Stellium/ 3 or more planets in Aries

When you have a stellium in a sign, everything that is represented by that sign gets amplified. Those who have an Aries stellium will have a powerful passion and desire to go after that which it is that they want. Many Aries stellium people can be pretty aggressive. They can be real fighters when they're angry, upset, or disagree with something. They can get physically violent in some cases. They are powerful protectors, and they protect those they care about and stand up for what they believe in.

Aries stellium people aren't people that will verbally or logically work through something; they will likely just punch you in the face. If they disagree with you, they're not going to keep arguing with you. They're just going to get aggressive with you, most likely. This is obviously not always the case; however, a solid concentration of Aries energy can make a person a little more physically aggressive. Whatever their field of interest is, they will be a leader in this field. Your typical Aries will have something that they're incredibly good at and that they're very well experienced at, and most people go to them for answers and guidance in this field.

Because they are so passionate to go after that which they desire, they often overlook what other people go through and what the needs of others are when they go after what it is they desire. They can have somewhat of an overbearing attitude or overbearing energy because they have a my way or the highway approach a lot of the time. Many of these natives will rush into decisions. They'll do things without actually thinking of the consequences. Often, they are consistently landing themselves in situations that they would rather avoid or that they actually don't know how to get out of.

Your typical Aries stellium native can have multiple situations they're involved in that they don't want to be involved in. These natives are incredibly sensual; however they can often rush into love affairs or get caught up in the passion in the heat of the moment. They can end up with people or get involved with people who actually aren't good for them and actually end up damaging the path that they're on or sabotaging the mission they have and the goals they've set for themselves. They need to assess whether the people they involve themselves with are good for them or not because they often jump in head first and get involved with the person without actually assessing whether this person will benefit them in the future.

To an Aries stellium person, it's all about the pleasure that they experience within the moment. They don't think about the after-effects of what might happen when they involve themselves with a specific person or a specific project. Your typical Aries stellium person will have a very youthful appearance. These natives do not age quickly. They remain youthful for very long, and they have incredibly bright eyes through which they see the world. Their enthusiasm and innocence is contagious to those around them. When you're in the presence of an Aries stellium native, you feel younger. You feel like you want to play. You feel like you want to explore, and that's because that youthful spirit is contagious to everyone they're around.

Most Aries stellium natives are very good at initiating and beginning projects; however, they lack persistence, patience, and stability to proceed with the project and complete it. That is why Aries is known as a cardinal sign which is the sign that initiates a project, gets a project into motion, and starts it. For Aries stellium natives, it is a bit tricky for them to continue working on something. Their strengths lie in initiating something. That is why you'll probably find a person with so many Aries placements will consistently be coming up with ideas, and they'll start many different projects.

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