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Pisces Rising/Ascendant

A person with a Pisces rising acts like a mirror wherever they are and to whoever they interact with. Wherever you are, whatever environment you are in, you tend to put a lot of "feelers" out, and you feel the best face for you to put on. This means that you are incredibly changeable, and you can change your personality to suit and adapt to the people you are dealing with and the situation you are faced with.

Let us say you are in a fun place where there is a party, and everyone is having a great time, and the atmosphere is all carefree. You can easily adjust to this environment; you can have a great time; you will be able to become fun-loving, and you will be able to live in the moment. However, when you are in a more serious environment, such as a work environment, you can put on a very serious face and an earnest persona. The same counts for the people you deal with, you know exactly how to interact with a person to get a good response from them.

You will suss out a person beforehand; you'll suss out the vibe, and you will feel out their energy, and then you will figure out, "Okay, this is the best way for me to react, and interact, with this person". So you do tend to adapt and change and adjust yourself to suit the needs of another person, and this is why I say with the Pisces rising, you act like a mirror to other people. You show to other people who they are and what kind of energy they radiate, you can be an excellent actor.

If you see a person that you idolize, and you like certain traits and qualities about them, you can adopt these traits and qualities for yourself.

With the Pisces rising, you are an empathetic person who's very sensitive to the reactions you get from other people, and because of this, you always make sure that you show other people what they want to see.

This specific placement does make you quite a selfless person because you are so aware of the way that you interact with other people. You are also mindful of how other people react to you.

You never want to be in a position where you have caused a negative reaction in a person. With a Pisces rising, your first house represents your appearance, and it represents the kind of persona that you show to the world. With the Pisces rising, you have a very spiritual and elusive type of persona; so in many cases, a Pisces rising can make you seem like a very spiritual or religious person who's very connected with other worlds and the realms of higher consciousness and their own spirituality.

I also have a Pisces rising, and the way I can say my Pisces rising manifests is through showing my spiritual side to the world. With the Pisces rising, you might not necessarily come across as a spiritual person, but people can instantly see your compassionate, emotional side. People can see your ability to connect with yourself, and with your own emotions and inner senses, they will see that as being very spiritual.

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