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Sun Conjunct Mercury

When you have your Mercury in conjunction with your Sun it means that you are your thoughts. It is challenging for you to hide your thoughts, and your thoughts are very transparent.

You tend to express your thoughts on your facial expressions subconsciously, so even though you try and hide your thoughts, and you try and hide what's going on with you, you can't. People can immediately pick up on what is happening with you.

You are very close to your thoughts; your thoughts are very loud. With this placement, it can sometimes be tricky to see yourself through an objective perception; you are sometimes too close to yourself. You can see yourself so clearly that it's difficult for you to see how other people see you, and you can be caught up in your own perception that you have of yourself to the extent that you can tend to take things quite personally.

Everything that is said to you, you take directly onto yourself and take it personally. When somebody says something to you that might be offensive, you struggle with not taking it as a personal attack; it is a very big deal to you, and it hits you quite hard. The reason for this is because it is challenging for you to see yourself from an objective angle. For example, if somebody says to you, "Your hair looks messy", it's difficult for you to say to yourself that person is just being full of nonsense, they're just having a bad day, my hair is fine. You will see it in a personal capacity, and you will think that your hair looks horrible.

You do need to learn to separate yourself from your experience of reality. You need to learn to not take things personally, try and separate yourself from certain situations, and try and look at it objectively.

Like mentioned earlier, the "offensive person" might just be having a bad day. Maybe that person is in a bad mood, so it has nothing to do with you necessarily. Try and see things this way more.

It can be very difficult for you to deal with criticism because you do take it very personally. You can become incredibly defensive because you are so aware of yourself. The planet that represents your mind and your thinking capacity is right next to your ego, and you will always want to protect your ego. You always want to stand up for yourself because you know yourself so well. However, it's not always necessary to have to stand up for yourself and protect your ego. Sometimes it is best just to let things go.

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