

Each sign in the zodiac has an opposite sign, and usually, a sign's opposite sign has the exact opposite traits and qualities that the sign possesses itself. Taurus is known as the sign of materialism and physical reality. Scorpio is the sign of deep connections, unseen things as well as spirituality.


Taurus natives and people with powerful Taurus aspects in their natal chart are incredibly aware of their physical reality. These are the people that like money, and they like surrounding themselves with beautiful things. People with strong Taurus influences focus more on appearances, images, first impressions, and how people perceive them. Taurus people don't often like to go very deep into emotions. They also don't usually like to talk about profound things. This doesn't count for every single Taurus, and you do get Taurus people who aren't very focused on things such as money and appearances. However, I need to mention that out of all the people I deal with in my astrology career, most of my clients are Taurus people. I find this quite interesting. Most of my clients are Taurus because the sign of Taurus does struggle to comprehend things that are not part of the physical and material reality. By that, I mean most Taurus people experience life, and they experience reality through that which they can fathom and through that which they can comprehend. They do not think too much about hidden things. They do not think too much about what's deeper and what's beneath the surface.

Taurus people are mainly focused on what's on the surface. They do not care too much to dig below that surface. I believe that a lot of Taurus people seek out spiritual advice because they cannot comprehend and understand these things naturally. By that, what I'm saying is not that all Taureans struggle to understand spiritual concepts, and they struggle to understand spiritual things; however, it is just something that takes them a while to comprehend. You do get Taurus people that are incredibly spiritual and that do connect with spiritual things. However, it can take them time to get there. An excellent example of this is I have a Taurus friend. She is this gorgeous, gorgeous girl. She usually puts a lot of effort into her appearance. She puts a lot of effort into her makeup, her clothes, and her hair to always look good. She always wants to give that perfect and memorable first impression. What happens a lot when I'm hanging out with her is I will start talking about quite deep things. I will speak about profound emotional stuff I go through or deep thoughts I'm having, and what she always says to me is don't think so deeply. She always says to me, "Why are you going so deep into your thoughts and your emotions? Don't go so deep into it. Don't worry about it."

People with strong Taurus influences can generally focus more on winning the affection and the approval of people through money. Instead of building a profound connection with another person and instead of getting to know what makes this person tick and what this person is all about, a Taurus person will prefer to shower a person with gifts and shower a person with a luxurious lifestyle. Not every single Taurus is like this, and you do get Taureans that go very deep, and they do love to connect with people.

The signs of Taurus and the signs of Scorpio are the perfect representation of materialism and spiritualism. Taurus is the materialistic side, whereas Scorpio, on the other end, is the spiritual side. The sign of Taurus is the sign that is mainly aware of that which can be seen, that which can be felt, that which can be smelt, that which can be tasted, and that which can be heard. By that, I mean Taureans are mainly aware of the things that can be taken in by the five senses, and if it's not something that's comprehendible by the five senses, they struggle to understand it. Usually, when you approach a person with strong Taurus influences with a spiritual concept that requires deep thinking, they get perplexed or struggle to grasp it. A lot of them won't even bother. The reason for this is because it's something that they can't fathom with their actual senses, so it's very, very difficult for them to get it and to take it in and to understand.


Being Taurus's opposite sign, Scorpio, on the other hand, does not care one bit about physical appearances and material reality. Scorpio is not bothered with physical appearances as well as material reality. Scorpios seek deep, profound out of this world connections and nothing else. Scorpio is the sign that can see the surface, but they know that there is so much more to the surface, and Scorpio is the sign that penetrates below the surface. Scorpio is the sign that likes to go deep and to unearth all the mysterious things that nobody else knows about.

Scorpio is all about the unseen. Taurus and Scorpio's difference is where Taurus likes to focus on looks, Taurus likes to focus on images and appearances, Scorpios don't really care one bit about that. If a Scorpio cannot connect with you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you can be the best-looking person around, but they just won't care because they just don't feel it with you. In contrast, Taurus, on the other hand, doesn't care too much if there's a lack of a connection as long as there's that physical attraction. Scorpio is not after that physical attraction; Scorpio is after that connection.

Taurus is a sign that's very preoccupied with accumulation and accumulating riches, whereas Scorpio, on the other side, is more preoccupied with accumulating deep, meaningful relationships and connections. Scorpios will give everything they have away if it means that they can have that one deep, meaningful connection. Whereas a Taurus will not give everything away that they have. Taurus is more focused on accumulating things for themselves.

Scorpios find it a lot easier to connect with spiritual concepts as this is actually what Scorpios are all about. They want to know about those deep things that nobody else cares about, and nobody else knows about. Scorpios love to talk about the meaning of life. They love to talk about their deep emotions and their profound thoughts. When somebody tells a Scorpio that they shouldn't think and feel so deeply, it is incredibly frustrating because this is how they live their daily lives by thinking and feeling so incredibly deeply. On the one hand, where Taurus will tell you don't worry about those deep things, worry about what's here, a Scorpio will tell you don't worry about what's here, think about the deep things.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio are both sensual signs, which means that both of them have powerful sexuality. Taurus's sexuality is more focused on physical attraction, whereas Scorpio's side of their sexuality is more focused on deep emotional connection. Both Taurus and Scorpio are the signs that rule over sexuality in the zodiac. That is also why when a Taurus and a Scorpio get together; it's a very strong and powerful combination even though they are incredibly different and have entirely different ways of viewing life and viewing the world. The fact that they're both incredibly sensual signs makes a relationship between them very powerful.

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