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Scorpio North Node / Taurus South Node

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Your North and your South Node represent your life path, and it also represents your past life. In your past life, you experienced a specific lesson, and in this life, you also have a particular lesson you need to learn, but the thing is the lesson that you learned in your past life is not the same as the lesson you learn in this life. We are very inclined to be very similar to what our South Node represents because we've experienced this before; it's something we subconsciously instinctively know even though we don't realize it.

With a Scorpio North Node, you are very, very inclined to live as you lived in your past life, which is that of wanting to make lots of money and wanting to be hard-working and wanting lots of material abundance, wanting lots of material resources. You want financial abundance. This is a very big focus in your life. You are also very focused on yourself and your progression, your image. In your past life and for a considerable portion of this life, you're going to be thinking about yourself, where you are, how much money you have, your social standing, and what you are ultimately worth. You're also going to think of how people see you when they look at you. Do they see a successful person? A wealthy person, who has a lot, or a person who's got nothing?

You do want people to respect you and admire you for what you have, but this is not how you need to be living in this life. This is the way you lived life in your past life, and you've already experienced this way of living. In this life, your North Node is in Scorpio, which means that your focus in this life should not be on money, not on the material world but on deep connections. You have a powerful ability to make money. You have a powerful ability to gather material resources, but you will struggle with connecting with people and building solid connections with people throughout your life. You will learn to see less value in the material things in life and more value in the actual things that are unseen, which is that of love and deep connections with others. Your goal in this life is to find a person you can merge with and become one with. You need to find a person to connect with on such a profound level that this person changes who you are inside yourself. This person changes the meaning of life for you.

You need to find a person that is so important and special to you that you don't care how much money you have. You don't care if you have nothing as long as you have this person; that is basically where you need to get at. This can be a bit of a sore spot because connecting with people is challenging. Connecting with a person is difficult, and this is why this is a life lesson for you. This is why this is your challenge and your life path because it's something you're going to struggle with, but it's something you will eventually achieve if you consciously stick at it. Your life path and your life journey involve you helping other people transform themselves and helping them connect with people or help them connect with themselves. You will eventually learn how money, material resources, and abundance aren't that important, and you will subsequently show other people that it's not that important. You will teach the value of deep connections to other people. You will help change and transform many people in their lives because you will show them themselves. You will show the truth to them.

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