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Stellium/3 or more planets in Taurus

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

With a Taurus stellium, you will be quite a peaceful, easy-going person. You can be a little bit traditional and old-fashioned. You can remain calm when things are in chaos around you and when people lose their minds and go crazy. You can stay calm, relaxed, and collected most of the time. You're probably very good at damage and crisis control. When things have turned into chaos around you, you know how to pick up the pieces and build the structure back up again. You can be a very resourceful person.

With a Taurus stellium, there are two ways that things can go. You can either be the kind of person who's quite obsessed with money and acquiring material possessions and material wealth because Taurus is the sign that represents material wealth. With such a massive concentration in Taurus, you can have a very strong awareness of money, and money is exceptionally important to you. The other way it can go is you can be a very big nature lover. You could possibly be very connected and attuned to the earth, and you could love living a natural way of life. You could love farming and gardening.

Generally, a person with a Taurus stellium either uses their exceptional awareness of the physical world to build their riches, or they use their awareness of the physical world to nurture the actual world around them. You're not a risk-taker. You like the tried and tested way of doing things, and you prefer the comfortable way of doing things and staying in your comfort zone because you know it's going to work, and you're not going to be dealing with crises and crazy situations.

Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of connection, deep soul connection as well as sexual connection. If you have a stellium in Taurus, there can also be somewhat of an issue when it comes to connecting with a person or with people deeply, especially in a sexual way. You are so aware of the material reality, and you're so aware of the physical reality that it's a bit difficult for you to connect with what is unseen, which is represented by Scorpio. The way you show your love and affection is through providing, and it's through giving material things. There can be somewhat of a struggle when it comes to connecting in a more deep, profound soul to soul level with another person because the way that you show your love and your affection is through giving stuff and giving money. You prefer to physically provide for those you care about.

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