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Saturn is History

Right now, there are two kinds of people in this world. There are the people who want to make this world a beautiful place, who want to make this world a harmonious & peaceful place that is fair, and that is nice for every human being and every unique creature to live in. The other kind of person in this world are the people that do not care about creating a beautiful world. They do not care about making things better for the people around them. They pretty much only care about themselves.

Saturn recently (temporarily) moved into Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius symbolizes becoming more aware of the community, becoming more aware of the people around you, the people in this world, and developing more humanitarian traits. With Saturn in Aquarius, our focus shifts from the "I" and what I want and how I want to succeed, and our focus shifts to how can I help everybody succeed. How can I help everybody grow instead of just focusing on "How can I make myself grow." The thing is, for a lot of people, Saturn moving into Aquarius is a challenging transition because many people have gotten used to the Saturn Capricorn energy. Saturn in Capricorn is when people work hard, trying to build their foundations and develop their businesses so that they can have a comfortable foundation in their lives.

When Saturn was in Capricorn, most people had the mentality of, "This is me, this is my mountain, I have built my mountain. You do not come near my mountain, you do not touch my mountain, because it's my mountain!" With Capricorn energy, it's not about everybody else and what's best for everybody else. With Capricorn energy, it's about what is best for you. What is going to make you grow? What is going to bring you success and comfort in life?

Saturn in Capricorn is not a time where people think about other people. It is a time when people mainly think about themselves. With the shift of Saturn moving into Aquarius, it's a challenging time for a lot of people because many people have to let go of their more selfish, narcissistic, and egotistical tendencies and start thinking about the people around them. They need to start thinking about the community, they need to start thinking about the world and what's happening in the world, and for a lot of people this is very difficult because a lot of people are so self-absorbed, a lot of people are just too stuck in their minds and their own existence that they struggle to see the needs of the people around them.

For example, I went to the pharmacy the other day, and our government has told us we must wear face masks to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. I was in the pharmacy, and there was a lady there without her mask. The pharmacy staff went up to her, and they asked her to please me put on her mask. She said to them, "I don't want to put on my mask; it makes me uncomfortable. I can't breathe, and I don't like the way it feels on my face. Then the pharmacy employee said to her, "Ma'am, nobody enjoys this, nobody is having a good time. It's uncomfortable for everybody, but we have to do it to protect everybody." This is an excellent example of Capricornian energy. It's when people are too stuck in their own beliefs; they're too stuck in their ways of doing things and doing things that are easier for them that they refuse to do what's good for everyone else. They refuse to see that the actions that they are taking are detrimental to other people.

Saturn goes through the zodiac signs every 29 years. Saturn usually spends about two and a half years in a sign. What I have noticed is somewhat of a pattern. Whenever Saturn is in Aquarius, there are specific events that take place, and these events can be compared to each other. What's very interesting about 1932 and 1935 is that what is happening now, happened back then. They also experienced a similar movement in terms of where Saturn transited into Aquarius. Then it ducked back into Capricorn, and then it proceeded its movement in Aquarius again. In that timeframe, Gandhi was arrested for sedition. A war broke out between Peru and Colombia, and this was also when Hitler officially became the Chancellor.

I believe that whenever Saturn enters Aquarius, we can expect major, technological advancements. When I'm talking about technological advancements, I'm not talking about a new kind of cell phone technology or video camera technology. I'm talking about space advancements, like space-age technology. Elon Musk recently launched the SpaceX program. Between 1932 and 1935 when Saturn was in Aquarius as well was also when the first Boeing 247 airplane was launched. Whenever Saturn enters Aquarius, we can expect significant advancements in terms of space technology.

1933 was a time of great division and oppression. This was when the French and German governments fell, and this was also the rise of the Nazi movement. The division was so severe back then that Jewish students were banned from German schools. There were public book burnings in Germany burning Jewish literature, and at that time, all non-Nazi parties were banned from Germany. Anybody who was an anti-fascist would get the death penalty.

1963 was also a period when Saturn was in Aquarius. This was when President Kennedy got assassinated. There was a massive influx of civil rights protests, and nonviolent protestors were met with police brutality back then. These nonviolent protesters were beaten, and they were arrested. This was back in 1963, and this is literally what's happening right now. People are protesting for their rights. The protest is due to police brutality, but the protest is causing more police brutality, precisely what happened in 1963! This was also when 200,000 people marched to Washington for their civil rights. 1963 was also when the Pope died. 1963 can in a sense be compared to 2020.

Between 1991 and 1993, which was also a period when Saturn was an Aquarius, was when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. In 1991 was when the LA riots occurred. These riots were actually due to the acquittal of the officers who beat up Rodney King. This is exactly what's happening right now! In 1991 there were LA riots because of police brutality, in

2020 we are experiencing the same thing and the craziest thing of it all, is Saturn is in the same position now, as what it was back then.

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