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Pluto in the 1st house

With Pluto in the first house, when people initially meet you, they will be quite skeptical about you. It will be quite difficult for other people to understand you or to get you initially. You probably aren't very popular, and you probably don't have a lot of friends because the first impression you give to people is usually a bit of a scary one. Not necessarily scary but definitely otherworldly and unknown. As you know, when people don't know something, it makes them uncomfortable, so you can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable because you are so different and so unknown. With this aspect,

your secrets are also incredibly visible, so it's challenging for you to hide things or to keep secrets and to keep some aspects of yourself and your life hidden or secret because it's all out in the open. Either you tell everybody everything that is going on with you, or it just ends up being exposed naturally. With you, your actual secrets and your actual darker inclinations are obvious to others around you. It could also be that maybe you've been through some kind of traumatizing event that has actually defined you, and when people see you, they think of this traumatizing event that you've been through. It could be that this is what shaped you. It could also be that in your early life, you had to deal with death, and death is something that is quite home to you, so it's something you're not very scared of, it's something you're quite comfortable with, and it's something you understand. With this aspect, you can also quite quickly end up in secret relationships or secret friendships, or you could do things that are quite secretive. At the end of the day, it is always going to be exposed because Pluto is in the first house of the appearance. This will cause all those secret things to be risen to the surface. This is a very challenging aspect to have because, throughout your life, you will go through quite a bit of challenges. Your life will not be an easy one, and there's going to be lots of periods of inner transformation where you will feel like you're at your worst and actual lowest and there is no hope, and then you will somehow transform yourself out of that into something better. Some really good advice that I can give you with this aspect is to allow your pain to transform you. Don't resist your pain. The more you're going to resist the pain that you feel, the harder it's going to be. See your pain as a message from your higher self telling you that something needs to change, and something needs to be worked on.

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