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Pluto Retrograde 2020

Pluto is the planet that represents our inner power & our capacity to transform ourselves and make ourselves stronger and to let go of the weaknesses within ourselves. While Pluto has been moving through Capricorn, we have also been working and playing our part in society. The thing is we have learned a specific way to do things over the past, say 12 years. Since 2008, society has changed and molded and shaped itself into a way where everything has been taken over to by technology and the focus has become financial growth.

Capricorn is an incredibly materialistic sign. Capricorn is a sign that isn't focused that much on emotional sentiments or feelings. Capricorn just wants money. Capricorn wants financial growth. Now the thing is what's going to happen during this Pluto retrograde is we're going to realize where we have lost our sense of inner power due to us enduring to a specific system or of a particular structure that's expected from us. We see the way that society is being played out and we go according to this because this is what is expected from us. In essence, we behave a certain way in our workplace, and we work a certain way in our workplace because that is how we are expected to work in the workforce. We behave a certain way in our relationships because that is how we're expected to behave in our relationships. The same counts for all areas in our lives. There is a certain underlying expectation, and people don't verbalize this expectation, but this expectation is there, and we're constantly pressuring ourselves to adjourn to expectations that have been placed upon us.

During this Pluto retrograde, we are going to look into, and we are going to consider how has this specific structure and way that things have been played out in our lives and the specific expectations that have been placed onto us, how does this remove our sense of inner power and our feeling of power within ourselves.

A lot of the times we allow circumstances, situations, or people to have power over us because we do feel that we need to adhere to a specific structure or tradition or whatever the case may be. We actually give up our own power doing this. During this retrograde, try and reflect and look into what in your life has control over you what in your life prohibits your freedom. What is it in your life that prohibits your expansion? is it possibly a job? Are you in a job where you are expected to adjourn to certain rules and regulations or a certain structure or just to do things in such a way that you aren't allowed personal freedom in your life? Are you possibly in a relationship where there's a person who has power over you, and you are not allowed freedom and expansion in this relationship? What is it in your life that has control over you, and that stops you from actually doing what you want to do? During this Pluto retrograde is the time when you figure this out, you figure out what has control over you, and you eliminate this. You remove the influence that the specific thing has over you. This is a time where you have to learn to let go and release what is controlling you and what is limiting you in life.

This Pluto Retrograde is an incredibly important transit right now especially concerning all the things that are happening in this world right now, and people are going to realize how they do not have control of their own lives. The majority of people in this life have no control over their own lives, and their lives are in the hands of other people. Pluto retrograde is a time where people will realize this, and this is a time where people are going to take control of their lives out of the hands of other people or external forces, and they're going to put it into their own hands.

Pluto retrogrades also somewhat represent periods of death, rebirth, and transformation because this is a time where you have to let go and release the things that are holding you back the things that are stopping you and slowing you down. The same counts on a collective level. The governments are going to look at how the old way of doing things isn't going to benefit anyone anymore, and the governments will also see how they are losing their power.

When Pluto is retrograde, it's challenging for anyone to have lots of power and that even includes the governments and the authority figures. Right now even the governments are struggling to keep their head above water. Governments are trying to figure out what it is they actually need to do. They feel powerless right now because they do not have power; they do not know how to fix things. Even the governments are going to have to find ways to regain their power during this Pluto retrograde.

This Pluto retrograde period can seem incredibly daunting because it can seem like you're going to lose a lot, however in most cases, to gain something worth having, you have to let go of something that's keeping you back. So try and see things this way during this Pluto retrograde. If you lose your job, if you lose your partner, if you lose a friend, or whatever it is that you lose during this time, chances are that the reason you've lost it was because it was keeping you back, and it was halting your eventual progression in life.

The thing about Pluto is, it works in our subconscious, so we don't even realize that maybe losing something now is actually in our benefit in the long run. We see it now, and we see the loss now, and we think: "Oh no we are losing this right now!" and it could seem like the world is ending because we don't know what's coming next, however, a lot of the times what you're losing now has been what's been holding you back. Maybe a lot of you have had ideas for projects you want to pursue, perhaps you want to be self-employed, perhaps you want to start your own business or embark on your own thing. Maybe losing your job now is a good thing because it allows you the opportunity to pursue what you want to pursue. It gives you that push that you probably wouldn't have had if you never lost your job. That's just one example this retrograde can manifest in different ways for different people.

Over the next few months, when you have to let go of something and when you lose something try and see how letting go of this thing and losing this thing is going to give you more power in the end and how this thing could have been taking your power away from you without you even realizing it. Pluto retrogrades work in a very very subliminal way, so we don't even understand what Pluto is busy doing. Pluto is busy helping us rebirth and regenerate ourselves into something even better by removing the things in our lives that don't serve us anymore, and that isn't good for us anymore.

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