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Stellium/ 3 or more planets in the 8th House

With an Eighth House Stellium, the topics of sexuality, death, birth, transformation, and regenerating yourself are very important in your life. You will spend a lot of time looking into these specific things. What is very important with an Eighth House Stellium is that you need to consider how you use other people's resources and the resources given to you. It could be that you possibly inherited a lot of money, or you might inherit a lot in this lifetime, and you need to make use of the resources provided to you from someone else or other people to complete your destiny in this life.

You will likely be given resources from another source throughout your life, and you will likely not have to work that hard on your own to acquire resources. With an Eighth House Stellium, the resources that come from other people might not necessarily be from your family- it could possibly come through social grants; it could come through things like disability payments or even potential legal settlements.

An important point with an Eighth House Stellium is you need to learn how to deal with other people, and how to interact with other people. Your actual interactions with people is something you do need to work on. Its something you are very conscious of and knowing and understanding how to deal with people is something that will likely be on your mind a lot.

With an Eighth House Stellium, you must also be incredibly careful of racking up too much debt; this Stellium represents obtaining resources from another source, and you can also possibly obtain these resources through debts.

Sometimes people that have gambling problems can have this aspect. The concept of sharing yourself and connecting yourself with another person through sexuality or through a deep soul to soul, emotional connection is also very important in your life, and this is something you dearly seek. You seek that ultimate out-of-this-world connection; you want a fusion and a blend of two souls. It is very important for you to understand your sexual nature, and that you do not go to sexual extremes with an Eighth House Stellium. You need to learn to develop a healthy sexual nature within yourself and always keep in mind that any person that you get sexually involved with, you, in essence, become that person. You need to be very selective of the energies that you choose to fill yourself with, and by that I mean the people that you decide to get involved with sexually.

I am going to give you a list of things that you can do to work on issues that you might experience in your life.

  • List the things that you really enjoy doing, and that makes you feel good and happy and do those things more often.

  • Work to achieve a sense of an even give-and-take within your relationships, so this means when somebody does something for you, return the favor and vice-versa.

  • Ensure that you keep your insurance and your debt payments up to date. You do not want to rack up debt or be late on any payments and recycle the things you no longer need.

  • Do not waste resources; it is very important that you learn the value of resources.

  • You need to learn the arts of intimacy; you need to understand what intimacy all is about, so focus more on intimacy as opposed to sexuality.

  • You need to learn to respect and value other people's assets.

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